Top 10 Key STL Editors You Need to Know In 2023

STL Editors

Best Key STL Editors ill be described in this article. The top 3D printing and modeling community has grown over the past few years. However, a lot of 3D models today are often shared online and only supported by a handful of file formats. STL is one of the well-known file types used in 3D printing. These STL files are difficult to alter despite their universality.

Are you willing to research the best STL editors for your STL files? The best STL editing programmes are discussed in this post so that you may edit your STL files to your specifications. Let’s first examine the advantages of the STL format before we examine the STL editors.

Benefits of the STL file format

STL files, which are the ones used in 3D printing, are supported by the majority of 3D printers. Additionally, they are utilised for model sharing within the 3D printing community. The majority of 3D printers and slicer software use STL as their preferred file format. Because they are so straightforward and compact, these STL files may be considerably simpler to distribute and download than other types of files.

Although getting started with 3D printing quickly and easily is surely accomplished by downloading existing models, many people can modify these model characteristics to meet their needs. Additionally, there may be instances where you only need to print a portion of the model. You might even find that you need to fix the model you just downloaded because not all models are accurate, in which case you’ll need an STL editor.

There is software designed expressly for editing and correcting STL files, and we will examine each of them in turn. The majority of 3D modelling programmes on the market can be used to edit STL files.

Top 10 Key STL File Editors You Need to Know In 2023

In this article, you can know about STL Editors here are the details below;

1. SelfCAD


SelfCAD is an STL editor that works on Windows, Mac, and the internet. It’s an effective tool for editing STL files in addition to being a programme for 3D modelling, sculpting, rendering, and slicing. SelfCAD offers a short learning curve, can be learned on your own in about five hours, and allows you to edit any sort of STL file without difficulty, regardless of its complexity or quantity of meshes. This tool is the best STL editor of 2023 since it can prepare ready-to-print STL files in addition to assisting 3D printing enthusiasts, product designers, and 3D designers. Also check html editor.

SelfCAD’s tools operate directly on the mesh, preventing any errors from occurring during the 3D printing procedure. SelfCAD is also helpful for turning STL files into 3D printed designs, in addition to everything else.

Simply use SelfCAD’s built-in slicer to create the G-Code that you can send to your 3D printer when you have finished modifying your STL files and want to 3D print them.

2. Blender


This free 3D design and printing programme is a little more well-known than most others. This has additionally been hailed as the software that supports the whole 3D design pipeline and is best suited for freelancers and small design studios.

Blender has been used for animation, modelling, film, visual effects, video rendering, and 3D simulation because to its extensive collection of good capabilities.

It appears in the second position as one of the best STL editors of 2023 because it supports the majority of the standard 3D modelling file formats and allows users to import and edit STL files.

3. FreeCAD


The most well-known and comprehensively free CAD design software is called FreeCAD. The ideas of parametric modelling are applied by FreeCAD, which has been extensively used by both amateurs and experts.

Additionally, you may add features, measure things, and divide the parts of an STL file using FreeCAD. This enables superb and accurate editing.

4. SketchUp


Another excellent STL editor for 2023 is SketchUp. Previously owned by Google, SketchUp is currently owned by Trimble, but it still retains the user-friendly feature that has made it so well-known. You can choose to upgrade to the expensive SketchUp pro edition or download the program’s free trial version.

The best news is that altering STL files can be done with a free version, but first you must instal and download a SketchUp STL plugin.

5. MeshLab


A software programme for editing 3D triangular meshes is called MeshLab. Additionally, it includes a wide range of features and functionalities and is open-source.

MeshLab is the best choice for cleaning, modifying, texturing, and rendering Mesh-based models if you require a 3D modelling programme designed for 3D printing.

You can also make the model’s triangle faces simpler to reduce the geometry’s complexity and make file sharing simpler.

6. MeshMixer

There aren’t many free mesh editing tools that can match MeshMixer’s level of quality. In addition to offering a vast array of crucial mesh editing features, MeshMixer is very user-friendly.

It even features a built-in slicer tool, making it simple to prepare the model for printing and transmit it directly to a 3D printer using MeshMixer.

7. 3D Slash

3D Slash

Free and incredibly simple to use, 3D Slash is a 3D modelling programme. By employing the straightforward building-block concept akin to Minecraft, it enables the development of designs. You may quickly get some free STL editing online or download 3D Slash for nothing.

For amateurs who occasionally want to create their own 3D creations without having to learn the mysterious lore of the traditional 3D modelling tools, 3D Slash is an excellent programme.

With this application, editing STL files and Meshes is simple. This programme should be taken into consideration if you’re searching for an intuitive STL editor.

8. SculptGL


Another capable and well-liked STL editor in 2023 is SculptGL. In contrast to its more advanced cousins, like ZBrush, SculptGL simply requires a few basic tools and gives you the entire process, all in the convenience of your web browser.

The application occasionally generates non-manifold apexes, which is a severe problem, but it’s still a fantastic STL editor that you should take into consideration.

9. Fusion 360

Fusion 360

One of the best STL editors in 2023 is Autodesk Fusion 360. It is regarded as one of the leading programmes for modifying and editing files and is well-liked by experts of all ranks. It is a very well-known 3D printing programme since it makes it simple for users to carry out a variety of tasks.

Similar to SelfCAD, Autodesk Fusion 360 has an integrated slicer that can be used to prepare designs for 3D printing in addition to editing STL files and Meshes.

10. TinkerCAD


TinkerCAD is a computer programme that is ideal for beginners. This piece of software utilises constructive solid geometry. This enables users to combine small, straightforward elements to modify and build larger 3D creations.


If you’ve become interested in 3D printing, your computer likely contains dozens to hundreds of STL files. You can choose any of the best STL editors of 2023 that we have described in this article and use it to edit your files. 3D printing them as-is is simpler and doesn’t take much work, but you also need to learn how to edit the STL files because there are moments when you power want to customise them and add some details, like a name.

You can always use SelfCAD because it’s simple to use and has a tonne of interactive tutorials to teach you how the programme functions and its features if you want to build your models without having to edit STL files.

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