Why the MS Excel is still an indispensable part of your business


If one sees the job posting anywhere, most of the common requirement the companies need is the Knowledge of MS Office and specifically MS Excel. MS Excel has become one of the most integral parts of all the business. People who do not know the working of Excel should do courses for learning MS Excel some of the courses provided by will help to get a better understanding of this tool. 

All the companies have to use excel for various purposes; it is used by all the departments in the companies. Right from the Admin department until the executive team, everyone has some of the other usages of MS Excel. Every sector, especially the financial sector, cannot do without MS Excel. All the formulas and calculations are straightforward to do in MS Excel, and it gives accurate results as well. In other words of all the tools in MS Office, MS Excel is the most extensively used tool in any business, and it is an indispensable part of the business. Why it is considered as indispensable is stated below.

 MS Excel provides solutions to all Arithmetic problems.

MS Excel can do a massive number of calculations with ease. The tool can do addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of thousands of numbers at the same time and give accurate results. Even if the value changes, the result also gets adjusted as per the changes in the value. Hence, one need not worry about the accuracy of the result due to the changes. The only reason the result would be wrong in these arithmetic calculations it would be due to human error.

 MS Excel can be used for basic Financial accounting for the business.

MS Excel is used extensively in the financial accounting of the small and medium-sized business. As the volume is low compared to the large-scale business, using MS Excel for the necessary financial accounting is feasible in these businesses. As a small and medium-size business cannot afford to have high-end analytics solutions; hence, they resort to MS Excel, which gives them the desired results.

 MS Excel is extensively used for data analysis.

MS Excel is an excellent way to analyse a broad set of a data dump. Excel has more than ten lakh rows and more than sixteen thousand columns which allows the user to put extensive data set in a single spreadsheet. The data pile is made more sense by the use of Pivot table, this feature of MS Excel consolidates the large data sets. It helps in only focusing on a specific part of the data for the analysis. Pivot also allows the users to make a summary report of the entire data for understanding the given data better.

 MS Excel is used to make a chart for analysis.

MS Excel helps the users to make more sense of the available data through doing chart analysis. In every organisation, while preparing any presentation, it is advisable to incorporate charts for better understanding. MS Excel helps in drawing the charts for the users as per their requirements. User can choose from various chart options like the Pie chart, Bar graph, cluster diagram and many more options to choose. In case if one wants to get introduced to the wonders of MS Excel, they can check out website where along with the MS Office there are others courses which would help the business in many ways.

 MS Excel can help to track the sales of the products.

The sale of the product of the company can be tracked using the MS Excel tools. The business can see the sales of the product across the various period in MS Excel. They can see the weekly sales, monthly sales, quarterly sales or annual sales. Analysing these sales data would, over these periods would give the business an idea about the sales trends their product is following and will also help in developing strategies for the sales.

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