Best 3 Ways To Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Having the Phone

Today, it is easy to peek into a person’s private life to know what they are up to. Latest smartphone surveillance technologies let you know every information, such as who the person is chatting with.

Also, using the best text message surveillance approach lets you accomplish much more. For instance, you should be able to know who your target is calling.

Also, advanced surveillance capabilities in some approaches let you access private photos in just a few steps. The best way to spy on someone’s messages without having the phone is through a spy app.

It sounds interesting to read text messages on someone’s phone without having their phone. Although it is easy to do, not everyone knows how to do it. A multitude of phone surveillance apps let you access personal messages.

Here, we highlight the best 3 ways to read someone’s text messages without having the phone.

Part 1: Spyic – The best discreet text message spy app

As a remarkable phone surveillance app, Spyic delivers much more than text message surveillance. Spyic comes with over 35 spy features that ease surveillance of virtually all areas of your target phone.

Also, Spyic is equipped with advanced features like keylogger that captures all keystrokes on your target phone. This phone surveillance apps lets you spy on text messages on devices running on iOS and Android.

For detail on how to read your boyfriends text messages without touching his phone on Spyic, please read on.  The app even lets you retrieve deleted text messages on your target phone.

1.1 Unique Spyic phone surveillance capabilities

Spyic has several dozen features. Here, we will highlight some of the features to look out for in this phone spy app.

  1. Undetectable

Spyic allows you to read someone’s text messages in stealth mode. The surveillance activities take place in the background. As such, it eliminates the likelihood of interfering with your target’s phone performance.

On Android phones, the app is 2 MB in size. So, it takes up very little memory. Also, after installation, the app automatically deletes its icon and disguises itself in the installed apps.

What’s more, Spyic allows you to uninstall the Android app remotely on your Spyic dashboard. To spy text messages on iPhones, the app does not require the installation of the app. You only need the iCloud credentials of the target.

At this level of discretion, Spyic ensures your target is not in a position to bust your surveillance activities. No wonder, the app has a staggering 96% customer approval rating.

  1. Safe and reliable

Spyic doesn’t gather or store data in third-party apps, so your target’s data privacy is guaranteed. The app is trusted by millions of users who over the years.

  1. No rooting or jailbreaking necessary

To read someone’s text messages without having the phone is easy using Spyic. The app does not require rooting Android or jailbreaking iOS devices. Rooting or jailbreaking compromises the security of the target device.

Besides, jailbreaking or rooting a device requires technical know-how. Most users don’t have the necessary technical know-how. So, this is a big inconvenience for most users.

Unfortunately, most phone surveillance apps still require rooting or jailbreaking the target. However, Spyic uses the latest technology to ensure you don’t have to compromise your target device security.

Hence, Spyic guarantees your target is safe as you engage in your discreet text message surveillance.

  1. Remote surveillance

Spyic is a web-based phone surveillance app that allows you to spy on your target remotely. The ability to access your target’s phone via your Spyic dashboard eliminates the need to touch the target device.

Spyic allows you to use any web browser to spy on someone’s text messages without having the phone.

  1. Keylogger feature

Spyic has a built-in keylogger that captures all the keystrokes made on your target phone. The app allows you to access draft text messages before the target shares them.

The keystrokes are grouped based on the app they were typed in. To access the draft text messages on your target phone, look for the text messaging app.

  1. Social media surveillance

Besides the ability to spy on text messages, Spyic has other surveillance features. For instance, the app can spy on your target’s real-time location and social media activities.

Some of the social media apps Spyic can spy on include Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat, among others. Also,  Spyic can even spy on emails on the target phone.

1.2 Using Spyic to read someone’s text messages without having the phone

To remotely spy on someone’s text messages using Spyic, it takes a few steps.

Step 1: Sign up for a Spyic account by first visiting the official Spyic website. Make sure you subscribe to a plan that meets your text message surveillance needs.

Step 2: Configure the target phone.

  1. a) If your target is an Android phone, you will need physical access to install the app. After that, everything else is done remotely.
  2. b) In your target is an iPhone, you don’t have to install the app. The only thing required of you is to provide and verify the iCloud credentials of the iPhone.

Step 3: After configuring the target smartphone, click on the Start button to finalise the installation process.

Step 4: Now, log into your Spyic dashboard. Then scroll on the left panel to the messages tab and open it

Here, Spyic lets you access all incoming/outgoing messages. It even lets you know the sender/receiver and time these messages were shared. Also, you will have access to the contacts sending or receiving those text messages.

Part 2: Cocospy

Cocospy is an amazing industry-leading phone spy app. The app can spy on your target’s text messages remotely. It is compatible with devices running on iOS and Android.

Like Spyic, the app does not require rooting or jailbreaking the target phone for it to work.

Also, millions of users across the world use Cocospy. The app runs in stealth mode to make sure your remote surveillance is not traceable by your target device owner.

The app also is equipped with advanced phone surveillance features like the ability to uninstall its Android app remotely. This is possible in just one-click with no questions asked.

Part 3: PhoneSpector

This decent phone surveillance app lets you spy on text messages. PhoneSpector has various features that let you restore data on the target phone in case it malfunctions.

Given its ability to intercept most of the content on the target phone, PhoneSpector dashboard is not the best. Installing this app on the target phone tends to slow its performance.

Although it lets you spy on both iOS and Android platforms, the app has some major drawbacks. For instance, it cannot intercept messages shared on LINE, Tinder, Skype and Skype.


Given the different ways you can spy someone’s text messages online, spy apps deliver the best solution. We have established that Spyic is a fantastic spy app.

Its popularity has gained the attention of some huge media outlets like Forbes. Also, its excellent customer approval rating makes it among the most trusted spy app in the industry.