Best Games You Can Play Online

Best Games You Can Play Online

Online casino gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry which brings in important revenue to many countries across the globe. That income is naturally driven by a huge demand for play which has never been higher.

To maintain those levels, the individual operators have to continually innovate and provide great choice to their customers.

Staying Ahead

That innovation is crucial in a competitive sector where new casinos are coming online on a regular basis. In recent years we’ve seen unique versions of classic card and table games that offer a thrilling twist to old favourites.

Live casino has also helped to boost that revenue while those operators are already working on the latest technology to stay ahead of their competitions. The potential of innovations such as virtual reality remain in the future but, right now, there is a vast selection of casino games to choose from.

On the Cards

The job of online casinos is to match, and to improve upon, the game choice that can be found in land based establishments. Card games are a vital part of the overall picture and that’s why an extensive selection of options can be found online.

Poker is at the heart of every online casino and there is a wide variety of variants. Texas Hold’Em is the most popular in the modern day and it has recently eclipsed Stud as the most common version. Both options can be played online along with many more poker variants.

Blackjack is faster and the game offers that straight battle between player and dealer. This is another game where twists to classic gameplay have been made possible by the internet. Side bets and multi hand variants are common across online casinos.

Baccarat is also extensively covered by the online operators.

Boosting your Slots Experience

This is one area where online slot machines can easily eclipse the functionality of their physical counterparts. There are no restrictions on floor space and, while some slot halls in Las Vegas may seem vast, they are limited in comparison to the almost limitless possibilities that the digital realm provides.

This factor leads to upgrades in gameplay: Physical slot games tend to be very basic with their classic fruit symbols and smaller sets of pay lines. In online terms, they are known as ‘classic slots’ and they can still be played for their nostalgia value at a digital provider.

Beyond those basic releases, slot games can be far more complex and grandiose. The majority will have special symbols known as ‘scatters’ which offer a key to unlocking some cool bonus features.

Free spins and wheel of fortune games are among the more common bonuses and the level of jackpots in some games can match those found in the physical world. Some slots come equipped with a progressive jackpot which takes a small percentage of stakes from every spin.

In time, the jackpot increases and some life-changing, seven figure sums have been triggered on rare occasions.

Spin to Win

Roulette games complete the scene at any casino and this is another area where online operators have been able to expand on old classics. Essentially, there are three main versions of roulette which are American, European and French.

Each offers their own subtle twist to classic gameplay but the aim is generally the same: Stake from a range of options and the outcome will depend on which pocket the ball lands in.

Online casinos have been able to introduce new innovations including a speeded up version where players can stake when the ball has been released. Another version introduces a second ball to the wheel which, in turn, offers more staking opportunities.

Going Live

If you’ve played casino games using traditional, automated software, why not check out the live rooms to see why they have been such an important innovation. Essentially, the live casino has been introduced to offer the closest possible experience to playing in the real world.

The dealers and croupiers are professionals and are trained to keep the game moving. You can interact with them, however, via chat boxes. All of this is done in real time with exceptional quality sound and graphics.

In games where other opponents are involved, you won’t be able to see them but you will be aware of their participation. Otherwise, the buzz and noise is in place and it’s the best possible live casino experience that you can take in online.

Those that enjoy traditional gameplay are catered for too with automated software taking care of dealing and wheel spinning. Some players prefer to play in this way as it eliminates any potential distractions and allows them just to focus on the cards or the roulette wheel.

Choice in Abundance

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to play with the live dealers or via automated games. The important thing is there is choice and that’s a key factor in making online casino play so popular.

Card games enjoy extensive coverage with all the main versions included while some options are unique to certain casinos. We’ve also seen how blackjack benefits from different twists on the classic rules.

Roulette also has some new entrants to partner in with the three classic versions while the biggest array of choice is found in many thousands of slot games. The list continues to grow and this wide selection of casino games is set to develop even further in the years ahead.

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