World of Warcraft: Classic: Tips for leveling

We suggest some precautions before venturing into the Blizzard MMORPG and optimizing game times.

Whether you are a veteran of the lands of Azeroth, or this is your first sortie into the world of Blizzard, the approach to World of Warcraft: Classic can be easier by following some useful tips for leveling up.

On average, a player will need hundreds of hours of gameplay to reach the coveted level 60 and, since the World of Warcraft: Classic end game lasts very few minutes, we suggest you enjoy this experience in step and not in a hurry. It may seem counter-current but our first advice is not to overdo the gameplay and not to give up on the activities you normally do during your typical day. But if you are impatient, using the WoW Classic Power Leveling Service is highly recommended.

Each class of World of Warcraft: Classic has a whole series of specific quests on its side that will not only be preparatory to the lore of the title, but will be able to make you obtain unique skills. Following these missions will help to speed up the increase in your level, but in some situations it will lead you to slow down your path towards the fateful level 60. An example is represented by the Shamans (Horde) who will have to venture out to get the Water Totem. Clearly we will also be faced with much simpler and faster missions, but in any case the advice is to follow the class quests only if necessary, in order to avoid staying behind a single mission for a long time and without obtaining a lot of experience, appropriate to the time spent.

Another useful tip is to use an add-on to significantly speed up the leveling of your character. We recommend Azeroth Auto Pilot – Classic which keeps track of the necessary quests and will show you where to go to optimize your time. To install it, simply download the official Twitch app (in this regard we remind you of our channel and our marathon), go to the section dedicated to Mods and click on World of Warcraft. Once you have changed the version from the top left corner into World of Warcraft: Classic you can start looking for the add-ons you want to use.

In World of Warcraft: Classic we will find both neutral zones and zones dedicated to specific factions. When we go to level our advice is to do it in the areas dedicated to our class and faction because we will almost certainly not meet many other players, except for certain servers, and consequently it will not be necessary to wait too long before the eliminated monsters are regenerated. Furthermore, in the case of PvP servers we will reduce the probability of hostile encounters and consequently we will reduce the moments dedicated to defending and eliminating the threats represented by the other factions, increasing the game intervals dedicated to the completion of the quests.

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