Best Engagement Rings in Baltimore, on a Budget

Men’s jewelry is not so pricey so it’s not so much of a problem for the ladies; on the other hand, men have to buy rings for their spouses that typically have heavy price tags. It is a rule of the modern world: the price assigned to an ornamental product is directly proportional to its aesthetic beauty. So the prettier a ring is, the more bucks you have to spend to take it home. It is not a very good decision to buy an engagement ring you cannot afford and start of your married life right away under a debt, especially when getting married you will have a lot of other expenses to consider. When making a decision you will need to have expert advice, you can get an appointment at Nelson Coleman and also see a wide range of Nelson Coleman engagement rings to choose the one that suits the hands of your loved one and does not create a financial problem.

You can consider, your budget along with your fiancé’s expectations, will they want a diamond or other stone..? How large a gem would they want..? If they want a big stone, you can buy a larger one but have lower quality for the same price or even lower price; the lower quality of the diamond will not be noticeable if seen by the naked eye and are only observable by experts using microscopes. Pro-tip for men: consider your spouse’s friends/ family and their engagement rings, if the one you buy is bigger and better than theirs, you are good to go. Also, consider buying a different cut of a diamond, certain shapes of stones will look bigger than the usual round shape. For example, the oval cut or the pear cut look larger while they are significantly cheaper than the equivalent round cut diamond.  Once you figure out what your fiancé is expecting, the job will get quite easy.

Engagement rings don’t always have to be diamond rings, other stones such as the ruby, emerald, sapphire, lapis lazuli can also be used as ring gems and are a cheaper substitute. If you think otherwise and you really want a good big diamond ring then there are some ways in which you can get a big beautiful diamond at a cheap price. The 4 C’s of the diamond determines its price: Cut, color, clarity and carat. The brilliant round cut is the most expensive one while the oval and pear cuts are cheaper and also look bigger than the other cuts; so you have both a bigger size and lesser price. The clarity is the next big determining factor. A lower level clarity has a negligible effect on the aesthetics of the gem but it brings the price down significantly. A ‘visual sight clean’ diamond is about 3 times cheaper than a diamond of the same size that is 100 percent clear. The visual sight clean diamond looks exactly the same as the other diamonds, the difference can only be observed by an expert and that too under the microscope.

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