7 Tips to Choose the Best Video Converter Software

Sometimes, there’s just no alternative to sharing. All your favorite moments can be shared with your friends and family, wherever and whenever you like, with the help of the best software for video conversion.

With software like this, you can make video files available in different formats to suit you. If you want to get DVD from AVI or MP4 from FLV, you can do just that with these programs. There’s no need to understand the complicated details of how file formats work, either, since most of the job of translation is handled by the software.

If you’re starting simply from the desire to convert a video from YouTube into a file that will work on your iPod classic, you can do that in just a few clicks with the best video conversion software. If you want to use your phone or computer to view your collection of DVDs, video converter software can do that work, too.

Before you know it, you’ll be able to view your favorite films anywhere and anytime. Even the wait at your local DMV will seem much shorter and perhaps happier when you can pass the time by watching a favorite movie on your phone.

What to Look For in a Video Conversion Software?

When selecting software for converting videos, first you will need to know which videos you wish to convert, since a single application only has the ability to convert between specific sets of file formats. Therefore, you need to find products which support both the original and the target format of the video in question.

On the face of it that may seem like a difficult task, but in reality, it’s much easier – particularly since the best products can convert between almost any formats. Do make sure, though, that you choose software that can produce the format you want to end up with.

The video conversion program, as well as translating to and from an extensive variety of formats, will also assist you in editing your videos in many ways. This will allow you to get precisely those video clips you want, stored in your chosen format, and in your desired order.

While we were looking at video converter software, we discovered these specific factors:

Supported Input Files

Whichever video conversion you select, it should offer you the choice of converting videos from popular file formats such as MOV, WMV and AVI and also more obscure formats, for example 3GB, IFO and RM. Software that can deal with a wide range of possible conversions will be the most useful to you.

Output Files and Quality

With the best software, you will get the capability of converting your favorite files into both popular and less common file formats – and also the reverse – without sacrificing any of the original video’s quality. We sought software that could convert video files to the widest possible range of formats.

The converted output files should be in good quality and in various formats. This is very critical because if the output file quality drop, it’s not nice for you to enjoys the movies.

Program Features

Well written software is able to convert both from and to an extensive collection of file formats. However, the software that is best can do more than this, providing tools for editing which will assist you in repackaging videos however you want. You will have the chance to convert merely the sections of each clip you require and then put them together creatively.

You will also be able to alter how the video appears by adding special effects, using rotation and so on. Also, you will be able to download the videos, edit it and upload to video sharing sites on the same application.

Ease of Use

The majority of video converter software is able to carry out simple tasks, but the better products provide a very straightforward method of performing these, using a user friendly interface that – even for those without substantial experience – will take guesswork out of the equation.

Price and Money Back Guarantee

The software price is another crucial consideration when buying a software. For a video converter, the lifetime license price is range from $30 to $60. Some developers will having a discount coupon from time to time so you can even get the program at cheaper price.

Also, most of the software is offering 30-day Money Back Guarantee if you purchase the software. So, take advantage to trial the software for free as you can return it if not happy with their performance.

Help and Support

Although converting videos tends to be easy, reputable companies will offer help in using their products. Our preference is for video converter software that includes easy-to-find help. This might be via email, live chat with a company representative or a simple phone call.

Recommended Video Converters

With so many video conversion programs available in the market, these three are our favorites picks that includes:

  • Wonderfox HD Video Converter Pro
  • Wondershare UniConverter (Video Converter Ultimate)
  • Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate



With the best video conversion software, you can make the most of your collection of movies, YouTube clips, TV shows and other files, as well as organizing them, letting you view them almost anywhere, whenever you like.

The recommended three video conversion programs above are good as the time of writing this article and you share visit their individual official page for more information.

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