5 Best Alternatives to Stock Trading in 2020

There are investment opportunities everywhere, but when we think of investments, our first thought is the stock market. Although the stock market can be profitable, it can be difficult to understand fully. Here are some of the best alternatives to stock trading.


If you’re not interested in buying stocks, then one thing that could be considered is bonds. There are two ways that you can invest in a bond. The first is where you buy and hold a bond until it’s maturity date and interest is paid on that bond, usually twice a year. The more you buy, the more interest you might make in the process. The second way is to buy the bond and sell it for a higher price than what it was bought at. There are also several varieties of bonds from the government to corporate, and their purpose is to raise capital. Bonds aren’t like the stock market, which is a public exchange, instead, you have to buy over the counter instead with a broker. Do some research into the different types of bonds and which one will suit you best. All of them are the same when it comes to its purpose, but they do differ in tax and certain benefits you can get with it.

P2P Lending

P2P lending, which is short for peer-to-peer is where a platform connects both the borrower to the lender and allows the lender to make money from the funds that they invest. A lot of these platforms are also self-sufficient, so depending on how much involvement you want in the process, it can all be done for you at a few clicks of a button. It’s worth using a site like P2P Empire to understand what’s available in terms of platforms and which one is best for your needs. You can read up on the reviews to see which ones are the best.


Gold is still something that is sought after and depending on what you have, it can be worth a lot of money in the future. Gold can be useful to help diversify your portfolio, and it’s value often doesn’t move as assets do with real estate and the stock market. Gold is an investment where you don’t trade it, so whether you have physical gold in the form of jewelry or you decide to invest in bullion coins or bars, gold can be a great investment and insurance for your future.

There’s a lot of different ways you can invest in gold, so it’s worth doing some research to understand which ones are more suited to you and your wants.

Luxury Commodities

Luxury commodities are physical items like bags, artwork and vintage cars, for example. There’s a lot to be said for these items because when they’re limited edition or created by someone of great renown, then they start to develop price tags that will likely increase as the years go by. Artwork has long been known as having a value, and as an investment, they are certainly worth utilizing if you enjoy art yourself. It’s important that like any of these commodities, you are helping to preserve them and keep them in mint condition, should one day you want to sell it.

Real Estate

Real estate is another traditional form of investment that most would consider being an alternative to the stock market. With real estate, you also have a variety of options, depending on what you want to achieve with property. You could use a service that invests small amounts into funding property, and then you get a cut of the profits. You might want to take out a mortgage and use other people’s money in this way to buy a property, do it up and then sell it on. There’s also the option of buying it to then let it out and make a regular, steady income each month that pays off the mortgage on the property and provides profit too.

There are a lot of options out there if you’re interested in investing, so don’t dismiss the idea of doing it if stock trading isn’t for you. Think about what would work with your money, depending on what disposable or saved income you have to use. Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask for help from sites that specialize in giving advice on investments. Ask your financial advisor too if you have one, as they can probably offer some insight.

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