Should Your Dog Try CBD Treats?

Are you enjoying your role as a dog owner? My guess is that you definitely are, since these sweet animals have a way of crawling right into your heart and never, ever leaving it. Yet, as every single pet owner knows, having an animal is not only about cuddling and playing with it. In fact, it is a huge responsibility that you need to be aware of from the moment you bring the pup home.

Among other things, you will be the one responsible for ensuring that the animal is always healthy and happy. You need to keep it active and well-fed to complete the healthy part, but you also need to keep it happy by spending time with it and, sometimes, giving in to their wishes of getting a sweet treat that they like oh so much. Have you ever wondered this, though – what kind of treat should I give my dog? I bet that you have, especially since there are so many foods that the animal shouldn’t eat and you don’t want those puppy eyes to convince you to give them some of those ingredients.

As I said, it’s your responsibility to keep your dog happy and healthy, but the thing is that you shouldn’t actually separate those two things one from another. A healthy animal is certainly a happy animal. And, sure, treats can make your pet go wild from happiness, but who’s to say that those cannot also be good for its health? I know that I definitely wouldn’t say such a thing.

Yes, you have heard me right. There are numerous different treats out there that can keep your dog healthy while also tasting so great that the animal won’t be able to resist them. Some of those are actually infused with a cannabis based compound known as Cannabidiol. Those are called CBD treats and they have definitely taken the dog market over.

Upon hearing about these, you will probably get curious about what they are and whether your canine should actually try them. It’s perfectly normal for you to be curious about this, since it can definitely sound a bit weird that your dog should eat something that’s made from cannabis. So, let us now satisfy your curiosity and see whether CBD could be your answer to the question of what kinds of treats you should give to your dog. We’ll take it one step at a time.

CBD Treats Explained

The first step, unsurprisingly, consists of explaining what CBD dog treats precisely are. I suppose you have heard of cannabis already, but here’s something you might not have known. This plant contains over a hundred active compounds and Cannabidiol is one of them. This particular compound is said to be highly beneficial both for humans and for animals.

Speaking of benefits, here’s what to expect from these dog treats:

Now, Cannabidiol is not to be confused with Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC in short, which is actually the cannabis substance that can get both people and animals high. I suppose I’m right in assuming that you definitely don’t want your pets to experience anything like that. Well, there is no reason to worry, since CBD treats contain no THC at all, meaning that they aren’t psychoactive and harmful for your little pets.

What’s more, these products are usually all made of hemp. In case you didn’t know, hemp is a plant coming from the cannabis family, but famous for containing less than 0.3% of THC, which further means that it isn’t psychoactive. So, neither the plant, nor the compound derived from it are psychoactive, which speaks in favor of CBD’s safety for animals.

I assume that you aren’t here to talk only about safety. After all, you are trying to decide whether your dog should try these specific treats instead of some other ones and in order to be able to make that decision, you probably want to hear more about what these products can do for your canine and why they are so popular these days. Well, let me give you some answers right away.

One of the reasons why pet owners adore CBD treats is because they can, as explained by this useful source, help ease their animals’ pain and anxiety. Let us address the pain first. If your canine is suffering from arthritis, which can cause a lot of pain in its joints, or if it is experiencing any types of aches, CBD treats can help get rid of those aches, thanks to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of Cannabidiol.

As for anxiety, the soothing effects of Cannabidiol are enough to put any dog at ease and help your pets relax and stop feeling on edge and endangered when there is absolutely no danger lurking. In addition to that, these treats are said to be able to manage and reduce epileptic seizures, which is also a huge benefit. There is, furthermore, evidence that CBD can help canines fight cancer and if that’s not amazing, then I don’t know what is.

The Bottom Line

Let us now try and answer the question from the title as straightforwardly as possible. If you are trying to decide whether your dog should try CBD treats over some other types, then I would definitely advise you to go for CBD. Don’t forget that, in addition to helping with some of the illnesses mentioned above, these products can be given to completely healthy canines in order to boost their metabolism and regulate their overall health.

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