Complete Yotpo Review and Pricing In 2023

Yotpo Review

Complete Yotpo Review and Pricing will be described in this article. According to recent statistics, 93% of consumers said online reviews influenced their buying choices. In conclusion, it is inevitable that consumers will examine online reviews before choosing a product. Just take a peek at well-known online markets, for instance. The majority of products include evaluations left by actual customers, including good, bad, and average ones.

It goes without saying that positive reviews assist ecommerce companies draw clients. But how can you persuade internet customers to provide favourable product reviews? Fortunately, there is software available to assist you in doing that; Yotpo is one such choice.

Complete Yotpo Review and Pricing In 2023

In this article, you can know about Complete Yotpo Review and Pricing In 2023 here are the details below;

So, if you’re curious about what Yotpo has to offer, stick with us as we examine this app. That’s enough introduction; let’s get started.

Yotpo Review: About Yotopo

About Yotopo

Yotpo was launched in 2011 by Omri Cohen and Tomer Tagrin after they fell for bogus reviews. Today, Yotpo has over 650 employees and has raised $406 million in funding.

Customers include Moroccan Oil, Steve Madden, GoPro, Helly Hansen, and many more. It has offices in New York, Boston, Tel Aviv, and London.

That’s impressive, huh?

The website advertises itself as a “leading provider of solutions that enable the whole customer journey, including subscriptions, SMS marketing, and visual user-generated content,” loyalty & referrals, and user-generated content.

In other words, it’s a complete, out-of-the-box solution for companies looking to turn one-time clients into devoted ones and create recurring revenue. Yotpo has a strong network of integrations with other ecommerce marketing tools and works with a variety of ecommerce systems to smoothly integrate into your current tech stack. Additionally, it generates reports that offer suggestions for improving the customer’s buying experience. That concludes the introduction; now let’s examine Yotpo’s specific features:The cat climbing a ladder picture is at the very top.

Yotpo Review: Yotpo products

Yotpo products

The five sections of Yotpo’s solutions are as follows:


  • Referrals and devotion
  • Subscriptions (this is new) (this is new)

We’ll go over each in turn below:

SMSBump As its name implies, SMSBump strives to give you the resources you need to engage clients and boost sales using the effectiveness of strategic SMS campaigns.

You can send customers tailored SMS messages about your goods, sales, exclusive deals, etc. Every time a visitor completes an action on your website, you can also send them an automated SMS message. For instance, if they subscribe to your newsletter or leave their cart unfilled. You can segment your audience with Yotpo in order to send more precise SMS messages.

You can choose what requirements clients must fulfil in order to join a specific sector (for instance, order value, loyalty, etc.).

Alternately, you can utilise predictive segmentation, which automatically divides clients based on their propensity to buy and churn.

Additionally, Yotpo’s conversational text automation, in-app SMS chat, and help desk connectors make it easy to have one-on-one conversations with consumers (you can turn on this pre-installed integration inside your dashboard).

Once more, if you want to give clients a more responsive experience, this is a huge benefit. A/B tests can also be used to determine which campaigns are most successful. This is a fantastic way to get the data you need to optimise your text marketing efforts.

Customers can opt in to get your messages in a variety of methods, including at the time of purchase, through a widget or pop-up on your website, or even by scanning a QR code on the packaging of your goods.

Since messaging regulations are stringent, you can rest confident that SMSBump will help you compliantly collect your subscribers and eliminate any chance of bothering anyone with unwelcome messages.

Additionally, customers are always free to unsubscribe if they so want.

Last but not least, you can utilise SMSBump to let clients make rapid purchases by replying to an offer with a phrase like “BUY” or by hitting a link inside an SMS message that directs them to a prefilled checkout.


As you might have imagined, Yotpo’s reviews function seeks to assist you in gathering truthful testimonials. This tool can be used for review gathering after a customer makes a purchase. You can ask your customers to post reviews by sending them an automated email. You can also send these requests as texts with ease by utilising Yotpo’s internal SMS solution.

