Top 7 Best Apple AirTag Alternatives You Can Buy

Apple AirTag Alternatives

Best Apple AirTag Alternatives  will be discussed in this article. Apple AirTag is a full-featured item tracker supported by the reliable Find My Network. AirTag is innovative on most fronts thanks to features like Precision Finding and extensive connectivity with the Apple ecosystem. That does not mean, however, that Apple’s tracker is without flaws or that the market is devoid of noteworthy competitors. There are plenty of item trackers like Apple AirTag available on the market if you aren’t tied to the Apple ecosystem, have an unsupported iPhone, or a smartphone made by an Android manufacturer. In order to replace the hole left by Apple AirTag, I’ve listed the top 7 alternatives in this post.

Top 7 Best Apple AirTag Alternatives You Can Buy

In this article, you can know about Apple AirTag Alternatives here are the details below;

The market is filled with many Bluetooth trackers. Unlike AirTag, some can function as full-fledged item trackers with a Bluetooth range of 200–400 feet, while others can also be used as a selfie remote and a convenient controller for smart home appliances. Additionally, the majority of Apple AirTag competitors are compatible with both iPhone and Android, which is a great bonus for those who wish to avoid incompatibility.

1. Tile Pro – Best Apple AirTag Alternative

Tile Pro

Tile Pro is one of the greatest AirTag replacements and fulfills Apple AirTag’s claim to be a very effective Bluetooth item tracker. The portable nature of the device tracker’s design makes it fairly light and small. It can blend in with any design quotient thanks to the clean form factor.

Any object you want to track may be safely attached to with Tile Pro, including keys, bags, backpacks, and other items. Unlike AirTag, the item tracker syncs with the Tile app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android. When a device is 400 feet away, you can use the app to ring the instrument tracker. You can check your Tile’s most recent location using the companion app even if the Tile Pro is not within Bluetooth range. In addition, you can use the Tile Network to get anonymous assistance.

The CR2032 battery in the Tile Pro lasts for one year and may be changed by the user, just like the Apple AirTag. Remember that proactive locating features, smart notifications, and free battery replacement require a premium or premium protect subscription.


  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • Bluetooth’s 400-foot range
  • Simple pairing


  • Compatible with iOS and Android Drawbacks:
  • Reasonably pricey
  • Subscription required for features such as smart alerts
  • Purchase on Amazon starting at $34.99 for a single pack.

2. Cube Pro – Item Tracker & Selfie Remote

Cube Pro

The Cube Pro is a useful selfie remote in addition to a smart Bluetooth tracker. The latter will come in handy if you want to take cool selfies without using your hands and avoid any last-second shake. When compared to the AirTag’s approximately 330 feet Bluetooth range, the item tracker’s Bluetooth range of up to 200 feet is worse.

The loud 101db ringer of the Cube Pro can be used to find lost or missing things. Additionally, it guarantees that you won’t need to bother about charging your device tracker regularly thanks to a dependable one-year user-replaceable CR2025 battery. The Cube Pro is better able to withstand water damage because to its IP67 water-resistance classification. Also check IFTTT Alternatives

Cube Pro works with the complimentary Cube Tracker (iOS and Android) software for simple pairing and item recovery. The app has a separation alarm to notify you if you leave your tagged object behind and displays the last known location on a map. It is one of the most feature-rich AirTag alternatives you should take into account because of all of this.


  • Robust and portable design
  • Waterproof rating of IP67
  • Ringer at 101 dB
  • Functions as a selfie remote


  • Bluetooth range of 200 feet seems inadequate at $30.
  • Amazon price: $29.49

3. Tile Mate – Affordable Apple AirTag Alternative

Tile Mate

For your iPhone or Android apparatus, Tile Mate would be a wise choice if you’re seeking for a less expensive yet respectable AirTag substitute. With a few exceptions, Tile Mate and Tile Pro are very similar. It can be used to track a range of things, such as bags, keys, gadgets, and more. Additionally, Tile Mate integrates with the Tile app to provide a customized item tracking experience.

In contrast to Tile Pro, which has a Bluetooth range of 400 feet, Tile Mate provides a 200-foot range. Use the Tile app to locate the most recent location if your device is out of Bluetooth range. The companion app additionally enables you to locate your missing item using the Tile Network. Mate has a user-replaceable battery that can last for a year, so you won’t have to worry about charging your item tracker frequently. Additionally, it can fend off water damage because to the water resistance. Also check CrashPlan Alternatives


  • Support from the Tile Network
  • Waterproof construction
  • Compatible with iOS and Android


  • Only supports Bluetooth range of 200 feet
  • Full potential can only be unlocked with a membership.
  • Purchase on Amazon starting at $24.99 for a single pack.

4. Chipolo One – The Colorful and Loudest Item Tracker

Chipolo One

Chipolo ONE might be a better option for those looking for colorful trackers. To begin with, the Bluetooth tracker is available in up to six different colors, giving you additional options for finding an appropriate item tracker. The lightweight, round form of the gadget tracker gives it a quirky appearance. Notably, you may control it with any of these voice assistants because it supports not only Siri but also Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant. Every time you leave your belongings behind and go outside, it promptly gives you an alarm. This is another Apple AirTag Alternatives.

