5 Best iPhone Tracking App 2020

It is 2020 – an era completely driven by technology. Remote iPhone tracking without your target person knowing about it is not impossible anymore. There are a few good iPhone tracking apps that let you do so.

These apps are secure & work spectacularly. Neither you have to fear of getting caught red-handed nor the targeted device is at risk with these. And the best part is – getting admin like access to the target device has minimum prerequisites if you use the right app.

Here is our list of the 5 best iPhone tracking apps that are making rounds in 2020 and beyond:

#1 – Spyier

 If you are struggling hard to find an ingenious answer to how to track an iPhone by number, Spyier will impress you for sure.

This trustworthy spy app will help you track an iPhone in such a distinct and safe way that was never imagined. Neither it asks to jailbreak the targeted device nor does it put you at risk. You are always guarded.

That’s why millions of users across the globe have shown trust in it. Seeing its risk-free and 100% discreet performance, we can clearly say that their trust and media house’s praises are not baseless. It has earned it.

Spyier – Making a difference

 Before the launch of Spyier for iOS, the only known way to break into an iPhone and other iOS devices was jailbreaking.

Though this option works, its consequences are hazardous enough to maintain a safe distance from it. During the process, you can either damage the targeted device’s OS or expose it to malicious activities. Both things are something that no one would like to face at no cost.

Again, it demands such top-notch technical expertise that hardly a common man has which betokens that you need to hire a professional. Breaking all the norms of this traditional and risky iPhone tracking method, Spyier has come-up with a better and safer way.

Spyier gets paired with the iCloud, a central storage facility that every iPhone user uses, and fetches data directly with you. The best part is that its user-interface is so friendly and straightforward that any novice can operate it without facing any glitches.

Use any device and browser to get started with Spyier and enter the valid iCloud credentials of the target Voila! Everything happening on the targeted device will be right in front of your eyes. You can track whichever activity you want while sipping on your Mocha in your balcony.

In short:

  • No need to run behind the target to know where s/he is going.
  • No need to live under the constant threat of getting caught red-handed while you have a sneak-peak of others’ iPhones.
  • No need to make things uglier.


Only risk-free, hassle-free, and download-free iPhone tracking exclusively for you!

Yes, you read it right.

When you bring Spyier into action, it doesn’t put forward a demand to download software or make some random click which is a great relief by the way.

One-stop solution

 Tracking can be done at various levels. Some want to know about what the target texting, while others are in dearth, need to know about the social media presence. Regardless of the kind of track you want, Spyier is here to help you.

It will find out the text shared, media clicked, apps installed, websites browsed, and calls made with equal reliability and ease. A single dashboard will help you do all of this and many more stuff.

#2 – Spyic

 After Spyier, if there is another trustworthy app that can help you track iPhone without any migraine then it’s one and only Spyic. Sharing various similarities with Spyier, this app has managed to win millions of hearts all over the world. Its’ fan-base is spread in 190+ countries.

One of the key reasons behind its huge popularity is its 100% download & risk-free operations.

Neither it exposes your data to the outer world nor does it let anyone know that you are spying on an iPhone. It comes with entirely remote installation & monitoring. Hence, you can start using it from any device/browser.

#3 – Cocospy

 If you want to learn about how to track an iPhone by number while you have minimum technical skills then our next pick – Cocospy is going to love you for sure. It has the most austere and user-friendly interface that can turn any green-horn into a professional iPhone spy.

While you use it, you can be sure of two things. First is your safety. As its operations are 100% discreet and it doesn’t save data on its server, you are always in safe hands. The second thing is its multi-leveled assistance.

To make things easy, there are live demo and step-by-step guides available. Whether its IM or social media posts, it provides you real-time tracking of all that which is happening on the targeted iPhone.

#4 – Minspy

 When the cut-above technology and human acumen mingle in the right proportion, an app like Minspy takes birth. Using this iPhone spy app, you can track everything happening on the targeted iPhone with the help of a simple phone number and iCloud credentials.

It has download free operations. You can use any device and browser to use this iPhone track app. It’s winning millions of hearts with its discreet operations. No one will ever find out that you are spying.

#5 – Spyine

 The last iPhone tracking app on our list is Spyine. Though it’s in the last place, it’s no less than the other four. It has managed to impress us and millions others with the kind of ease, security, and reliability that it has brought into iPhone tracking.

All the tracking data is real-time and comes with time stamps. So, you can rely on it 100%.

As it works without jailbreak, you are always safe and can have sound sleep at night. If you are wondering that being a novice in mobile technology you won’t be able to barge into iPhone’s security then Spyine is here to bust this notion.

It comes with a very user-friendly interface that can be operated using any device/browser. So, with Spyine, neither you stay behind due to lack of technical skill nor you have to give up the idea of iPhone tracking just because you don’t own the right kind of device.

It has got your back in every situation.

Final Words about Life-changing iPhone tracking apps

The kind of technological advancement we are enjoying in 2020, our life is indeed blessed.

Spyier is a result of such inventive technology and making iPhone spying a risk-free job in real sense. Seeing its offerings and performance, we can easily conclude that Spyier is going to be in vogue in 2020 and beyond.

So, don’t get into slipshod stuff. If you have the phone number and right iCloud credentials, you are good to go with Spyier. Try it on your own and you will find out. You can thank us later.

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