Best Badminton Racket For Beginners

Best Badminton Racket For Beginners Almost everyone has played badminton when they are kids, and some might want to up their game and start playing in the professional environment.

Before starting to play badminton, the first core decision that you have to take is deciding on the best badminton racket.

Below is a small attempt to make the decision easier for you, so do check it out.

Things to Consider

These are some of the important things that need to be considered in order to find the best rackets for badminton.


All Badminton rackets can be ordered dependent on their equalization, or where the heaviness of the racket is to a great extent found. The three classifications are Head-Heavy, Even-Balance, and Head-Light.

Head-Heavy rackets have the mass moved towards the head, bringing about a heavier head. Head-Light rackets have the mass moved towards the handle, bringing about a lighter head. Indeed Balance rackets, as the name proposes, have the mass conveyed equally all through the racket.

Racket Weight

The weight of the racket is not an easy thing to decide and is generally denoted by the alphabet ‘U’, the way it works is that the smaller the number is, the heavier will be the weight. If the tow rackets weights 3U( 85-89g) and 4U (80-84g), then the former is heavier.

If you play in the category of solo, then the ideal situation will be to use the 3U racket as it will provide more mass without having any effect on the balance of the racket. The majority of the international players also use 3U rackets as a standard.

If you play in doubles, at that point we would suggest picking the 4U alternative as this will give more speed to your game, permitting you to respond a lot snappier at the net and against restricting crushes. Most of the copies players presently utilize 4U rackets as standard.

Hold Size

The grip size of racquets come in G5 (81mm) or G4(84mm). usually what is suggested is that to get a G5 grasp size, exclusively because it is simpler to develop a hold by including more layers, than it is to shave down the wooden handle.

As you advance as show signs of improvement, you will end up preferring a more slender grasp. This is because as your procedure progresses and develops, you will utilize more finger and wrist quality, as opposed to depending on your shoulder and lower arm.

Types of Rackets

The different types of rackets that are available today are:

‍Towel grasp racket

‍The grasp of the racket is consistently significant while picking a badminton racket. A great many people do select the racket with this hold as it ingests the perspiration from their palms while playing.

Be that as it may, the ingestion of sweat implies the aggregation of microbes. This is the motivation behind why you have to keep it clean and supplant it from time-to-time.‍

‍Synthetic hold for rackets

These holds don’t require visit substitutions like the towel ones as they don’t ingest perspire and don’t get grimy without any problem.

They are a great deal smoother when thought about. In any case, as they don’t assimilate sweat, they will in general get somewhat awkward after a while.‍

Lightweight rackets

Because of their weight, these rackets will not strain the muscles in your body, hence making them great for the players who have just begun playing.

Generally, the weight of these rackets is about 85-90 kgs, they are made of graphite material. And also contains 4U ultralight and 3D cutting edge outline that makes it lightweight.

As they are light, so they don’t require much energy to change the positions, which makes it likely that you won’t get injured while using these rackets.

Heavyweight Rackets

These sorts of rackets are for the most part favored via occasional players as they have higher parity focuses.

As the racket has higher parity focuses, this implies the head of the racket is heavier. A heavyweight racket is progressively hard to play with when contrasted with a lightweight racket as the player needs to put much more capacity to play with it. If you like playing an amazing game, this racket is for you.‍

High-pressure racket

The string pressure of a racket relies upon how hard you hit the shuttlecock. You can test the pressure by squeezing your palm against the strings to perceive how solid or how profound it is.

Players who will in general hit harder shots require rackets with a higher strain. For a novice, you can pick a standard pressure string.

After training, you can transform it to a higher tension. ‍Make sure that while choosing a racket, you take as much time as necessary and consider all the alternatives accessible. Purchase the racket you feel the most alright with and with which you can rehearse your methods adequately and show signs of improvement at the game. Read More

Best Badminton Racket 2020

After looking at all the guide, the rackets that are suggested for everyone to buy considering the features and reviews by users are:

  • Yonex ArcSaber 11
  • Yonex Astrox 88D
  • Yonex Voltric Z Force II
  • Victor Thruster K Falcon Claw
  • Victor BraveSword 12


To buy a racket is the most crucial decision to make when you start playing badminton, or even when you are an expert or intermediate player. Take as long as you need to decide on the best badminton racket for you.

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