Offering a percentage discount in the same message or, with Yotpo Loyalty, automatically awarding a client with loyalty points for their review are two ways to encourage review conversions. Customers can also receive what Yotpo refers to as “smart review cues.”

These lead your customers through high-converting topics that can persuade other customers to make purchases from you. Using the fit, style, and comfort of a product as an example, buyers may be asked to review it and assign it a star rating.

You can also request specific feedback on your products. Providing many choice options, for instance, for how a product fits (small, true to size, huge), and how comfortable (ultra comfy, pretty good, not comfy).

Additionally, customers can upload pictures or videos of the merchandise they purchased. Finally, you can encourage interaction between clients by letting them ask questions about the goods they’re considering purchasing.

Consider a scenario when a customer is considering purchasing a specific item of clothing. If so, they might want to inquire about how it fits from previous customers. These queries can be posed by customers in review comments. Alternately, you may publish a community Q&A on your product site where customers can get answers to frequently asked questions.

Use the social push tool to have reviews posted on your Facebook and Twitter accounts automatically if you want to get more traction with your reviews.

Furthermore, by linking your Facebook and Instagram stores to Yotpo, you may display social media reviews. In-line SEO is also used by Yotpo. JavaScript is typically ignored when smaller search engines like Bing and Yahoo crawl pages for keywords. Yotpo extracts keywords from reviews that may be lost in JavaScript and inserts them into the HTML so that search engines can more easily access your review sites.

When a visitor hovers over your link in the search engine, you may utilise Google rich snippets to show your star ratings and reviews.

Additionally, you may group related products together so that when a consumer views one product review, they also get reviews for related products next to it. Similarly, you can put a product to a block list if you don’t want a review of it.

By doing this, Yotpo will no longer list this product in any of its channels for collecting review submissions. To increase your readership, you can link your Yotpo account to your Google Shopping advertisements. Yotpo allows you to establish and manage Google Shopping advertisements so that you can display customer reviews and star ratings for your store.

Visual Marketing Visual Marketing

Customers can attach photographs and videos to their reviews, as was already discussed. Yotpo’s graphic marketing tool is only a development of the concept.

You can employ user-generated content (UGC), such as photographs and videos, to make eye-catching galleries on your website in this case. Once more, the goal is to promote your brand by employing your clients as brand ambassadors to increase engagement.

The UGC function lets you import user media to your website and links with your Instagram and Facebook accounts. With the more expensive services, you can manually import photographs and video as well.

Additionally, user-generated material can have product tags added to it, or Yotpo’s AI tags can recommend product tags for you. Such graphic marketing samples can be seen on each product line’s category page or homepage. Building trust with potential clients is made much easier by using this type of social proof.

By displaying UGC on your checkout page, you could also leverage this capability to solve cart abandonment problems. The future? This can be the determining aspect that persuades them to proceed with that crucial purchase. Finally, this function gives you the ability to increase the number of sales through your shoppable Instagram feed.

On your Instagram photos, there is a buy now button that visitors may click to check customer reviews and related products when they are browsing your content.

Loyalty Referrals

The Yotpo loyalty and referral programme is created to support your re-engagement and retention strategy by encouraging involvement with current customers and luring new ones.

You can design unique referral and loyalty schemes.

Taking a points scheme as an illustration, consumers can accrue redeemable points by:

  • Time with you
  • Subscribe to you on social media
  • Post a review
  • Create a profile

By giving clients free shipping, vouchers, discounts, etc. when they redeem their earned points, you can encourage them to make purchases from you. Additionally, you can design tiered loyalty plans based on how much money users spend.

For instance:

  • Silver: Invest 0 to 199
  • Spend $200-$350 on gold.
  • Platinum: $350 or more

Your tier names and conditions are completely up to you. Then, you can provide particular incentives inside each tier, such free delivery, first access to new goods, discounts, or birthday presents.

