4 Unique Gifts for Your Girlfriend

In all relationships, there is a moment when you either want to make a great first impression or want to trump all the previous highlights in your journey. And when it comes to picking that perfect gift for your girlfriend, you no longer need to bend over backwards.

We did that for you and believe it or not, we found these truly unique options that will sweep her off her feet.

1.   Forget Diamonds, Name a Star after Her

They say diamonds are forever. And yes, they are known to put a huge smile on some faces. But you might be able to top that and do so without having to spend as much.

Remember when Sheldon Cooper (from The Big Bang Theory) almost named an asteroid after his girlfriend Amy? Well, you can follow his lead and name a star after your girlfriend.

As far as romantic presents go, not a lot can beat that. And it’s quite easy to do so too. If you check out options like Register Star, you will realize that the process is quite simple too.

To name a star after your girlfriend might just be the perfect gift. Obviously, it’s a top-quality gift and if you have any doubts or queries, they are always around to help you.

There are three different kits. You can name a visible constellation star and get a PDF certificate along with a gift kit containing five pieces. And finally, you can search for your star in the official registry.

Then there is the Supernova star kit which lets you name the brightest stars in the universe. Also, only about 80 to 90 of them are found every year. This certainly beats a diamond. Even with this kit, you will receive all the relevant PDF documents. But along with that, you will also get a gift certificate which gives you two acres of Lunarland.

And finally, there is the twin star kit which lets you pick two stars that are next to each other. If you want to make it about the connection you have with your girlfriend, this is it. With this kit, you get two certificates and also have the opportunity to make a dedication. Last but not least, you also get a four-piece gift pack and a gift set.

Take that, everyone who’s ever bought her anything!

2.  Perhaps a Star Chart?

To name a star is not the only dazzling arrow in our quiver of romance. If naming a star doesn’t seem real enough, here’s another idea for those who love astronomy. A personalized gift of any kind already tells her that you put more than a little thought into it. But how about taking it to the next level?

If you want to show how much she means to you, try remembering a special moment in your shared history. If you can remember the exact date and location of that moment, you can actually get it mapped on the night sky.

We’re talking about presenting a star map that shows the stars and constellations that were visible on the date and location you specify. There are a few places that let you build a star map and make a chart. This can be printed out, framed and given as a gift.

A good idea is to choose the date and location of your first meeting or an anniversary. But you can take a detour from the usual choices and pick another moment that might have changed the course of your life with your girlfriend.

Some of them offer maps in different colors at different prices. So, you get to show how unique your perspective is, that you remember that special occasion and that you love her, almost literally, to the moon and back.

3.  What about a Personalized Plush Doll?

If you’re trying to tell her she’s such a doll, well, you can do that with an actual little plush doll that looks just like her. But before you do that, make sure you find out (somehow, because this is more of a surprise gift) she won’t be creeped out by a little doll that looks like her.

But if that’s not a deal-breaker, you have a real winner with this one too. Pick a place that will do this for you and you will notice that the requirements are fairly basic too.

We hate to come back to The Big Bang Theory again, but this won’t be like the time Raj and Howard tried to order action figures and were disappointed.

All you need is to upload a picture, fill out some details about outfits and visual details like skin color, eye color, etc. and you will be done soon.

Some of them make hypoallergenic dolls that are soft and hand sewn. Add a personalized message and this makes for a terrific gift. Wouldn’t you agree?

4.  Or Try a Customized Magnet

They say go big or go home but those folks probably don’t get that some of the simplest joys of life are in the little things. If you’re not looking for a great big gesture but would still like to make some impact, here’s a simple one.

Personalized refrigerator magnets are a great idea. You can get as many as you want to be made without worrying about the pricing. And these are actually quite easy to find. All you need to do, typically, is to send a photo with good lighting and a message along with it, if you wish. And that’s it. All done.

No one can say that’s not a snazzy idea.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of moments in a relationship when it is important to make a statement. Unless you can write monologues like Shakespeare and deliver them like Al Pacino, a thoughtful gift gets the job done better than most other options.

Since we’ve done a large part of your research for you, get cracking on the gift that will make your girlfriend smile ear-to-ear. We would have placed the order for you, but, you know, boundaries. So, get cracking on that surprise.

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