Top 15 Useful Chrome Extensions For a Better Tabbed Browsing Experience In 2022

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This article explains Useful Chrome Extensions for a Better Tabbed Browsing Experience. I’ll confess it: I have a browser tab addiction.At any given moment of day, it appears like I have 20 or more tabs active in my computer browser.Even though I utilise tools like Read it Later and bookmarks to preserve critical or often visited pages, I still wind up with too many tabs open in my browser.What are your thoughts?

Top 15 Useful Chrome Extensions for a Better Tabbed Browsing Experience in 2022

In this article,you may know about the Useful Chrome Extensions for a Better Tabbed Browsing Experience here are details below;

As you maybe aware, this is a very prevalent problem among those who spend their days working on a browser or surfing the web for lengthy periods of time.
It might be a frustrating situation because the smaller the tab becomes the more tabs you have open.You’ll soon be unable to read any of the content on the tab, and you may even lose sight of the favicon.So, how can you figure out which tab belongs to whom?

You could go through each tab one by one until you find the one you’re looking for, but that’s a nuisance and time-consuming.Another concern is that each tab depletes your computer’s memory.The more and more tabs you have open, the more memory is needed, and your browser becomes slower, which isn’t fun.So, what’s the answer?Of course, there are extensions!

So let’s have a look at 15 beneficial Chrome extensions that can help you maintain your sanity while improving your tabbed surfing experience.

1. TooManyTabs

Best Chrome extensions
TooManyTabs is a powerful tab manager that allows you to see all of your open tabs in a “bird’s eye view” and suspend tabs that aren’t being used right now.Suspending tabs allows you to free up memory and space in your tab bar by temporarily suspending them.Simply launch TooManyTabs and restore it whenever you need to access that tab again.Custom themes are one of the many customization choices available in the interface.

2. TabJump

TabJump is dubbed the “Intelligent Tab Navigator,” and it is exactly that. It allows you to browse and navigate to regularly used tabs, restore recently closed tabs, and view and navigate to related tabs.There’s also a lock option that allows you to lock tabs individually to prevent them from shutting accidentally. Also check Best SharePoint Alternatives

3. Menu tab

Menu tab
You don’t have to worry about being unable to read your tabs when you use Tab Menu because it displays all of your open tabs in a vertical menu.You may also navigate between your tabs and close them from the menu.There are a lot of extensions that function in this way, as you’ll see below.

4. Tab Manager

Tab Manager


is a programme that allows you to manageIn three different styles, Tab Manager allows you to view, access, and delete all of your open tabs.You have the option of viewing your tabs as a list or minimising the list to only see the favicon.You can even see your tabs that are active in another browser window and move them back and forth across windows using Tab Manager.There’s also a built-in search bar that makes finding open tabs a breeze.

5. Extract tab

Extract tab
“Tab Extract allows you to simply re-organize your tabs by subject or site, find a tab quickly, and eliminate numerous tabs.”You can use it by putting “ex” into your address bar, then a space (or hitting the tab button), and then your term (s).All open tabs that match the keyword(s) will be redirected to their own window.It aids in the merging of tabs inside the same window as well as many windows that you may have open.

6. Gluttony Tab

Gluttony Tab
Tab Glutton is similar to Tab Menu (described above), but it has a cuter icon and displays the number of open tabs right on the browser icon.From the vertical tab menu, you may search through your tabs and close them as well.

7. Plus Tabs

Plus Tabs
Tabs Plus is a powerful tab organiser with a lot of features.It allows you to sort and display all of your open tabs by thumbnail.You may drag and drop them to reorder them, and click on a thumbnail to get to the desired tab.As you type, the live search tool displays corresponding tabs that match your search.Tabs Plus also has a full-text search feature, which means it will search the complete text of each tab’s pages.You may also categorise all of your tabs by keyword and open each one in its own window.Finally, you can bookmark tabs and save them to a separate folder for future reference. Also check Umake alternatives

8. Revolver

Because it turns your tabs into a slideshow, Revolver is a fun way to glance at them.
It circulates through your open tabs at a rate you choose until you tell it to stop.
You can also select to reload each tab as soon as it appears (this is enabled by default).

9. Plus Tab Switch

Plus Tab Switch
Tabs Switch Plus is nearly identical to Tab Menu and Tab Glutton (both of which are discussed above), but it lacks a search bar.It is designed to be a quick and simple way to switch between open tabs.The vertical tab menu also allows you to close tabs.

10. Organizer for tab

Organizer for tab
Tab Organizer, unlike the other extensions listed, opens in its own pop-up window.It displays all of your open windows, as well as the tabs that are open within each of them.You may search through tabs, close them, and create new windows.Tabs can also be dragged & dropped between windows.You may sort your tabs (by URL and title) and windows with a very useful sort tool (by name and number of tabs).Finally, for those who wish to “make laborious activities like moving or shutting tabs considerably easier,” there is an integrated macros tool.

11. Alum

“Open non-overlapping windows that take up the entire screen; you can then rotate tabs between windows,” says the author.It allows you to group tabs or “work zones” in your browser and switch between them as needed.You can define your own “grid arrangement” in the settings menu, and Alum will automatically organise your windows into that layout with a single click.You can have as many columns and rows of windows as you like, and you may organise them anyway you want.If you have a larger, widescreen display, this works exceptionally well.

This addon is no longer available.Here’s a different way to do it.

12. Expose tab

Expose tab
Tabs Expose was intended to emulate the Mac OS X Expose feature and is similar to Tabs Plus (described above).It shows you a thumbnail representation of the tabs you’ve opened.
From within the UI, you may rearrange and go to any open tab, as well as close them.You can also use a programmable hotkey to open Tab Expose in a new tab rather than from the browser icon.

13. Toggle to Tab

Toggle to Tab
Switch to Tab allows you to search and switch between your open tabs using Chrome’s omnibox.Simply type “sw” into the address bar and press the tab key to activate it.
You can then type in your keyword(s) to locate and navigate to a specific tab.This extension is similar to Tab Extract (described above), but instead of allowing you to browse between tabs, it opens them in a new window (like this extension).

14. Tabs Saver 

Tabs Saver 
Tabs Saver allows you to save and organise your open tabs into groups.The only catch is that tabs are grouped by the window in which they’re displayed, so each window becomes its own group.This means that before saving, you’ll need to divide your tabs into windows. Within the interface, you can also delete tabs individually or as a group. Also check Best evite alternatives

15.Explorer of tab

Explorer of tab
Tab Explorer is extremely straightforward: it displays all of your open tabs in a popup for you to choose from.It makes it easy to see the tabs you have open and navigate to the one you need, just like the vertical tab menus stated above.Tabs are arranged in four rows (this is not customizable).

Which is the best option?

This is a question that only you can answer honestly.Of course, the extension(s) you use should be based on your preferences and how you use the internet.There are some that are simple and quick to use, some that are more complicated, and still others that are an all-in-one solution with several functions.

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