Antena View APK for Garena Free Fire 2020

Garena Free Fire is one of the most successful Battle Royale game in the smartphone category. The game offers tons of great features and gameplay mechanics that make the community love it and keeps getting back to it. When you start playing this game, there’s no going back what so ever. With all these great features and improvements comes the actual gameplay, which is a little hard for first-timers. There are a lot of Pro players in the game that won’t let you succeed as the last man standing. This becomes frustrating as you have to spend a considerable amount of time in the game.

For this, you can use third-party apps that increase the portability and durability of the gameplay. Antena View is one of these apps, that offers you a lot of assistance in the game. Don’t consider this as a hacking app that will ban your linked account. Consider this as an Add-on app within the free fire that assists you and guide you whenever possible. The app puts antenna on each player’s head making it easier to navigate and kill your enemies. Each member in the game will have a tower on their head including your team players. To differentiate your friends from the enemy side, you can choose a custom color section for each player. In this way, you can place a different color on your enemy and your friends.

This way, you can easily target the enemy side and avoid harsh places where there are most of the players. The Antena View also offers an Anti-ban system to avoid being kicked out from the game server. In addition to this, the regular update ensures that you get the latest working version with the designated app.

Antena View Free Fire Feature:

  • Anti-Ban System.
  • Custom Color Scheme on Friends and Enemy.
  • Compatible with the Latest Free Fire version.
  • Works Rooted and Non-Rooted device.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Antena Head and Antena Hand.
  • Option to play game in Ultra HD.
  • Auto aim lock.
  • No need too much space in Android devices.
  • Easy compatible with low ended and high ended phones.
  • Very simple to navigate.
  • 100% free for download and use.
  • Don’t harmful for your device health.
  • Don’t need to clone in virtual space.
  • Support virtual Chinese.
  • And much more benefits.

The biggest challenge that most people face is the ban allocation from the developer’s side. It is because that hacking or using any other means of custom script files are not allowed in the Google Play Store terms of usage. Upon installation, the Play Store may reflect this app as harmful content. For this, you have to enable the Unknown Sources option and allow all the media support. Once done, you can easily enjoy the new features of the game.

Don’t avoid the Antena View app features if you Free Fire game, because they offer all those services which we have mentioned above. After the first use, the app will become your favorite whenever you play Garena Free Fire game.

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