7 Ways to Take Advantage of Instagram Reels for Your Business

Visual content on the internet is either pushing the 4 hour mark (Zack Snyder’s Justice League) or staying below the 20-seconds mark (content on TikTok). Once Instagram realized that the market was shifting towards smaller, ephemeral content, Stories and Reels both received a huge boost. A few updates later, the Reels button now resides in the centre of the Instagram navigation bar.

This means that Instagram Reels are in now and are an excellent way of boosting your business. When Instagram was solely about posts and stories, the push was on buying engagement. Several websites popped up with the option to buy Instagram followers and views. However, if you want to increase engagement of your Instagram account and utilize Reels in the process, you are in luck. In this article, we shall discuss seven ways of doing the same.

1. Share educational content

Honestly, this is the best way of utilizing Reels. There is a cap on the length of videos you can upload in reels. However, the AR filters, visual and sound effects, as well as other creative options provide an amazing way of providing your users with memorable content.

Knowledge shared in such visual and creative forms is, according to several studies, better assimilated and stored by the human brain. Thus, you can receive massive engagement by sharing educational content via Reels.

For example, you can share the differences between words that are most often confused with each other. This includes entries like pique, peek, and peak, or compliment and complement.

2. Inspire your audience

Everyone needs to hear a word of encouragement regularly. Without these little things that make a huge difference, we can spiral down rapidly. Further, regularly scrolling social media feeds without doing anything useful can lead to people feeling low and unproductive.

This is where your channel can come in. Sometimes, people follow channels just to feel inspired. Let me throw in a personal example here by telling you that I follow Nat-Geo photography solely because they are inspiring and awesome. You can also post inspiring content in your field and gain a lot of engagement.

A quick tip: focus on the “after” part. Show your audience what they stand to gain if they stay persistent on their path.

3. Be a show-off

Look. If I check a company’s Instagram channel, I don’t care about what their CEO is eating or wearing. Sell your items to me; make me want them. The best way to do that is to make me see your products or services in action.

If you are selling a remote-controlled model Lamborghini, show me a video of it in action; show me some easter egg I might have missed; show me the car from every angle possible. If you are a content writer, show me how you’ve made people’s lives easier; show me how you are unique and different; show me why I should choose you.

Reels are perfect for these jobs since they complete them before I lose interest and move on elsewhere.

4. Make it about your audience

Before you can get some love, you must show some love. If your channel is riddled with things about how you are awesome, your customers will feel neglected. Further, due to the blatant overflow of racism, casteism, and gender-inequality, people from marginalized or alienated communities are always on the lookout for brands that are inclusive and open to diversity. Using Instagram Reels, you can show how you care about your customers, how you do not discriminate, and how you stand with those that are always alienated.

Another aspect of this point is that you can use Reels to showcase what community or group can you serve the best. Who will benefit the most from your products or services? These things go a long way in making your brand feel engaging and connected.

5. Have some fun

Nobody likes a buzzkill. Now and then, take a break from mundane and important business routines and just let go. Share something witty and humorous; dance a few moves and upload that on Reels; have a fun activity among your employees and record that; record yourself completing an interesting internet challenge. The point is to have fun. It will make your channel feel engaging and inviting.

6. Some before and after shots

If your business relies on retouching, editing, or creating something, you can post before and after shots to invite customers. These videos are highly satisfying.

7. Compare your reality

If there is a stereotype about your job or a common myth you encounter frequently, break it. Post a video showing how your reality differs from people’s expectations.


There are hundreds of ways to use Instagram Reels for business. If you know more interesting ones, share them in the comments box below.

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