Additionally, you can send clients customised offers by segmenting them depending on their spending. Custom awards undoubtedly contribute significantly to increasing customer satisfaction and, consequently, loyalty.

A collection of loyalty widgets is available. With their help, you may create a rewards page where users can join your loyalty programmes, view their points, and use coupons.

Additionally, it has widgets for designing onsite banners for your prizes. You can launch planned and time-sensitive loyalty/reward campaigns using the sophisticated price tiers to consistently entice loyal consumers. Naturally, you have full control over these campaigns and can decide when they will begin and end.


This brand-new Yotpo product was created especially with Shopify users in mind.

It’s a subscription management tool made to entice customers to purchase from you repeatedly by signing up for recurring subscriptions. Yotpo Subscriptions is excellent for any company that sells goods that must be often replenished, restocked, or replaced.

If you sell consumable goods, you may set up repeat subscriptions where buyers receive items at a reduced price at a predetermined interval (for example, every four weeks).

Additionally, you may grant subscription customers access to a user-friendly, password-free interface. From this point, users may manage their subscriptions and add their delivery information, including how frequently they want to receive the products they’ve subscribed to.

Finally, you can automate the notifications you send to clients that subscribe. For instance, you may email them subscription reminders and subscription confirmations. Once more, this is a fantastic chance to demonstrate the character of your company and strengthen connections with customers.

Yotpo Review: Yotpo Pricing

Yotpo Pricing

  • Each of Yotpo’s services has a price, and there is also a free tier for new enterprises and entrepreneurs.
  • We’ll only quickly discuss each of the several pricing plans below because there are so many to sort through.
  • Check out Yotpo’s price page for additional information.
  • SMSBump Plans
  • Yotpo Review There are five different plans available from SMSBump:

Free Plan

This comprises:

  • Transmit automated and personalised SMS messages.
  • Access to the campaign builder and planner on SMSBump
  • Access to methods for collecting subscriber information, including as popups, checkout opt-ins, and QR codes
  • Audience division
  • SMS exchanges that are two-way
  • Keyword analytics and reporting for one free opt-in
  • Customizable revenue tracking and attribution
  • Integrations of the tech stack
  • Yotpo product synergies: You can use them in conjunction with other Yotpo products and combine them.
  • Each SMS costs $0.0165 to consumers (US)
  • Growth Plan costs begin at $19/month and include everything mentioned above as well as:
  • Unlimited keywords for opt-in
  • Continuous A/B testing
  • Send communications at times that correspond to your customers’ local time zones.
  • Sign off on mails with the name of your company.
  • Clients pay $0.0149 for each SMS (US)

Prime Plan

  • This covers everything of the above for $59 a month as well as:
  • The “Click to Buy” function
  • Smart segmentation for prediction
  • Useful customised short URLs for SMS
  • POS integration for Shopify
  • Clients pay $0.0142 for each SMS (US)

Powerhouse Plan

  • This contains everything mentioned above and:
  • Access to a specialist in onboarding
  • SMS strategy meetings every month
  • Each SMS costs $0.0130 to consumers (US)

Enterprise Plan

  • Since this is a customised plan, Yotpo must be contacted individually for a quote.
  • However, we are aware that this package comes with all of the aforementioned and:
  • Discounts based on volume and commitment
  • An enthusiastic SMS strategist
  • Support for account creation and onboarding
  • Specialised analyses and reports
  • Access to API
  • Dedicated shortcodes, or shorter five- or six-digit SMS numbers, are available (for an additional fee).

Review Plans

Again, there are five different plans to select from here:

Free Plan

This comprises:

  • The reviews widget allows you to send up to 50 review requests per month.
  • Emails asking for reviews can be sent automatically.
  • The capability of censoring reviews
  • Social media push and SEO
  • Any comments made on your reviews can be moderated by you.
  • Import evaluations from Instagram and Facebook
  • Live chat and email help are available around-the-clock.
  • Instagram and Facebook sell syndicated content

Growth Program

All of the aforementioned are included for $15 per month along with:

  • Rich snippets on Google
  • Customers can post written and visual evaluations.
  • Review carousels can be made.
  • When a user submits a review, you may reward them with gifts like free shipping or discounts.
  • Review requests are manually sent.

