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Justuno is a simple idea to collect more info about every passive eCommerce store browser who comes to you. If a person leaves your store online without buying anything, they disappear just like dust in the wind. Unless you have a complete lead generating tool such as Justuno

Rather than having a sad disconnection between your store and your to-be customer, Justuno’s lead capture pop-ups and site messaging transforms your passive site traffic to active leads for you. It features an intuitive builder which creates pop-up boxes, messaging bars and lead generation specs for your site. And, you can simply check off your list within minutes.

Then you can target and channelize visitors depending on their actions like exit intentions, page views, time spent on your website, number of times visited your site, geo-location and more for a more personalized customer experience.

It even simplifies it to apply offer-specific tags in the app to anyone who taps on lead gen campaigns. It secures your time and leads to simple segmentations.

When you have the details of your visitor’s email ID, you get the power to commence a conversation with them and casually to everyone who comes to your site. It is an opportunity to create your email list, and present customized offers to your visitors depending on their behavior and reach out to them in every way to stay on top of their mind.

Justuno allows ecommerce stores to create long-lasting relationships between your brand and leads. This is the actual magic behind an online store which creates customer loyalty, enhances conversion and calls out for repetitive purchases and more.

Justuno helps Shopify owners too in selling their things online, even when you are short on resources or time. It is how to get info about those looking at your listen stuff online so you can keep the relationship going.

With JustUno, you can make enticing pop-ups and include incentives such as contests, coupons, gated content to increase your list and grow your conversion rate. The platform has gained quite recognition by e-commerce companies, industrial experts, retail stores, professional designers and career marketers to handle conversion marketing needs. It offers amazing specs like cart abandonment offers, exit intent etc. The one-click integration offered by JustUno just syncs new mail subscribers to an Active Campaign list where you add different tags.

Opt for personalized marketing with Justuno

It is very important to know the right way to capture and leverage live customer data for success. Behavioral assessment, visitor’s trip and customized messaging is what you should get done for your site. The tool makes it simpler to get started and ramp up. But you need to hire professionals and Justuno experts for setup and design. Eventige is your one-stop solution to consult these experts and get your work done. Check here to find out more about Justuno software to enhance lead capture, messaging style as well as delivery on mobile gadgets where every second counts.

Eventige offers you with lead capture conversion rates strategies and built exit intent pop-ups to enhance your eCommerce sales.

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