Why Mumbai Is Becoming A Popular Tourist Destination in India?

of attractions. The city also fulfils the expectations of tourists, who love nightlife, shopping, entertainment, and arts. It has several museums, architectural buildings, temples, theme parks, and other things. Another thing is that it welcomes everyone from various parts of India and that’s why many people like the city for business and other purposes.

The city is a great destination for people who want to plan their vacation with their family and loved one. However, they should consider booking hotels in advance for ensuring a fine trip. Mumbai hotels offer different types of packages for tourists allowing them to get more excitement and happiness. They even cover luxurious amenities which are at par with the international hotels to experience high level comforts after booking them.

What are some important places to visit in Mumbai?

  1. Mahalakshimi Temple

Mahalakshmi Temple in Mumbai is one of the most visited places in India because it allows tourists to get the blessings of three Goddesses Saraswati, Laxmi, and Kali. The edifice in the temple has a charming look adorned with attractive jewellery items such as nose rings, pearl necklaces, gold bangles, etc. Visitors can offer their prayer in serene and calm atmosphere while visiting the temple.

  1. Bandra Worli Sea link

Bandra Worli Sea link is an eight-lane cable stayed bridge which connects central business districts and western suburbs through sea route. The bridge is one of the wonders known for its architectural styles that reflect the modern infrastructure of the city. It reduces the congestion which caters to more than 40,000 vehicles a day. The Bandra Worli sea link which overlooks Mahim Bay blue waters stand as an amalgamation of man-made marvel and natural beauty that look magnificent during the night with twinkling light system. It is an ideal destination for tourists who want to capture beautiful spots with candid shots.

  1. Essel World

Essel World is a famous amusement park in Mumbai which offers exciting entertainment activities for tourists to relax the mind from various problems. Spread over an area of 64 acres, it is one of the largest amusement parks in Asia. Visitors can spend a whole day in the park or stay overnight in nearby hotels for getting more fun and excitement. The park is a perfect choice for tourists who want to enjoy a wide range of rides with family and others that provide more pleasure. It is a favorite destination for families during the summer enabling them to get high level of enjoyment.

  1. BMC Forest Theme Garden

BMC forest theme garden located in Malad suburb of Mumbai is one of the must-see places in the city. The garden has more than 3000 trees and other features which attract a lot of tourists every year. It even covers a beautiful butterfly garden and lotus pond allowing people to relax their mind in calm environment. In addition, the theme garden gives ways to take a short break from busy lifestyle enabling tourists to get peace. There is a lake in the garden that let tourists to enjoy the nature’s beauty in peaceful surroundings.

  1. Joggers Park

Joggers Park located in Bandra, Mumbai is a fabulous place for tourists who want to carry out jogging in morning and evening. The park has dense trees, well-built lawns, water bodies, and walkaways for getting peace from various problems in life. It is a perfect place for watching the sunset and attending sessions organised by the laughter club.

Tips to follow while making a trip to Mumbai

  1. Anyone who visits the city for the first time should fix an itinerary that can help to explore many places with ease.
  2. Tourists should keep their valuables and important documents in safely lockers after books rooms in a hotel.
  3. Mumbai has traffic congestion problems during peak hours and tourists should avoid traveling in vehicles.
  4. Although Mumbai has a good suburban train and metro train networks, they are highly crowded and visitors should avoid them to prevent unwanted issues.
  5. English is understood by many people in Mumbai apart from Marathi and Hindi. Apart from that, visitors can communicate with them easily while making a trip to the city.
  6. There are many night clubs available in the city allowing tourists to enjoy their night life accordingly.
  7. Mumbai is well-known for its cuisines and tourists can visit the restaurants for getting a better fining experience.
  8. The city is a famous one for various festivals and visitors should consider visiting the city during that time.
  9. It is imperative to wear traditional clothes and follow the local culture while visiting religious places.
  10. Mumbai is a famous one for its leading shopping malls and visitors can buy the latest things including fashion clothes with choices.
  11. Tourists should drink bottled water only because drinking tap water will lead to health hazards.
  12. It is advisable for tourists to take care of their personal belongings with attention while traveling to some places to prevent thefts.
  13. Visitors should pack their clothes properly which exactly suits a season to minimize discomforts and other problems to a large extent.
  14. Tourists should avoid traveling in remote places or lonely areas in the night when visiting the city.

Accommodation in Mumbai

The hotels in Mumbai provide excellent amenities for guests to ensure the best services in the accommodation. On the other hand, it is necessary to check the availability of Best Mumbai hotels before booking them. This will help to plan a trip in advance for making it a successful one. Those who want to know more about hotels can search for the details from various hotel websites for making a better decision. In most cases, a hotel website allows tourists to compare the hotel prices from low to high rates in one place to save more time. Also, it gives ways to plan a trip at cheaper prices to minimize expenses.

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