William Smith: Royal Cup Coffee Brings Proven Expertise

A picture of someone pouring a cup of coffee from William Smith’s family’s business Royal Cup Coffee.

The transition of a business from being a small startup or family-run endeavor to becoming something capable of tremendous growth and longevity will generally require the services of an experienced business consulting firm. It can be challenging for the leadership of a family-owned business to have the extensive experience needed to bring the company to a new level of growth and manage the internal dynamics of these decisions.

This is where William Smith and the experience of a business consulting firm can make a significant impact for a company ready to take it to the next level.

With the unique opportunity to grow and learn within his family’s business, Royal Cup Coffee, William Smith was able to gain invaluable knowledge and experience that he brings with him today. He has learned what it takes to bring a small family-owned business up to the level of a successful and thriving long-term business that is able to meet the current market demands and also has the vision to anticipate and prepare for future growth in an ever-changing world.

As a company prepares for this growth and change, an experienced consulting firm can bridge the gap between personal relationships within the company while focusing on the needs and goals of the organization as a whole.

During his years as a high school and college student, William Smith was able to see the various roles and perspectives that comprise a typical family-owned business. He worked summers doing all types of jobs at Royal Cup Coffee; from taking customer orders and roasting the coffee to managing product delivery routes.  He gained experience at all levels of the business.

This gave him a rare opportunity to immerse himself in the inner workings of his family’s company and learn how to handle the day-to-day operations and manage family dynamics simultaneously. As his business experience grew, he was able to take on other roles within the company, such as growing sales territories and selling the products and services Royal Cup Coffee offered its customers.

William Smith continued working his way up through his family’s business, learning the importance of good leadership skills along the way. He began taking on management positions that helped elevate him to greater responsibility and eventually a business succession plan that positioned him as the President and CEO of Royal Cup Coffee.

It took exceptional character and experience to achieve his own personal goals and lead the company his grandfather purchased in the 1950s through a strategic rebranding initiative that brought about Royal Cup Tea and Coffee’s next level of growth.

This is the type of hands-on experience that an effective business consulting firm must have to help clients reach their potential in today’s ever-evolving market. Whether it’s a company’s need for strategic growth, leadership development, succession planning, or a change in management, William Smith has gained the experience necessary to handle all aspects of a company’s planning and development.

A person going over the plans of a business. Giving the business the advice they need in order to grow.

In 2021, William Smith Founded Double Iron Consulting. He brings with him a wealth of expertise and is committed to helping other family-owned businesses achieve their goals. By identifying and implementing measures that can promote strategic growth for the company to create smoother operations by improving the business’ internal systems, William Smith can rely on his experience to help others reach the objectives for their own business.

It takes much more than a willingness to bring a company to the next level. A business consulting firm can evaluate a company and see the weak areas and the areas that are strong. With an experienced consultant, a plan to move toward change and growth can be implemented without bogging down in the interpersonal dynamics that can cause conflict, especially within a family-owned business.

William Smith understands the need for a clear set of goals, but he also understands the importance of communication and perseverance. It’s not enough to have a strong desire and a hunger for growth. It’s also necessary to have someone who can help break those goals down into manageable steps and keep everyone working towards the same objective.

There are times when hard decisions have to be made, such as a change in management, a succession plan, or a complete rebranding of the company. These can pose unique challenges, especially when not all members of the company share the same vision. Fortunately, a business consultant with the experience that William Smith has acquired will understand these challenges and will be able to help define the goals and objectives of the company while also prioritizing the best way to achieve those standards.

It’s not unusual for a company to experience numerous bumps in its path to success; however, many of these obstacles can be avoided when a consulting firm with the expertise to guide business decisions and progress is there to help formulate a plan for the next phase of growth. An outside expert, such as William Smith, can look at a company objectively and draw on his experience to instinctively know how to reach a company’s goals for the future.

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