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Exploring Dubai in Short Time

Dubai has been well-known to be an outdoor play area for elite class but a lot of residents who waited in the emirate can verify that there are multiple activities for people to do even without spending a huge amount of money. If you are intended to visit Dubai, you simply need to search useful exclusive tips that can assist you discovering Dubai while indulging a smaller amount.

Here are some useful ideas to help you exploring Dubai in short time. These tips will certainly be fruitful for you for exploring Dubai in a short time.

1. Grow the Entertainer App for concession on Adventures, Food or Hotels

This app is manageable, so you can easily get advantage of 2-for-1 vouchers while you feast in restaurants or visit on journey, as desert safari, bus tours, or you check in chosen hotels etc. Despite this the app you purchase is somewhat costly, it proves beneficial for you because residing in Dubai, you can save thousands of dirhams. It is one of the greatest money saving tips.

2. For monthly deals visit Groupon and Cobne

You should avail monthly deal while visiting Groupon and Cobone if you habitually og out by yourself. Don’t forget to check out the open concession on restaurants and entryways mailed monthly.

3. Morning Desert Safari

In Dubai, to go on a Desert Safari Tour is one of the loveliest things to do. People visit Desert Safari on four wheel jeeps but it is risky to do so because of the edges of sand dunes. However, Jeeps drop the visitors at some distance from the final destination “desert Oasis and they have to reach their destination riding on camels.

Approaching there, the visitors enjoy delicious BBQ dinner and then they spend wonderful; hour of their life. The visitors, also enjoy shisha smoking, henna tattoo, and some other activities.

The most interesting entertainment for the visitors is belly dance. Belly dancer emerges in flowing costume and start dancing rhythmically, their silhouette against the dark blue desert sky. As the music goes faster, the belly dancers reach at the climax.

Then whirling dancers enter in a gaudy costume fitted with lights when the performance of belly dancers gets over. The light costume of whirling dancers, create a dreamlike image in the night when they whirl around.

4. Souq or Souk

is an Arabic word which stands for market in English. Many countries around the world like China, India, Ceylon and the Far East unburdened their goods at the The traders from all over the world exchange their merchandizes via sale and purchase.

Recently, souks have turned in modern markets but still they are called as Souk. However, Dubai Souks are vibrant, cheerful, and lively with hustle and bustle like any market in the world.

  • The Gold Souk:

Gold Souk in Dubai is the world’s famous Gold Souk. You can buy both latest and traditional designs, with multiple shades of gold like pink, yellow, white, green in one piece. People can hardly resist buying such amazing gold.

If you intend to visit the Gold Souk, you should select afternoon for visit because it is the best time. Generally, shops open till 9:30 pm or 10:00pm. Bargaining is an interesting task to do in Gold Souk. Dubai Creek in Al Ras zone of Deira is famous for Gold Souk. One most important thing is that you must visit Gold Souk by public transport instead of your car because of overcrowded area nonetheless finding parking is tricky.

  • Textile Souk

Textile Souk is situated in in Bur Dubai far from Dubai Creek. Visit this place by Abra ride to have stunning glimpse of ancient Dubai. Fashionable people certainly love this traditional souk in Dubai. Not only good branded fabric is available at this superb souk bot also buttons, pins, sequins, lace and stones to adore your dresses.

  • Spice Souk

The perky Spice Souk is a famous souk in Dubai situated in neighborhood of the Gold Souk. You must visit Spice Souk along with camera for capturing awesome colourful and scented hillocks of spices and herbs. All types of spices are available in rich flavor, colour and fragrance.

  • Perfume Souk

Next to Spice Souk, there comes Perfume Souk. You can buy your favorite aromas or perfume on wholesale rate. Even perfumers help you creating your own fragrance behind the counter. However, you can bargain in these traditional souks in Dubai.

5. Dubai Mall

Be mindful, you need to download app while visiting Dubai Mall. It is not easy task wandering in Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall comprises of 1,200 stores together with many luxury brands, but it provides a unique kind of entertainment to the visitors. You should explore the Dubai underwater zoo with its underwater tunnel, Olympic sized ice-skating rink,22 screen cinema, virtual reality park, a titanic replica of the Dubai Creek Tower, a huge fifty five million-year-old dinosaur skeleton, Hysteria ghostly amusement park and an indoor modern Souk featuring traditional Arab clothing and handicrafts.

The world’s largest performing fountains are the real beauty of Dubai. Except Friday it is played every afternoon and every evening. Like all other things the Mall in Dubai are colossal but the app of Dubai Mall helps you in navigating your way around 9.5 million square meters.

6. Dhow Cruise Creek Dinner

Tourists really enjoy Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner. It is just an exciting evening package where you can feel at ease about having a delicious dinner in a lake in the middle of the desert with some traditional dancers who are keen to entertain you. So don’t miss the opportunity to go to Dhow Cruise Creek Dinner.

  • Behold Awesome view

Behold awesome view while going travelling via boat cruise Dubai. Al Seef, Al Fahidi Hetitage village the longstanding souks are the fabulous sights to catch on a Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek which is quite contrary to the modern glittering cityscape of Marina.

  • Bliss the lovely dinner

Dhow Cruise Crook Dinner menu on the cruise is an amalgamation of a variety of well-liked dishes from middle-east, Europe and Asia. A large number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes offer a lip-smacking food. If you have good taste in eating, you must not miss the opportunity of dinning Dhow Cruise dinners.

Nowadays, it has become easier to visit any country around the world with the help of mapping app. However, exploring Dubai in short time, don’t forget using your internet connection for the navigation of different zones.

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