9 Tips and Tricks to Effectively Target Customers through Emails

Be it the submission of a student’s assignment or sharing highly sensitive information like your banking details — emails are everywhere!

After all, billions of these electronic messages are being passed among users every single day.

Now, these mails could be of an educational kind, providing important information to the receivers; or the promotional kind that undertake the responsibility of advertising a product or service through personal communication; or even the transactional kind, which are automatically sent to the customer when they perform a certain function like making an online purchase.

But regardless of their nature, their use in commercial activities remains unparalleled. Marketers around the world use the highly reliable strategy of email marketing for various different reasons from building brand awareness to encouraging sales. However, why choose emails over all other forms of media is a question often asked, and one we would like to address here.

Why Use E-mails?

As we mentioned above, email messaging is a rapidly growing means of communication with billions of users around the globe. So it completely makes sense that you would want to take advantage of this widespread reach. But some of the other reasons why marketers prefer this method of interacting with their customer base include the following:

Easily Accessible Database

The sign-up feature on your profile along with a subscription to your newsletters and emails is something that makes sure that you do not have a shortage of email addresses at any point. However, the database you create as a result can never have too many names on it.

To ensure that you are continually expanding your reach, it is vital that you realize the importance of this directory, for it is only through this list that you are getting in touch with your buyers and visitors on a regular basis. Keep building it through similar efforts like trying to get more people to subscribe to you by placing more conveniently placed subscription CTAs.

High Conversion Rate

Both the return on investment and the conversion rate for email marketing have been found to be pretty high in the long run across industries around the world. This can be due to a number of reasons like the fact that you are in constant touch with your viewers which in turn builds a rapport with them, the fact that they like and enjoy your content or even the simple scenario where your brand is the first name they recall when needing something you provide, despite them never having availed your services in the past.

Emails are shared by a large population every day but what leaves an impact on the receiver is not just what is being said, but also how you say it alongside an array of other factors.

Top Tips And Tricks To Target Consumers

Here we have curated a list of some essential elements and features of an email that you can successfully manipulate to ensure that your communication efforts are being optimally received.

Use a Captivating Subject Line

A unique headline when used as the subject of an email can make a huge difference even on the opening rate of marketing mails. After all, it is this statement that is meant to convey the crux of the entire message and let the recipient know if the correspondence holds any value to them.

The compelling attribute of this particular sentence is also crucial because most people are known to access their emails on their mobiles and amidst a sea of notifications from a variety of networking sites, the announcement for your message should stand out significantly.

Minimize Written Content

As you already know, time is running and so are we. No one today has time to read copious amounts of textual content unless they are being effectively paid for it. That means you need to cut down on the written part of your email, keeping your message crisp and to the point.

You can also take this a step ahead and integrate relevant and interactive forms of media like images, infographics, gifs, and even videos. Important CTAs can also be added here alongside links to important pages that you’d like them to visit.

Use the Right Tool

The use of an email marketing software can be a blessing for the companies that are either just starting out or have an ever-growing list of addresses they need to reach. Mailchimp and Sendinblue are some well-known tools in this area. However, you must choose wisely depending on your business’s requirements.

Make sure that you also train your employees to use these in an ideal fashion so as to not lose out on any benefits that you may draw from these efforts. There are a variety of digital adoption platforms that you can choose from for this purpose.

Write in First and Second Person

By writing in an I/we/you manner, you are not just reaching out to the customers, but also making them feel that this particular email is specifically meant for them. This personalization can go a long way in creating a healthy rapport and interactive relationship between both parties which can later be converted into successful sales.

Therefore, in the future, instead of saying ‘We can help companies grow’, try saying ‘We can help your company grow’ and see the difference it makes.

Use Geo-targeting for Relevant Reach

No one wants spam mail that is absolutely unnecessary for them and there are three ways of ensuring that this doesn’t happen to your carefully designed messages either. The first is making the use of geo-targeting, which basically establishes where your customer is based on their profiles before sending them a mail that is location-dependent.

After all, what is a person sitting in London going to do about the launch date of a new store that you’re opening in California? Instead, you can simply target customers who are in a specific radius of that location to receive that particular email.

Ensure Preferences

The second way to make sure that you’re not ending up in the spam folder is by finding out the preferences of your consumer as well as their behavioral pattern. That would help you vastly in figuring out whether a certain kind of mail would be enjoyed by a subscriber or not.

For instance, if your user is interested in electronic gadgets, there would be no point at all in sending them notification mails about a new clothing line that you’re rolling out, and vice-versa.

Study Demographics Before Mailing

The third and the most important way of maintaining your relativity with the consumer is by studying their demographics before sending them messages about something that might not concern them at all. Sending a young boy a marketing mail for the new line of sports bras at your outlet, for example, would not make sense at all.

You can avoid such disasters by getting to know beforehand what the age, gender, etc. of the recipient is and target them accordingly.

Optimize your Mails for Cellular Devices

Another gem of a tip, even if we say so ourselves, is the task of optimizing your email messages for cellular devices. While the simply typed-in textual content may not create havoc when viewed differently on a mobile, the infographic or the video that you so carefully planned and designed may skew up the entire message.

Thus it is important that you create them in a way that even the masses who are opening it up on mobiles can view and understand it just as clearly as those opening it on a desktop.

Automate Where Possible

With the advent of AI as well as the email marketing tools we discussed above, automation of emails has become a possibility that you should definitely explore. Even if you don’t wish to automate all mails from the get-go, try making that shift for some like the transactional emails we mentioned.

Automation of important messaging can free up a lot of time on your employee’s plate which can then be used effectively in focusing on other core activities.

Wrapping Up

Although we have shared with you a whole slew of tricks that you can follow through to achieve impressive results with your email marketing campaigns, there are several other ideas as well where these came from. What you need to decide, however, is what works for you.

So what are you waiting for? Try these out, today!

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