10 Best Stock Trading Apps for 2020


Choosing the right stock app from various options available is the matter of finding one, which matches to your experience, knowledge, as well as needs. We have compared stock apps to help you get the right one, which suits your profile in the best possible way. Brokers have to handle stock trading apps, which are consistent on phone and desktop. They have to share the watch lists, deposits checks and stock screeners in client’s accounts. We will look at some of the best stock trading apps for 2020 here:

How to select the right trading application?

At times, trading application is considered to be the best, and it is one of the best applications & has plenty of amazing features. Most of the time, it is on you, or what features you want to have in your apps. You will not judge goldfish on how nicely it will climb the tree, can you? There are many things that you must consider when you are selecting the top trading application for you, like:

  • What you will trade like ETFs, shares, or funds.
  • Fees & charges – There are some platforms that will charge you the flat fee, whereas others will charge based over how much can you invest.
  • Market research & tools. Tools that are available on your platform will be very helpful in knowing your investments.
  • Demo account. Suppose there is the demo account accessible then you will give this a go without even putting down real money, it is one nice touch if you are the newbie in investment.
  • How simple this platform is for the use. There are some platforms that are made for experienced investors, thus will be highly difficult and complicated to use.
  1. TD Ameritrade

The application provides user the choice to opt for many other mobile stock app. Official app has got sharing features wherein user will be able to take the screenshot as well as share this with the associate or post over Twitter. Mobile Trader application is one advanced software streams with detailed data for user as well as allows a person to plan and trade any complex options. With the Apple Watch notifications, person will receive updated notifications. The application has also received many awards that include Best Overall Broker Online, Best Application for the Options Trading, Best Application for the Day Trading, Best Trading Platforms, Best Application for the ETFs, Best Application for the Beginners, Best Application for the IRAs and Best Application for the Roth IRAs.

  1. IIFL Markets App

IIFL mobile application was actually launched by India Infoline services. And with one single click & swipe you can confirm feature, order fast happens and the quality makes this app very unique. This app is made within size of over 38.2MB. Clients will easily apply for OFS and IPOs. There’s the guest login feature for users who would like to understand basic features of mobile application. Stock watch feature will allow user to keep user’s chosen in front of home screen. This has got multiple stock watchlists.

  1. Hargreaves Lansdown

This is a bit costly than many other providers out there, particularly if you do not trade quite often. But, in return you will get many guides and information that will help you to make the trading decisions. This allows you to handle trading as per your expertise: you will get the pre-selected portfolio, and get a little suggestion or just do your personal thing. However, beginners are ones who will make most of their education offered by the Hargreaves Lansdown. You will read a lot more about their services in the review.

  1. Sharekhan Trading App

This is one common name well known to share market brokers in India. It’s offering quite speedy services online to trade in shares and within seconds. Survey results and market performance of shares are described by good-intractable charts that become simple to understand. You also can customize legends choice as per the requirements.  Charts are given on daily basis, on daily market update-wise. And Sharekhan is also listed in NSE & BSE and offers the stock trading platform for buying & selling of shares. There have a few graphical studies for this market and they will be average, KnowSureThing, Band-Bollinger, MACD, and more. It offers some extra features such as OAlert, Heat-map, Chart-book, trade from the charts, and more.

  1. IG

IG does not charge any platform fees and, like the other stock app, can become a bit cheaper when you start trading more – and dropping from £8 every trade to £5 every trade (for the UK shares) in case you make 10 operations per month. It is known for the wide selection of the advanced and the riskier trading options that will allow you speculate on the market trends as well as are considered the risky type of the investment. The solid perk for using IG trading app is a fact that it does not charge any kind of commission on the US shares, in case you have made three trades in previous month. It is good for the active traders.

  1. Fidelity Investments

The mobile app has good consistency with desktop experience, so user can get some amazing features such as Trefis stock valuation and Recognia special events over their smartphone. Trade execution of the Fidelity Investments app seeks updated cost improvement, and there’re the news feeds that show updated news about trade market as per the portfolio & watchlists. THe application received many awards like Best Overall Brokers Online, Best Application for the Beginners, for ETFs, for Penny Stocks, for Roth IRAs, for IRAs, for International Trading, as well as for Trading Platforms.

  1. Robinhood

Robinhood is the most popular and commission-free broker and this broker started as the mobile application. Desktop interface came a bit later. For true beginner, this is the best place to begin. There is not any minimum deposit and order kinds are very clearly defined with proper visualizations. Robinhood’s default will be starting each new account as the margin account subject over pattern day trader rule. This means you may just trade 3 times in every five days. And personally, I think PDT is the good restriction when you are starting to trade. Despite forcing you in the margin account, it does not allow you short stocks. I do not think newbies must short and it is the risky strategy — you may blow up the account with a trade.

  1. Motilal Oswal Stock Trading App

Derivatives, equities, commodities, currencies, futures and options, IPOs Mutual funds, and what not you can find on this app. Motilal Oswal stock app delivers you these products for trading through their newly updated app interface. This app offers real-time portfolio checking tools that will help you to make the investment decisions on a move. This app provides the secured operation mechanism throughout this process. Clients are provided credentials by using that he passes authentication round when log-in. This app offers the most advanced features such as the attractive charts with over 12 different indicators. Also, you can transfer the funds through 40 connected banks on it.

  1. Charles Schwab

The app provides the different customer assets for trading, which includes commission-free exchange-traded funds. Options are nicely integrated, which includes developed trading tool. User will get the regular updated news when logged in this application. There’re different security options in application such as masking your account balances that is very helpful when you are trading in the public platform. Application got many awards such as Best Overall Brokers, Web Trading Platforms, Application for the International Trading, Application for the Options Trading, Application for the Penny Stocks, Application for the Beginners, Application for the Roth IRAs, Application for the IRAs & Application for ETFs.

  1. Thinkorswim

People have used Thinkorswim before TD Ameritrade got it. This was all-time favorite for the customer service. However, after TD Ameritrade bought it, borrows were not very good. (still you can find short-biased trader.) Some top students use this. Schwab currently acquired TD Ameritrade, and that can affect this app & trading platform in future. However, now, it will be the decent stock trading platform when your account stays in $2,000 range. With Thinkorswim, you will get the free access to the Level 2 data, scanners, as well as solid executions. However, nothing is so perfect? Of course this has a few disadvantages. There’re the limited shares accessible for shorting. Suppose shorting is go-to style, it will not be a best fit to you. OTC data will be delayed by 15 to 20 minutes. That is one big issue in case you wish to trade OTC markets. Luckily, it is where you will find some best penny stock. Suppose you are biased trader who primarily trades on listed stocks, it will be the good option for you to try. 

Final Words

All given stock app have got some good reviews & response from the users in the market. Also, they compete in market with one another & update their stock features regularly for enhancement in the working operations. Thus, no matter what you choose, you can have good experience there.

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