What Is Family1st Location Tracking Device for Your Teenager?

Tracking your valuables and loved ones has become a necessity these days because of the increased missing cases. But the same GPS trackers also bring in rebellious teens who don’t like to get controlled and spied, which in turn results in nasty arguments. That’s where the role of Family1st GPS trackers come in hand.

Family1st location trackers are one among those safest compact tracking devices that can be used to track and monitor your teen child’s location. It’s the parent’s responsibility to know where their teenage child is. But it becomes even more challenging when your child knows that you are tracking them when they have already gained independence.

There’s no doubt that location tracking is extremely advantageous for teenagers’ parents and that they offer a wide array of benefits. And also, the following are some of the typical mistakes that parents should avoid when deciding to buy a location tracking device for their teenager:

  1. Keeping the secret

This is what most parents do when they are trying to track their teenagers. Hiding it from your teenage child can one day or the other burst out in arguments and conflicts. Nobody likes to share their privacy with anyone, especially when you are 18 or 21 years old. You wouldn’t want to be spied on by your spouse, nor does your teenager like. That being said, tracking your teen’s location without them being informed can bring in uninvited after effects.


  • Just be open with your kid by saying that “this is not for tracking you or your privacy; it’s just to keep you safe that I am activating location tracking.
  • Let them know what all you can expect from a location tracker so that they don’t feel like you are continually spying on them.
  • Let your teen know that this Fmaily1st location tracker is solely for keeping you worry-free and how much it is useful for you as a parent.
  1. Obsessive tracking

Whether it’s for location tracking or to keep an eye on your teen kid’s driving behavior, obsessive checking can be embarrassing for them. It can be an addiction for you to keep checking the mails, text messages, and social media notifications every time. You don’t want to be that kind of a parent. After all, if you share a healthy bonding with your kid, they will share everything with you. Trust is what, as a parent, you should have with your child. If you can be open and share things correctly, you can expect the same from them. Sometimes, they might turn to hide things from you, which is a natural part of the growth process. Let them enjoy some independence.

Solution: you can set a rule of making them come home at a pre-defined time. For instance, you have selected a warning time of 7 pm, and your teen kid doesn’t arrive at 7 pm, then you can track them. This rule should be shared with your teen kid so that your kid will make it a habit of coming back home early and that you stay tension-free.

  1. Let there be a talk and then tracking

Just because your teenager came 5 minutes late than the said time, or goes because he/she is out and hasn’t informed you, then you don’t have to hurry up for tracking your teenager’s location. The best practice is to call them first and ask where they are. Maybe they have some busy appointments, or the tuition class might have extended; it’s always good to inquire first and then track. Even after they don’t pick you calls or reply to your messages, you can use the Family1st location tracking device to monitor their live location.

  1. Indefinite tracking

If you start to rely on location tracking as a habit, it will become complicated to stop. This can result in a negative relationship with your teenager. It can also create a problem for both your kid as well as you. As a parent, have healthy and open communication with your teenager before you start tracking them to know the possibilities and boundaries of the location tracker.

Why buy Family1st Location GPS Tracking Device for your teenager?

Family1st GPS trackers are one of the best location tracking solutions available online. If you are looking for a quality tracking device that monitors your teen kid’s location data, Family1st location trackers are the best choice.

  • You can track your teen kid’s live location at the most cost-effective rates.
  • The geofencing feature lets you create a safety zone that you get notified when your teenager enters or exits the restricted area.
  • Offers round the clock support for parents who are worried about their teen kid.
  • Whether it’s to track your teenager’s driving behaviour or to know where his live location is, the Family1st GPS tracking device helps you with real-time reporting.

Other features of Family1st Location trackers include:

  • 14-day battery life – longer the battery life, the more remarkable the location tracker’s efficiency will be. Family1st GPS trackers offer two weeks of battery life with real-time updates. This GPS tracker has a built-in extended 600 mAh Li-polymer battery that is among the best and long-lasting portable location trackers in the industry.
  • A powerful and compatible magnetic case – when buying a Family1st location tracker, you can buy an optional magnetic case that helps you easily attach the entire case to any metallic surface. You can also easily fix the tracker with the help of this magnetic case under the hood of a car, bus, bottom of the strongbox, or any wallet or purse.
  • Sleek and compact design – the smart and compact design of the Family1st location tracker makes it easy to fix anywhere, including a car, stroller, toolbox—backpack, purse, luggage, or seat pocket. If your teenager is on his wheels, then it’s the ideal time to buy Family1st portable location trackers. These GPS trackers will help you as parents keep an eye on your teen’s driving behaviour like over speed, harsh braking and drifting, etc.
  • Alexa-integrated location trackers – the Family1st location trackers are integrated with Alexa using Alexa Groups, Routines, Hunches. Thanks to Family1st that this is the only portable location tracking device in the market that has Alexa-enabled.
  • Multiple trackers on one account – the Family1st location GPS trackers let you keep a watch on your loved ones by adding multiple GPs trackers to your existing plan. You can monitor them all from one comprehensive map.
  • Customizable geofences – with Family1st GPs trackers, using geofences has never been this easier. You can create and customize multiple geofences so that you get notified by an SMS alert or email notification whenever your teenager enters or exits the restricted zone.
  • Detailed reports – whether it’s for getting the current live location or that you need to know last week’s data, Family1st location tracking gadgets provide access to your personalized database of both historical and real-time monitoring reports.
  • Compatible on mobile, PC, and tablet – For instance, some workplaces will not allow you to use mobile phones while working, so you can get notified on your PC or laptop, or tablet. Family1st GPs trackers are easily accessible in any mobile app, tablet, or PC.
  • High customer reviews – customer reviews say it all. That said, the customer reviews of Family1st GPs trackers show positive feedback with highly satisfied customers. This indicates that the product is worth buying for tracking your teenager.

The final word

Location trackers come with a host of benefits that are very useful for tracking your teenager’s location and driving behaviour. But as a parent, make sure that you are not over spying on your teen kid. They are at the age of being independent. At this moment, having a healthy conversation and sharing a positive vibe by explaining all the pros of having a location tracker with your child can better understand them. Peeking down into their privacy can turn the thing down for both of you. Hence clearly stating rules about coming back home early at a set time and following this regularly can make your teen exceptionally punctual.

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