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CBD for Dogs: What Kind of CBD Can I Give My Dog?

Many people are looking for cannabidiol for their medical conditions, leading to the creation of various kinds of products. These include forms such as topicals and gummies. Surprisingly, these people include pet owners as they search for CBD for pets.

Believe it or not, there is CBD oil for dogs. These hemp oils have similar effects for animals such as pain relief. As a result, people now buy CBD oil as an alternative to conventional medication.

CBD for Animals: Is it Safe?

Cannabidiol is popular for helping pets with their health complications, but there aren’t many studies that prove their effectiveness for pets.

Still, there are some studies that suggest the efficacy of hemp oil for sale. These are alleged to have similar health benefits for humans and pets.

How Does CBD Help?

Two extracts are derived from cannabis plants: cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD for dogs is the one that has no mind-altering effects and slim chances for side effects, making it a safe alternative to over-the-counter medications.

It influences the human body’s endocannabinoid system, causing all sorts of positive health effects.

How Can CBD Help My Pet?

Cannabidiol has been used by people to treat several health conditions. Dogs can also get similar effects from cannabidiol. It can treat their stress, anxiety, arthritis, seizures, cancer symptoms, and gastrointestinal issues.

As long as your pets get the proper dose, they won’t get any adverse effects. For instance, dogs may only have an estimate of 2 mg of CBD for each kg of their weight.

Types of CBD for Dogs

For dogs, cannabidiol comes in various forms, much like hemp products for their owners. They come in oil tinctures, capsules, and dog treats.

Oil Tinctures

These are usually applied under the tongue for humans. You may find it challenging to apply CBD oil tincture under your dog’s tongue as they may not like the taste.

To make it more palatable, mix it with their food so they’ll get their dose as they eat.


You can also give them CBD capsules by mixing it in their food. It may be difficult to give them their dose otherwise.

The capsules contain hemp oil extract that your dog may not like, and his food may mask the taste.

Dog Treats

CBD dog treats are surprisingly included as hemp oil products for sale. This makes it simpler for pet owners to give their pets a dose of cannabidiol.

Each bit contains an approximate amount of hemp, so you can easily provide a specific dose based on it.

Where to Buy Dog-Friendly CBD Products

You can check out Blosum’s CBD products for dogs. They have similar effects to pets, causing these products to be manufactured especially for them. In fact, there are CBD dog treats now available for sale online. While scientific testing results are still inconclusive, there is still evidence that it can help your dog with its health problems.

It’s important to look for hemp pet products that are made with animal-friendly ingredients. Moreover, the dosage should be appropriate for the size of the dog. A meager 3 mg of CBD is enough for your dog to reap the benefits. Any more might result in negative side effects.

The best products for dogs would be specially catered to your animal. Administering cannabidiol to your dog would not be a hassle if you have CBD treats that are appetizing for them.

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