Dota 2 Viewing Client Revamp

With the Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2021 just around the corner, Valve has an exciting new update for Dota 2 esports fans. Valve announced that the in-client watching experience was getting a revamp in a recent blog post, bringing a ton of new features for fans to enjoy.

According to the blog post, the aim behind this revamp is to give fans “a ton of new ways to watch and follow along with the scene. The in-client watch tab will now provide a full schedule for the Circuit. It will also include a rundown of team standings in real-time. This makes it easy for fans to follow their favorite team’s matches within the game client, meaning they don’t have to leave the app to search for updates.

The watch tab revamp is intuitive, with teams segmented via regions. So if you want to find out the latest standing of Black N Yellow, you can find it in the North American section of the tab. Likewise, if you want to see how Elephant are faring this season, you can find their progress under China.

The revamp is a significant step in the right direction for Valve. Until this update, players didn’t have access to this information via official channels and would have to search elsewhere to get updates. While there’s nothing wrong with searching for the information yourself, it does require more effort from players. Since Dota 2 is a big player in the esports scene, it makes sense that Valve would want to bring more esports functionality into the game client. The esports industry is growing at a rapid rate, with viewership growing a whopping 9% each year. By including esports into official game channels, Valve can potentially increase it’s esports following even faster.

Content Packages

Valve is also launching content packages, something they hinted at in the past as part of the update. Fans have been eagerly awaiting content packages, with the reception to the idea being overwhelmingly positive. If you remember team pennants, then you can think of content packages as a fresh and revamped version of those.

These packages allow players to back their favorite teams by purchasing content packages that provide in-game goodies. These goodies can be sprays, emotes, in-game effects, chat-wheel lines, and loading screens. The content is created by the Dota 2 esports teams themselves, so purchasing them is an excellent way for players to show their support. And like the team pennants that came before them, content packages are an essential source of revenue for esports teams.

Good News for Mobile Users

The DPC mobile app has also received a facelift, so users can follow updates and track their favorite teams and leagues right from their phones.

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