Plan Prime

  • This contains everything of the above for $119 per month as well as:
  • Advertisements on Google Shopping
  • Ratings for Google Sellers
  • A integration with Klaviyo
  • The Walmart network
  • Q&A
  • Capability for product grouping and blocklists
  • Priority assistance
  • Access to a specialist in onboarding
  • Enhanced Plan
  • Prices are not provided.

You can get a personalised quote from Yotpo and request a demo.

All of the aforementioned, as well as:

  • With access to the HTML and CSS editor, you may customise emails and widgets in-depth.
  • Intelligent AI review prompts generate questions that customers can answer.

Multiple users can be added to your Yotpo account, reviews can be gathered from several shops or websites, and they can all be managed conveniently in one workspace.

  • Availability of all integrations
  • Customer success manager who is committed
  • Numerous-store syndication

Enterprise Plan

Prices are not provided (again, contact Yotpo for a quote).

All of the aforementioned, as well as:

  • Quicker time to market
  • The Yotpo implementation professional will assist you in setting up your account as soon as possible.
  • Endless scalability
  • Migration assistance
  • Dedicated compliance and security
  • Consumer syndication
  • Strategically advised
  • A manager of enterprise customer success
  • You will get customer insights.

Loyalty and Referrals Plans

Review of Yotpo There are four options available here:

Free Plan

This comprises:

  • Only 100 orders can use the loyalty and referral functions at once.
  • A widget that displays the number of points a customer has earned is called a rewards sticky bar.
  • Customers can accumulate points through purchases and account creation.
  • A referral programme might be created Gold Plan.

This contains everything mentioned above and:

  • You can create a page where users can register and use their points.
  • Additional opportunities for users to accrue points, such as birthdays, Instagram follows, and more
  • Customers can use their points at the register.
  • Integrations for Klaviyo, ReCharge, and Shopify POS
  • Points might have expiration dates.

Plan Platinum

Prices for this are not displayed (contact Yotpo for a quote).

All of the aforementioned, as well as:

  • Launching VIP reward programmes is possible.
  • Access to customer success management and onboarding
  • Scheduling and earning guidelines –
  • Select the customers your loyalty campaigns will target, as well as the dates & duration of their operation.
  • A post-purchase referral popup is something you can show.
  • Customers can use their points to get free merchandise.
  • Customers can be required to perform specific tasks, such as surveys or demographic profiles, in order to receive rewards.
  • Segmentation of a targeted campaign
  • Advanced reports and dashboards

Enterprise Plan

  • Ask for rates.
  • All of the aforementioned, as well as:
  • Has a quicker time to market
  • An enthusiastic project manager
  • Endless scalability
  • Dedicated compliance and security
  • UI customization
  • A manager of enterprise customer success
  • You can create unique awards.

Subscriptions Plans

The Yotpo Review One single subscription plan is available. No credit card is required to register; it is free. After $500 in monthly sales subscriptions, you must pay 1%.

What you’ll get is this:

  • Access to an integrated, self-guided onboarding process for eight minutes
  • A business-focused merchant portal
  • A customer portal without passwords
  • Complete analytics
  • Integration of SMS campaign
  • White-glove movement
  • tips & strategies for growth
  • 24/7 live assistance
  • Planned UGC Content
  • The Yotpo Review
  • There are four different plans available:
  • Free Program

The following is included in this:

  • You can add user-generated content (UGC) galleries to your website and curate galleries using an Instagram hashtag (for up to 50 monthly orders)
  • 24/7 email support for shoppable Instagram

Growth Program

This includes all of the above for $9 per month as well as:

