Why is the trend to increase Instagram followers popular these days?

Everybody is crazy about increasing their Instagram followers nowadays.

If I am to take a guess, I’d say you, too, probably want more followers on your account.

Everywhere you turn to, you find teens creating “follow me, follow back” threads; on social forums, you find adults begging people they barely know to follow them on Instagram; even in church groups, nowadays, people beg for Instagram following; oh, and let’s not forget that many now go the extra mile to spend their hard-earned money to buy real Instagram followers or sites similar to


Why is everyone suddenly crazier about getting more Instagram followers?

Has Instagram started paying people for having plenty of followers?

Lol, I doubt not; Mark would never share his wealth.

Perhaps you know the reasons then and want to enlighten us? Or perhaps not.

Anyway, I think I know a couple of reasons why. So, allow me to do the enlightenment.

There are several reasons why the trend of owning tons of Instagram followers is so popular these days. Some of them include:

1. Everyone is bored:

You’re wondering why the urge to gain more Instagram followers has spiked recently?

The first obvious reason is that people are bored. COVID-19 has made social gatherings an absolute impossibility.

So, while we’re all waiting for the virus to pack its bags and go, people are devising other means to socialize – e.g., getting more active on Instagram.

Seeing as everyone is bored and confined to their homes, people are using the free time they have to do something they’ve all been yearning to do for a long time – being active and gaining more followers on Instagram.

2. To keep up with the Joneses.

Everybody knows it’s a thing of pride to have more followers than their friends. In a group of five, if you’re the guy with the highest number of Instagram followers, you definitely have something to be boastful of.

This reality alone has driven tons of teens to strive hard to gain more followers.

“I want to be the most followed in my clique.” “John is too boastful of his followers; I must grow my account, too.” “Only my friends see my updates; I need to make my stuff go viral.”

Statements like these are what are pushing most people to strive for tons of Instagram followers.”

3. It can be a career

How can you not be moved by the success stories of folks like Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, and Cameron Dallas?

I mean, these are guys who made a career out of building Instagram profiles. And right now, many of them are worth millions – even Kylie is worth billions – of dollars.

The desire to be like these guys is what is driving most people to gain more followers. People know that if they, too, can get as many followers as any of these popular names, it will be easy to start earning big money on Instagram.

Pro Tip: The fastest way to gain many followers like the Kylie Jenners of this world – if you’re not a celebrity – is to buy Instagram followers.

4. Brands know everyone is at home

There has never been a better time to leverage digital and, above all, social media marketing than during a pandemic.

Brands know that more people are at home. And as such, they’re trying to reach these people on the platforms they most regularly frequent – i.e., Instagram.

By gaining more people as followers, brands know they can boost their global exposure, as well as their chances of convincing more people to patronize their business.

5. The opportunity is there to gain people’s attention

When people were busy going to work from 9 to 5, it was almost difficult to get them to watch hours of videos or scroll through tons of photos on Instagram. But with most people working from home and more free time on their hands, the opportunity is there to gain people’s attention.

Folks like influencers, comedians, and other regular Instagram users recognize this, and as such, are using this avenue to reach more people through their content.

They know that if they create content, more people will view it because people have the time. The only question is, how many of these people can they get? Hence, people’s desire to gain more followers.

6. Money is involved

Even before now, people have been earning on Instagram. Just for having thousands of followers, some folks earn hundreds of dollars from brand adverts and promotion.

These guys were called influencers.

Nowadays, the opportunities to make money off Instagram have grown beyond traditional brand deals only. Just recently, Instagram announced its plan to start paying influencers on the platform – i.e., guys with thousands of followers. Add this to the traditional brand arrangements, and you can imagine wealth-making opportunities on the platform.

All these put together is what has inspired many to do everything within their powers to gain more followers.

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