Why Nightforce Optics are a Must-Have for Competitive Shooting

Everybody wants the best quality for the lowest price. That’s very humane and we ourselves have fallen into this trap more than once. However, the reality is that quality, more often than not, comes with money. This is not an axiom and there are many exceptions to that rule, but Nightforce isn’t one of them. Scarce are brands of its standing and offer. It’s for a good reason that premium-level brands set the bar as high as they do, but there is competition between them as well. Even on the top, there is a place for the better and the worse. Nightforce belongs to the first group and our sports store will explain why.

Variety of Series

There are six primary series of riflescopes that bear the mark of Nightforce quality: ATACR, NX8, SHV, NXS, Competition and Benchrest. Not siblings, but peers, all scopes are built to the same quality standards, with each series boasting its own set of unique traits and configurations. Enumerating lists of features one after another would bring little use, so we won’t bother you with that sort of information. What we think you should know is that there is variety to be found within every Nightforce optic series, both in terms of looks and performance.

Superior Lens Quality

The objective lens is the most important component of a riflescope, as it determines the limits of its performance. As befits a premium-grade brand, Nightforce spares no resources on equipping their scopes with nonpareil lenses. There are several types of lenses the brand utilizes. There are Nightforce scopes that feature ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass, which provides exceptional image quality even in challenging lighting conditions. The APO (apochromatic) lenses offer chromatic aberration correction, ensuring color fidelity the likes of which you won’t see in regular scopes. And with the larger diameter of the objective lens, Nightforce scopes ensure a wider field of view and brighter images with optimal brightness and contrast.

Unmatched Durability

Nightforce understands the rigors that come with competitive shooting and hunting. That’s why their scopes are built to withstand the toughest conditions. There are plenty of videos where Nightforce scopes go through literal torture tests. The scopes are shot through after having been deep-frozen for 24 hours, are used to hammer spikes, get smashed against hard objects and are thrown like frisbees. Theoretically, there is no need for such extravagant tests as riflescopes are usually treated as if they were crystal vases. However, even after all these ordeals, Nightforce riflescopes perform equally well. We don’t advertise them as alternatives to hammers but keep in mind that they can perform the tool’s functions as well.

Precision Reticle Options

Nightforce scopes come with various reticle options, including MOAR, Mil-R, Mil-C, Mil-XT, and Velocity-1000. The reticles are designed to alleviate the aiming process and give you more information to make every shot as precise as possible. The MOAR reticles are ideal for long-range shooting, while the Mil-R reticles are preferred by tactical shooters for their intuitive holdover and windage adjustment.

The brand offers reticles of two focal plane types: the first focal plane (FFP) and the second focal plane (SFP). In the first focal plane reticles, the reticle magnifies with the target image as the magnification is increased. Scopes with FFP reticles are better suited for long-range shooting. The reticle in the second focal plane scopes remains the same size regardless of the magnification level, making it better suited for short to mid-range shooting. Nightforce offers several models of both FFP and SFP reticles, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Easy Control Features

Nightforce scopes are designed to ensure comfortable user experience. The Hi-Speed adjustments make the scopes easy to handle. The exposed, tactical-style turrets offer quick and easy finger-adjustable control over zoom, focusing, and parallax. Some models feature ZeroStop elevation adjustment that allows for a quick and easy return to zero. The majority of scopes feature power throw levers that allow for fast magnification changes in all conditions.

Pristine Reputation

Premium-level brands depend heavily on their reputation. Nightforce hasn’t ever given anyone any reason to doubt its reliability. Once you try a Nightforce scope, it becomes the benchmark for all other scopes. If you are bold enough to touch this sort of quality, then Nightforce won’t betray your trust. The brand’s scopes are cherished in the shooting community; their reliability and trustworthiness incontrovertible, the brand’s promise to customers always fulfilled.

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