ZeroBounce Review: Improve Deliverability with Email List Validation

ZeroBounce Review

ZeroBounce is one of the best services one can use for email list validation. The validity of email addresses is crucial to your email marketing and making sure your list is accurate improves deliverability. Read this review of ZeroBounce to see exactly what the service has to offer and how using ZeroBounce is advantageous.

Email list validation: what is it?

If you send marketing emails, your email list is your number one asset. However, marketers are constantly confronted with data decay. Email addresses go bad, and reaching your customers and subscribers becomes a challenge. This is where email list validation comes into play.

An email validator removes obsolete data from your emails list: misspelled, fake, abuse, catch-all, role-based or temporary emails. These contacts are risky to your sender reputation, and ZeroBounce detects and eliminates them from your database.

Let’s take a look at these email addresses and understand why they affect your deliverability.

Misspelled email addresses

Do you have signup forms on your website? They help you grow your email list, but the problem is many people misspell their addresses when trying to subscribe. If you’re not using the double opt-in subscription method, then you most likely have a few misspelled email addresses in your database. ZeroBounce detects them right away and thus helps you prevent bounces.

Abuse emails

These email addresses belong to people who may label your emails as spam and tarnish your sender reputation. ZeroBounce’s advanced mechanisms spot these accounts and isolate them from your list to protect your sender score and boost your deliverability.

Spam traps

They don’t even belong to real people. Spam traps are designed solely to block spammers, and if you send to them, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will believe you’re a spam sender, as well. Not all spam traps can be detected, but ZeroBounce identifies many of them and removes them from your list of subscribers. Email list validation is the only way to reduce the number of spam traps you may have gathered.

Catch-all emails

These addresses are created by companies that don’t want to miss any communication. Catch-all emails will accept all email sent to that certain domain, even when the address does not exist. Because of their nature, catch-alls are often full, so they pose a risk to your bounce rate. ZeroBounce detects catch-all emails and, furthermore, has an A.I. email scoring system to help you further validate them. See how you can validate catch-all emails with ZeroBounce.

Role-based emails

They belong to a group within an organization rather than a single individual. Therefore, they have little value to your email marketing. Would you email an address that’s maybe not even monitored? Not a good idea. ZeroBounce helps you focus on high-quality leads by removing role-based emails from your list.

Temporary emails

They’re also known as disposable emails because you can create and use them for a short period of time. Once you’re done using them, temporary email addresses self-destruct and will result in bounces. Don’t let them hurt your sender reputation – perform a quick email list validation to weed them out.

Appending Data to Your Email List

To be a few steps ahead of your competitors, you need to have a clean email list. Moreover, you can improve it by adding missing data to it. Thanks to its complex algorithms, ZeroBounce can append information to your database, such as name, gender and location. Thus, with a cleaner and complete email list, your conversion rate is bound to increase.

Real-time email validation with the ZeroBounce API

ZeroBounce offers two ways to improve your email hygiene:

  • bulk email list validation: you upload an existing database on the platform and you get it back clean
  • or real-time email validation via the API: you get a few lines of code to install on your website and check every new subscription in real time.

Both processes are fast and 98% accurate. Plus, ZeroBounce integrates with dozens of other apps, so you can easily connect the email list validation service to your favorite platforms.

What’s the price?

There are many plans and pricing options available to customers when they opt for email list validation services. Here is the pricing for ZeroBounce:

  1. Freemium

Users who are just starting with email validation and don’t have large batches of email to check can opt for the Freemium pricing plan.

As the name suggests, it is free of cost. With this plan, a user gets up to 100 credits in total. This means that the number of emails that can be checked and validated is limited to 100 each month. Once again, this is a free plan, and the ability to use 100 credits in a single month is a pretty good deal. In a single year, the maximum number of total credits an individual user can earn is 1,200 with this Freemium plan.

Apart from the 100 credits that a user gets in a single month, the Freemium plan also provides the status codes with all the details, which you can access in a different window.

This plan also provides subscriber geolocation by tracking the IP address. The location may not be entirely accurate every time, but it does give an idea and a range regarding the exact location.

In another new window, there are a total of 18 tools for validation. There are also team accounts within the Freemium plan which can be used by multiple people. Also, you get 24/7 chat support in case you need any help with your email list validation.

  1. Pay as you go

This particular plan is one of the most popular plans on the ZeroBounce platform. It’s important to note that this plan is not free, and one indeed has to pay for getting the service. However, the ZeroBounce email list validation service is one of the best, and paying the price for such services is well justified.

With the “Pay as you go” plan, users need to pay an amount of 16 dollars per month. With this plan, you get to use at least 2,000 credits. This is a considerably higher number of emails that can be processed, especially when compared to the Freemium plan.

This particular plan has all the features that are available in Freemium, but offers some additional features as well. The “Pay as you go” plan does not require a contract, and users can stop using, and resuming it, anytime they wish.

The pricing of this plan comes in bulk. A great thing about this plan is that your credits never expire, so you can use them whenever you want. Also, credits get replenished automatically, and it can be hugely beneficial for users who have constant email list validation needs.

  1. Subscriptions

The pricing of the subscriptions starts at 15 dollars per month. When compared to the previous “Pay as you go” plan, which required a monthly payment of 16 dollars, users can save up to 6 per cent on the plan.

With a subscription, you get all the benefits of the Freemium plan. Additionally, you can add on credits if you choose. Just like the previously mentioned paid plan, the acquired credits never expire. You also have the opportunity to change plans if required, or cancel a plan whenever they want.

Subscribing to ZeroBounce is the best way to save money while maintaining a clean email list.


There are many reasons why ZeroBounce is a better service provider than others. Let’s summarize the perks of using this platform so you can decide whether you’d like to get started!

  • misspelled and fake email detection
  • spam trap detection
  • abuse email removal
  • disposable or temporary email detection
  • role-based and catch-all email removal
  • data append: name, gender and location of your subscribers
  • bulk email list validation
  • real-time email verification
  • reports state a clear overview of your results
  • multiple options are available to select the way you download your results
  • reduces bounces and improves deliverability
  • free email verifier
  • 98% accurate results with anti-greylisting technology

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