3 of the Best Food Delivery Apps That You Must Try

Food delivery and online shopping are still on track to become a $200 billion industry by 2025, as reported by Forbes.  Even with COVID-19 based lockdowns still in effect, this has ultimately led to much higher acceptance and usage of such concepts and applications. Because of social distancing, most food service providers will only now provide food delivery or takeout to keep their doors open.

If you own or run a restaurant, you’re definitely busy setting up food delivery management systems in place. And likely more than not, the individuals picking up your food customers aren’t the direct customers, but actually the middle-man food delivery service drivers.

App-based delivery of food is a common means of having a fast and quick lunch, but it’s actually grown into much more over the past several months. Through the use of services like Uber Eats and Grubhub, the process for ordering food online and from your preferred mobile device is not easier than ever. It’s also become quite a win-fall for local restaurants as well, with family-owned dining establishments quickly adapting and adding their locations to food delivery apps as well.

With contactless service solutions in place to help reduce the need to stand at your front, and limit the amount of human contact that takes place, food delivery apps and services are now being used more than most of us originally thought possible.

With all of this in mind, today we are going to take a look at three of the best mobile delivery applications for ordering food. Each of the three apps listed below were selected based on how often they appear on Google’s Search Engine Results Page SERP, while also considering reviews and app usage.

  1. Flipdish

When ordering food online, Flipdish lets restaurants set up branded websites and mobile apps that allow for easy ordering and processing. With custom ordering apps and websites in place, Flipdish lets its customers convert physical location-based eating in direct-to-home delivery.

The application also allows for a unique customer loyalty program that rewards users when ordering through the app. Flipdish is also known for their excellent support and market-leading features that are helpful and knowledgeable to all brands and customers.

Beautiful Online Ordering Interface

Flipdish is designed to turn browsers into active and loyal paying customers. It also comes with remarkable website features that help customers to place online orders.

Another benefit of the application is its ability to help users locate local business and food choices in their geographical area.

Simple ePOS integration

Through the use of their simple ePOS and app integration, orders are placed and managed all in the same dashboard area. This allows for quick and efficient food management, while letting individuals place or integrate orders with Flipdish directly into a specific POS system.

Several Marketing Tools

When it comes to increasing online sales, food chains and restaurants can use Flipdish’s suite of effective marketing tools. These tools allow businesses to provide customers with push notifications, building unique offers, and advertising new and exclusive offers or products.

  1. UberEats

Of the many different names out there in the food delivery space, UberEats will likely be the most well-recognized. This is obviously in part due to Uber being the most popular ride shading application out there as well.

Since delivery prices will rely on restaurant cost, sales tax, and added fees, there is some debate over which app is cheapest for food delivery.

According to a recent MarketWatch report, comparison across multiple few food delivery platforms and found that UberEats was among the cheapest.

Under that specific case study, the delivery price for UberEats is $1.48 with competitor averages in the $6.47 range. Unlike most other applications, UberEats doesn’t demand a small delivery fee if the order doesn’t hit a certain minimum.

Another benefit to using Uber Eats, is that the application is giving all nearby restaurants $0 delivery fees, while also being accessible in more than 500+ cities.

Smart Curation

In order to truly create the best user experience possible, the best applications are going to be taking advantage of what AI has to offer. Across all industries, personalization on smartphone applications is now more effective than ever before. In the case of UberEats, they have a front row seat with AI and their technology continues to lead the way.

Restaurant Manager

Just as important as the user experience for the customer, is how well it looks and works on the backend for the business catering to the customer. If a restaurant receives bulk online orders, it can quickly overwhelm the business and can further cause delays in the food delivery process. For times like these, the UberEats app lets food providers deliver on schedule, while also keeping the customer updates on their order status.

Push Notifications with Complete Information

UberEats is an extremely easy to use application, and it makes the process of ordering food for the first time very simple. Customers can also look up full details about food ingredients, the average time to cook, other details when provided by the food service.

Another useful feature within the UberEats application, are the push notifications that keep you alerted throughout the food ordering, preparation and delivery process. After all, no one wants to wait by their front door for their delivery, with no information on when it might arrive.

3. Gloria Food

Third on the list is, Gloria Food, which is another great online food ordering and management application. This application assists restaurant owners in managing orders and point-of-sale tasks.

Along with a useful and interactive dashboard, the application allows workers to pick delivery areas they want to serve and identify the minimum order amount they are willing to take. Delivery charges can also be set according to location as well.

This application also makes it easy to integrate with different third-party software, such as QuestTag, Tookan, GetSwift, and more. These features are accessible free of charge and help extend both the application and food providers reach and cater to new audiences.

By incorporating food categories, photos, and price information food providers can entice customers to add more items to their order than originally intended. This also allows restaurants to create and customize their menus at any given time.

Managers can also incorporate widgets into their Facebook Pages and websites which makes for easier order options. Furthermore, such features can  help consumers to receive notifications about new orders and also letting them accept and reject orders.

Which Food Ordering App is Best?

The next time you are sitting on your couch and don’t want to pick up fast food, which application is best to get the job done?

More often than not, UberEats will be the platform many decide to go with. Another name we didn’t mention on the list, but is extremely popular, is DoorDash.

However, it’s also important to consider the many other benefits and features within food delivery apps like FlipDish and Gloria Foods.

For the average person, ordering out and wanting the food delivered right to your home might not be a daily occurrence… so UberEats is likely your best option. However, if you do find you are ordering food delivery more than twice a week, it’s probably a good idea to try different services so you can take advantage of the many different promotions and discounts each of them offer.

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