Great Printed Item Ideas for Political Campaigns

There’s a lot that goes into political campaigns, including money, time, energy, and support. Constituents want to know about the candidates, talk with them if possible, and – if they believe in them enough – publicly show their approval. The following are some great printed item ideas that candidates, staffers, and supporters can consider for every stage of political campaigns.


Shirts are one of the double-duty printable options for political campaigns. They’re one of the key items that you could wear often, while also using them as a way to show your support for a particular candidate. They may even be a conversation starter, as a way to talk with someone who asks why you feel your political candidate of choice would do well in office.

This popular clothing item is also great to use for political fundraising purposes. Find a shirt you like, such as the Bella + Canvas unisex raw seam crew pullover, and buy them wholesale so that you can decorate them with campaign-inspired designs. For example, you could put the candidate’s name, slogan, web address, and even their likeness on the shirt.

Campaign brochures

Campaign brochures can be incredibly beneficial tools for telling a brief story about the candidate and their main points. The printed copies need to have a streamlined look, exhibit a quality photo of the candidate on the front, be professional, and contain accurate spelling and grammar.

While designing the campaign brochure, there are certain approaches you may want to take. For starters, keep what you write brief. Think bullet points instead of long blocks of text.

Include the main things constituents should know about the candidate: their message, political party, what they stand for, and the major issues that they support. Don’t forget to put the election date, time, and location of where people can vote.

Yard signs

Drive around during any election season, and you’ll see yard signs in front of many houses and businesses. It’s one of the reasons they’re a great item to have printed for political campaigns. Voters supporting their respective candidates love them as a way to show pride for their politician of choice.

You may also see yard signs displayed in popular spots around town, i.e., business store windows, at grocery stores, or near bus stops. However, be mindful of following the laws regarding where political signs are allowed to be placed, the dates they’re allowed to go up, and must be taken down.

There’s not a lot that needs to be printed on yard signs. They typically have a simple design that consists of “Vote for” or “Elect,” followed by the candidate’s name and the political office they’re running for. Their political party affiliation is usually included, as well. Candidates can keep these yard signs at their campaign headquarters to give out to supporters, or hand at political rallies and fundraising events.

Election stickers

Election stickers are the ideal items to have printed. They don’t take up a lot of storage space, are typically an affordable option, and are very portable for easy distribution. Stickers can be given out before and after the election. Prior to voting day, campaign workers and supporters can wear them to show their support. Afterwards, wearing the stickers on their shirts gives voters a chance to display that they did their civic duty, also serves as a reminder to others that voting is taking place and they can get to the polls to cast their own vote.

These stickers don’t have to be complicated or filled with information. Consider including the candidate’s first and last name, maybe the desired office title, and either “Vote” or “I voted for,” on stickers to be worn during various phases of the campaign.  Another option that is both patriotic and even more simple-yet-impactful, is a sticker that just says “I voted.”

Direct mailers

For direct mailers, the same type of information that would be included in brochures applies for them. Usually the mailers have to be streamlined, since there’s typically less space to utilise. This is especially the case if a postcard option will be used.

Candidates can use the direct mailer to tell constituents why they would be a good candidate, and why voters of the electorate should vote for them. The information should be broken down into a simple-to-read format. Don’t forget to add a professional, yet friendly, photo on the front.

Tote bags

As with the shirts, tote bags also have a dual purpose. They’re a way to show support for a political candidate and great for voters to use when they go shopping.

It can also be a fantastic way for candidates to show their support for the environment. However, it’s not enough to use just any tote bags. Candidates should choose ones composed of environmentally friendly materials.

Keep designs simple. Opt for a political slogan or “Vote for” followed by the candidate’s name. Supporters may also want to carry brochures in the bag for anyone who wants more information about where the candidate stands on everyday issues.

Business cards

Out of all the items, this should be the product the candidate has printed in mass amounts. Both staffers and the candidate should keep a handful on them at all times to hand them out to constituents. Business cards provide an easy way to contact the candidate, or his campaign office, if voters have questions or want to learn more about their platform.

Although business cards don’t usually have a person’s photo on the front, it’s an option political candidates should consider. Keep the information simple and limited to the candidate’s name, their desired elected position, and contact information, such as phone numbers, email address, and website. Including the slogan could also be beneficial.


This is another double-duty product candidates can have printed for their campaign. Due to the extremely limited amount of space, a simple message like “Elect,” the candidate’s full name, and office that they’re running for is enough to get the point across.

Another option to put on the opposite side of the pen is the campaign slogan. For the background, the colors of the candidate’s political party or the country’s flag are two powerful prospects to consider.

There’s no shortage of printed items that candidates can use for their political campaigns. While they should choose which items they feel best represent their campaigns, it’s also a good idea to think about what products they believe would most resonate with their constituents.

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