  • Countless product galleries
  • Unlimited photo albums can be made and then added to your galleries as needed.
  • Different gallery layouts
  • Curate Instagram galleries and albums from @mentions and tagged posts.
  • Create collections of images based on client reviews.
  • Adding to cart capabilities for galleries
  • 24/7 live chat assistance
  • Enhanced Plan
  • On request, special rates are available.
  • All of the aforementioned, as well as:
  • Upload pictures and videos by hand.
  • Curate videos from product sites and Instagram loops
  • Tagging helped by AI
  • Having use of the CSS editor
  • Product aggregation
  • Analytics for galleries and images
  • Customer success manager who is committed

Business Plan

  • Ask Yotpo for a personalised price.
  • All of the aforementioned, as well as:
  • A manager of corporate customer success
  • Onboarding assistance
  • Services for moderation
  • Access to API
  • Finally, Yotpo additionally provides the following product packages:
  • Reviews and SMSBump

SMSBump, Recommendations, and Loyalty

Reviews, referrals, and loyalty. Although the costs for these bundles were not disclosed at the time of writing, we like to presume that the goal is to provide bundles at a more affordable price.

Anywhere that a Premium or Enterprise subscription is advertised, you can ask for a demo to view all the features. On the other hand, you must first register for the free plans and lower-priced options. The cat climbing a ladder picture is at the very top.

Yotpo Review: Yotpo shopify Integration and other Integrations

Yotpo may be easily integrated with a variety of well-known eCommerce programmes. Let’s start by discussing Shopify. It’s important to note that Yotpo interfaces with six eCommerce systems, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Adobe Commerce (Magento), WooCommerce, and Volusion, before we move on.

Yotpo has more than 3,000 five-star reviews on the Shopify App Store and is an official Shopify partner. Yotpo may be quickly and easily installed for your Shopify store. After that, decide whatever features and plan you want to sign up for so you can get started right away! For each Yotpo function you want to use, the Yotpo website includes a helpful Shopify installation tutorial. This is another Yotpo Review.

There are 113 further Yotpo integrations if that interests you. These are categorised into many different groups, such as chat and messenger, social platforms, payment and checkout, and many others. On the Yotpo website, you can examine all the integrations. The cat climbing a ladder picture is at the very top.

Yotpo Review: Yotpo Customer Support

The platform has a number of self-help materials, including videos, webinars, and articles on how to utilise it effectively and on general eCommerce-related subjects. In the Yotpo Community, you can converse with other Yotpo users. In this forum, you can learn more about various subjects, post questions, and receive actual members’ responses. A blog is also present.

All plans include email assistance that is available around-the-clock, as we’ve already mentioned elsewhere in our Yotpo review, and some plans also include live chat. However, you’ll get 1-2-1 onboarding and more focused support with the more expensive options. The cat climbing a ladder picture is at the very top.

Yotpo Review: Yotpo Pros and Cons

Finally, before we conclude this Yotpo review, let’s summarise some of the points we’ve made in a brief pros-cons list:


  • It’s easy to use, and the website is simple to navigate.
  • Each feature has a free plan available.
  • There are several connectors available, including some with well-known eCommerce platforms like Shopify.
  • You can deliver individualised and focused SMS campaigns.
  • All applications include round-the-clock assistance.


  • Because some paid accounts are pricey, they could exclude beginners who would benefit from the features but cannot afford them.
  • Only a few of the higher-paid plans receive one-on-one assistance.
  • The cat climbing a ladder picture is at the very top.

Yotpo Review: Our Vedict

This Yotpo review should have given you a solid idea of the platform and its numerous marketing tools. Yotpo can be an excellent option if you’re searching for an all-in-one SMS, UGC, loyalty and referral, and reviews platform.

This is especially true if you already operate a Shopify store, have a sizable budget to burn, and want to boost sales, customer loyalty, and reviews. The most suitable course of action is to try before you buy, as with all of these reviews. There are several free options accessible for Yotpo. There is therefore plenty of time to assess whether the platform is user-friendly and functional.

In addition, the free plan’s capabilities ought to be adequate if you’re just getting started and don’t want to commit to a paid plan until you’ve begun making money.

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