5 Ways Students Can Improve Their Academic Lifestyle

Did you know that as a student, your lifestyle choices affect your overall academic performance? Good lifestyle choices and habits are not just beneficial to your health but also academic performance. Adopting a healthier lifestyle such as reducing screen time, getting quality sleep, engaging in physical activities, and good eating have been linked to better cognitive control and academic performance. But how else can a student improve their lifestyle? Let’s uncover the different ways.

Study Smart

Most students grow up knowing that the best way to excel I studies is to work hard. While that is partially true, studying a subject that you find less interesting is not fun. If you are studying and realize that you have covered several pages but barely understand anything, a subject expert from a reputable essay writing service can simplify the complex concepts. Reading an essay or document provided by an expert writer assists you to study smart and grasps information faster.

Part of studying smarter involves having a good study skill that applies to your current education curriculum. For instance, if you are taking online classes or any other different format of learning where the teacher is not looking over your shoulder, you must master how to study smarter. This can be as simple as reading samples from online writing sites such as or requesting writing assistance from one of their premium writers.

Either way, the content should help you practice writing good essays, teach you how to answer a specific assignment, or cite sources in a certain format.

Make Physical Activity a Daily Habit

Nowadays, most students, regardless of academic level, are addicted to sitting in one place, scrolling their phones, playing video games, and using other digital devices. This leaves less room for physical activities. As a result, obesity has become a common occurrence in students.

This, in turn, puts learners at risk for poor health, which increases the chance of suffering from other diseases. However, by making exercise a daily habit, you will be taking the necessary steps to reduce the chances of getting obese. Regular physical activities have the following benefits:

  • Reduces risk of diseases such as high blood pressure and heart conditions;
  • Improves mood and mental well-being;
  • Boost learning, productivity, and memory;
  • Teaches various skills such as endurance which are applicable in everyday life;
  • Together with a proper diet, exercise controls weight;
  • Improves sleep patterns.

The trick to make exercise a lifestyle choice is to include it in your daily schedule. That means it should be in your day planner and be treated like any other important task.

You can also ensure you get physical for most of the day. For instance, instead of the elevator, take the stairs. Ride a bicycle to school instead of driving and join school clubs like salsa dancing or play sport.

Prevent Burnout

College life is bursting with activities, and if you are not careful, you can take too much on your plate, which eventually leads to burnout. While most common during exams, burnout will leave any student emotionally drained and mentally exhausted.

It increases the chances of making poor lifestyle choices such as pulling all-nighters and consuming a poor diet, leading to constant fatigue.

You might opt to use coffee or energy drinks as a cure for sleepiness and tiredness. However, these products will be detrimental to your overall well-being. The first step to preventing burnout is to complete all tasks. This can involve asking an online writer for assistance. If you don’t know the right company for the job, read the latest online writing service review before ordering papers online. Finally, learn to say no or partaking in any activity that is not on your schedule or that might ruin your study goals.

Reduce the Spread of Viruses by Washing Hands

Most students started adopting the habit of washing hands during the pandemic. Although obvious, washing hands several times a day prevents the spread of viruses and removes disease cause microorganisms. Disinfecting hands after touching high traffic areas or places where many students have also touched, such as chairs, desks, door handles, and elevator buttons, can help prevent seasonal flu and the spread of Covid-19. Besides, some habits such as disinfecting hands are worth keeping even after the pandemic becomes a thing of the past.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

The academic lifestyle is stressful. It’s also full of perfectionists whose main goal is to be successful academicians. By comparing yourself to other people, you might end up stressed. Remember, each student has their own goals and what they want to achieve in school. So if you find yourself struggling to excel or fit in, don’t be too hard on yourself. Make it a habit to have self-compassion, especially in difficult situations.

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