The Chipolo ONE’s 120db sound output is probably its strongest feature, as it will be useful for finding missing or lost objects. The two-year user-replaceable CR2032 battery, as opposed to the one-year user-replaceable CR2032 battery that comes with AirTag, is another feature to pay attention to.

Chipolo ONE also has water resistance (IPX5). This means that even if a splash of water spills over the tracker, there won’t be any harm done. Not to mention, you can use all the services without paying a subscription. When all of these qualities are considered, Chipolo ONE appears to be a strong AirTag substitute.


  • Available in six colors
  • Water-resistant
  • Able to produce 120 db of sound
  • Replaceable CR2032 battery with a two-year shelf life


  • More susceptible to water than AirTag
  • Purchase from Amazon for $24.90 (1-pack) and $75 (4-pack).

5. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag / SmartTag+ Best Item tracker for Galaxy Devices

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

You didn’t think I’d pass up the chance to receive the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, did you? An adaptable replacement for AirTag is the Galaxy SmartTag. It serves both as a helpful item tracker and a convenient remote switch for connected smart home gadgets. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag SmartTag features a straightforward design that makes it easy to connect to any objects you want to track. There are two types available: SmartTag and SmartTag+. The SmartTag+ employs Ultrawide Band (UWD) to track goods as opposed to the normal SmartTag’s Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy (LE). Both variations function similarly in terms of tracking. This is another Apple AirTag Alternatives

Compared to the Apple AirTag’s 100m Bluetooth range, the Galaxy SmartTag has a Bluetooth capacity of up to 120m (nearly 400 ft). If your SmartTag disappears at any point, you can use the companion app’s ring button and the ringtone’s sound to discover it. You can utilize the Galaxy Find Network (only accessible with Galaxy handsets) to locate your missing item if the tagged item is out of Bluetooth range. To find your item, the network scans data.


  • Bluetooth’s maximum 120 meter range
  • Functions as a remote switch for smart home appliances.
  • Uses the Galaxy Find Network to find objects that are out of range
  • Low price compared to others


  • Only functions with Galaxy devices
  • Buy Galaxy SmartTags from Amazon for $29.99 for a single pack.
  • Purchase Galaxy SmartTag+ from Amazon for $39.99 for a single bundle.

6. Tile Slim – Handy Wallet Tracking Device

Tile Slim

As suggested by its name, Tile Slim has an exceedingly svelte appearance similar to a credit card. In order to keep track of stuff like a notebook or a wallet, you can place it in small locations. This solution from Tile may be a superior option than Apple AirTag if you’re searching for an item tracker with a small form factor.

In addition to its svelte appearance, Tile Slim has a three-year non-replaceable battery. You won’t need to be concerned about the battery for at least three years as a result. Additionally, its Bluetooth range is 200 feet, which is shorter than Apple AirTag’s Bluetooth range, which is about 330 feet. However, because of the IP67 water-resistant classification, it is up to par in terms of water resistance. This is another Apple AirTag Alternatives

Similar to its brothers, Tile Slim provides extra services through a subscription, such as smart notifications, item reimbursement, and free battery replacement. In general, Tile Slim is among the most user-friendly AirTag substitutes.


  • Incredibly stylish, credit card-like design
  • Able can be readily positioned inside small places
  • Three-year battery


  • Unchangeable battery
  • Purchase on Amazon for as little as $28.70 (1-pack)

7. Tile Sticker – Item Tracker with Adhesive Back

Tile Sticker

Not to mention, Tile Sticker is a clever item locator that places more of an emphasis on usability. The sticky back of this AirTag substitute, which makes it easier to glue it to objects like glasses, headphones, and remote controllers, is its standout feature. This idea is fantastic because it eliminates the need for a case or accessory like the AirTag. This is another Apple AirTag Alternatives

With a Bluetooth range of 150 feet, Tile Sticker may be just what you need to locate lost objects. You can check its most recent location using the Tile app even when it is outside of Bluetooth range. The Bluetooth item tracker has a three-year non-replaceable battery as far as that is concerned.

You may increase your item tracking experience with features like smart notifications and item reimbursement by subscribing to the Premium or Premium Protect memberships. When it comes to cost, Tile Sticker is a reasonable and wise choice, starting at $24.95 for one pack and rising to $55.49 for the 4-pack.


  • Sticky back
  • Simple attachment
  • For three years, the battery won’t need any attention.


  • 150 foot Bluetooth range
  • No new batteries can be installed.
  • Purchase on Amazon starting at $24.95 for a single pack.

Top Apple AirTag Alternatives Lined up for You

Our list of the top Apple AirTag substitutes has come to a conclusion. I have chosen a selection of trackers that let you easily keep track of things while taking into account your various needs. In addition, they have their own Find My-like Network that you can use to locate the things when Bluetooth is not available.

Which of these Bluetooth trackers, by the way, have you chosen as your favorite? It must be the device with two functions, I suppose. Or is it the one that sounds the loudest? Please let me know which Android item tracker you prefer. Get a case or attachment to protect the item tracker if you decide to remain with the AirTag, nevertheless.

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