Boost Your Odds of Success in Microsoft AZ-400 with Aid of Dumps

Skilled DevOps engineers are drivers of customer-oriented applications and systems development that have a significant impact on businesses worldwide. The Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert certification is perfect for aspiring Azure DevOps engineers to validate their skills to potential employers. AZ-400 qualifying exam is the single barrier that you need to surpass to earn the Microsoft recognition. In this article, let’s find out how you can turn the odds of success towards your side by using dumps. But before this, let’s dive into the facts of this AZ-400 test.

About Microsoft AZ-400

To become eligible to apply for the DevOps Engineer Expert certification, you should satisfy one of the following two prerequisite options: achieve either the Azure Administrator Associate or the Azure Developer Associate badge. If to speak about the details for AZ-400 assessment, it is a 180-minute long exam that consists of 40-60 questions assessing your ability to:

  • Enhance performance through analytics and monitoring, as well as Azure technologies;
  • Design and implement comprehensive strategies to predict failure, alert, and check the status of systems;
  • Communicate information about releases and actions with business stakeholders;
  • Applying necessary security measures in system design;
  • Source control management;
  • Effectively establish continuous integration;
  • Manage and automate testing, release, and deployment.

At the end of your exam, your performance will be evaluated over a scale of 1-1000 out of which you need to earn at least 700 points to pass. For your information, Microsoft assessments will certainly challenge you with a variety of question formats, simulations, and maybe even performance-based questions, but if you take the following tips into consideration, then you can also nail the Microsoft AZ-400.

3 Golden Tips for Acing AZ-400

AZ-400 test will cost you a solid 165 USD, which can motivate you to work hard to successfully accomplish this assessment in the first try. Nobody enjoys having to repeat exams anyway, right? So, here are 3 valuable tips that will help you get to your goal of acing AZ-400 without much hassle.

1. Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is a free platform where you’ll find reading materials, control questions, and labs to fully prepare for your upcoming AZ-400. In addition, you can watch Microsoft Learn TV and focus on the topics related to your certification exam to expand your knowledge. Make sure you take the maximum out of this platform while also updating yourself by reading any whitepapers and scholarly articles that you can find about Azure.

2. Dumps

With the AZ-400 updates applicable since June 15th, there are only a few reliable resources that reflect on the latest changes. Here is where dumps that consist of questions uploaded by real test-takers and verified by experts can be advantageous. These materials will give you an idea of the questions to expect in the actual assessment and will also help you adapt to the test structure and question formats. Download them from reliable third-party websites, as they are the most valid and updated there.

3. DevOps Visions

This is an open-source online community dedicated to DevOps and Cloud learners. Here you can participate in live sessions, join study groups, and get great recommendations on top prep resources for AZ-400.


Without any doubt, the Microsoft AZ-400 will be a tough exam. But you have nothing to worry about if you prepare yourself in the right way. Keep your knowledge in line with the latest AZ-400 curriculum by incorporating dumps and official resources into your prep process. By taking the golden tips into account you can join the exclusive community of DevOps engineering experts approved by Microsoft.

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