Why I chose TorrentSafe over Seedr

TorrentSafe is one of the safe and private torrents downloading services. Using TorrentSafe, it is one of the best ways to get a quick downloading option even without the need for downloading the software. TorrentSafe is the #1 Cloud Torrent Client. TorrentSafe offers the user to download torrents anonymously. TorrentSafe gives you quick private downloading much easier by bypassing the average bittorrent rate limits.

The Extra Layer Of Privacy:

Torrents have been used by many number of people for their instant downloading options. Whether you are looking for downloading movies, software packages, or any other files, TorrentSafe makes your job quite simple. In the modern-day, macOS users could easily get access to Torrenting software. People find it difficult for downloading the files on iOS as dedicated apps are absent in the App Store. TorrentSafe is the best cloud torrent client offering ultimate services with the extra layer of privacy. Users could feel it completely secure for enjoying a wide number of features.

  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Fast
  • No speed limitation
  • No Ads
  • No gimmicks
  • # 1 Cloud Torrent Client
  • Download files over 1 GB – Premium Member
  • Quick Stream or Download

TorrentSafe requires no registration or tracks your downloads. When the Torrent files have passed to the user then they would be automatically deleted from the log. TorrentSafe offers the .torrent file or torrent URL link so that you could easily download the file.

Is There Any Free Trial In TorrentSafe?

TorrentSafe offers the Basic 2 Days File Lifetime version. In this package, the user could enjoy the Unlimited Files Per Month at the file size of max 1GB at full speed. There is no account registration required from the user. Users can also get a Premium registration for using the TorrentSafe. TorrentSafe is considered as one of the best seedr alternative and suitable for the user to save more time in the process. TorrentSafe is one of the most efficient methods for file sharing but it also has some limitations especially attached to it.

Is Torrenting Legal?

Normally, the practice of Torrenting itself isn’t illegal but downloading the unsanctioned copyrighted material is illegal. With the use of TorrentSafe, it is quite simple for downloading any files without any hassle. Whether you are looking for sharing large files online then TorrentSafe is the best choice. Normally, the files will be broken into smaller parts so that they could be downloaded simultaneously from several sources. These sources are especially comprised of users to host the files.

Why Choose TorrentSafe?

TorrentSafe is the best downloader of torrent for most people. The TorrentSafe is simple to use. Normally, the free users would have 1 GB of space for downloading the Torrent data or files free. Speed is the unique option that most of the people choose the TorrentSafe to download the torrent files.

  • Easier to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Chrome extension works flawlessly
  • Great for anonymous downloading
  • Stream videos

How The Torrent Downloads Are Anonymous?

With choosing TorrentSafe, your Torrent downloads would be anonymous. TorrentSafe does not keep the logs about the file downloads or identifies the files that you have downloaded. Normally, the ISP of the user could not identify the downloaded files.

How The Files Are Protected?

TorrentSafe takes a 100% security system for the data and the privacy of the users. It is quite a simple option to download the torrent files from the TorrentSafe and ensures to offer the perfect option without any hassle.

  • Visit your preferred torrent site
  • Find torrent to download safely
  • Copy magnet or torrent URL (link)
  • Paste the URL on the TorrentSafe
  • Begin Download

TorrentSafe makes the complete initial download much more faster. You can easily secure your download anonymously.


TorrentSafe offers a premium membership package suitable for making your download much easier. Users can enjoy downloading files over 1 GB with 2 days file lifetime and unlimited file size for 7 days of file lifetime. For 1 Year membership, the monthly price will be $ 2.99 /month for 1 year, and get Unlimited Max File Size as well as Unlimited Files Per Month. When you prefer for 2 years then your monthly subscription would be only $ 1.99 /month. When compared to the basic package, choosing the TorrentSafe would be one of the best options. Upon considering these, TorrentSafe is the perfect seedr alternative.

How To Download Files On TorrentSafe?

  • Access official TorrentSafe website or Click
  • Open a new Tab
  • Copy the file you like to download (video, audio, ZIP files, or any others)
  • Click on TorrentSafe
  • Paste the file URL
  • Click download
  • My Torrent downloads the files automatically


TorrentSafe especially uses 1-key integration so that it would be quite an efficient option for downloading the file within seconds using the Chrome Extension. Users could easily download the Torrent file or magnet link download in the TorrentSafe. With the higher speed internet connectivity, it makes your job done of downloading the files quicker. Premium members gain more advantage with the unlimited downloading speed and capacity.

Unlimited File Size:

The TorrentSafe especially offers the cheapest yearly plan for the users. Users can get the unlimited file size compared to the With using this best cloud torrent client, there is no registration required. Normally, an IP address allows the users to get access to their downloaded files for about 2 days’ lifetime. does not offer unlimited file size and the basic offers start the basics at 30GB, Pro scheme with 100GB, as well as Master subscription with 1TB.

Premium And Free Users:

When you like to enjoy free torrent download without any registration then opting for the free subscription in TorrentSafe is efficient. With an IP address, it is quite easier to gain access to 2 days of file lifetime. You can get 3 files per month and suitable for testing purposes.

The Premium Plan in the TorrentSafe has different time options as it gives 7 days of a lifetime in the Storage part. You could also get the unlimited max file size and it is limited by 1.1 TB per single file.


Torrentsafe is one of the simple tools for torrent downloading. You can easily download the files more quickly compared to that of traditional torrent clients. Torrentsafe is a faster fetcher compared to others.

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