Where to Get Real YouTube Subscribers at Affordable Rates

If you’re a major Internet user, you would agree that YouTube is one of the largest social platforms ever. Following the numbers, YouTube has over a hundred million users on its database. And for businesses looking to make a name for themselves, YouTube is often the place to go.

However, there are often some challenges that come with YouTube, especially for new users. As a result, you might find low subscribers and engagements on your posts. This write-up promises to inform you about YouTube – the where and how of getting real YouTube subscribers.

In the rest of this post, you would see how to get subscribers on your YouTube channel and monetize your account for financial benefits. In addition, a compiled list of the top five sites to consider when buying YouTube subscribers.

How to Get Subscribers On YouTube?

Creating a YouTube account is the first step to building an online fanbase as you want. There a few mild tricks here and there to help get subscribers and increased engagement on YouTube. This part of the post will show you how to get subscribers on YouTube.

1. Create and Post Valuable Engaging Contents

An essential part of your YouTube growth process is your channel’s content quality. Without valuable content, you can be sure of having only a channel with no subscribers and engagements. Therefore, if you want to grow your YouTube channel, you would need to put in effort for content creation.

Before posting any content, observe the video(s) if it provides valuable information. Is it worth the number of minutes? If it is engaging and valuable enough, your post will get free advertisement by viewers through shares.

2. Keyword Optimization

This method of getting subscribers is one of the stress-free ways. Keyword optimization allows your posts to be among top searches by other YouTubers. Unlike some different ways of getting more subscribers, this way, you don’t have to spend much on fancy software for gaining more people.

Make a list of keywords (what people will mostly search for) in your niche. After doing this, input the keywords into the post description or title. This will make your post pop up during searches with your keywords.

3. Keep Your Audience Engaged

Many YouTube channel owners lack consistency in this part. You don’t expect your subscribers to leave comments (that are questions) unanswered. Instead, it tags your channel as unengaging and unresponsive.

Try to always respond to comments and thumbs down. Find out what you are doing wrong or right to help you change or continue. But, the most significant aspect of the YouTuber-audience relationship is the communication in the comment section. Keep it lively just as your videos.

4. Consistency

This is not only about keeping up with the number of posts you make in a day. It also has to do with your post quality.

If you consistently deliver valuable, informative, and engaging content, your channel will see a boost. However, when you run your channel as an on-and-off consistent page, your subscribers begin to think twice before watching your next post.

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel?

Here’s the best part of YouTube, you get paid with every post. But, as much as this sounds great, you might end up making mistakes without the right guide. So, here’s how you can turn your YouTube channel into a money maker.

1. Become Eligible

Before YouTube considers your channel ripe for monetary gain, you must first get accepted into the YouTube Partner Program. But to get this acceptance, you first need to pass two requirements needed by the program. And these requirements are;

  • A minimum of 1000 subscribers on your channel.
  • Your posts must have had at least an accumulation of 4,000hours of watch time within the last twelve months.

2. Follow YouTube’s Rules – The Terms and Conditions

It might seem like another easy skip and accept terms and conditions; however, it is not. You need to familiarize yourself with YouTube’s terms and conditions for the partnership. Failure to adhere to the set rules you accepted will see you forfeiting your channel’s earnings.

3. Set Up Your AdSense Account

This step is crucial as it is your way of getting paid by YouTube. To receive payment, you need to link your AdSense account to your YouTube channel.

To do this, from the channel monetization page, log in to your AdSense account (or create one if you don’t have one). Ensure you have only one AdSense account. You can link multiple YouTube channel pages to a single AdSense account.

Top Sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers

This section will reveal a list of the top five sites selling YouTube subscribers.

1. Stormviews

Stormviews is an all-exclusive site for YouTube channel growth. Whatever YouTube service you need on your channel, Stormviews is there to provide it.

Stormviews is the answer to “how to get more subscribers” on YouTube at an affordable rate. This site offers you over 1000 subscribers for a token. And based on your package, you can get an even lower-priced number of subscribers.

2. is the site for YouTube channel boosting. It delivers real subscribers to any YouTube channel.

Like few sites, has a database of real YouTube profiles to boost its customers’ accounts. In addition, it runs 24/7 customer service support to assist you in your purchase.

3. Useviral

Useviral is the site for the YouTuber with big goals of large subscribers count and views. The same way YouTube frowns on the use of bots, Useviral detests the use of fake accounts to boost profiles. In addition, this site is famous for its fast delivery services to customers all around the world.

4. Venium

Venium is one of the top sites for brands and promotions. This site is famous for its YouTube account boosting prowess.

Unlike some sites, Venium shows commitment to delivering real subscribers and views in a short time. In addition, it has a very responsive 24/7 customer service support to assist you in any way possible.

5. Ytpals

If you need a site that doesn’t flop in terms of YouTube channel growth and promotion, Ytpals is the one. This site delivers real subscribers to YouTube accounts from its database of human profiles. With Ytpals, you can be sure that your purchased subscribers and views will not fall off after a while.


When it comes to looking for where to get real YouTube subscribers, you must understand that there are real and potential scam sites. Therefore, you first need to set your account in a way that will attract more subscribers to your channel. Then, you can proceed to purchase YouTube subscribers from any of the above-listed sites.

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