How does a full web agency work?

We want to make a fly out of the elephant or rather the other way around?

Every client is different and yet they are similar. A big company does not mean a website with a lot of content and images. And not every small company presents itself only with a one-pager. Whether big or small Chris Hortsch and his team get the best digital business card out of every customer. Because sometimes someone else has to make the decisions for you.

But what exactly are the tasks of a full web agency? Behind every website is a little vision. What exactly should the website look like? What is the target group of the customer? Which technical possibilities are available? What kind of budget is available? And what kind of content is available? Exactly on these questions a web agency builds its work. Starting from the conception, to the design, to the implementation and the adaptation of the views for mobile devices. But these approaches have also changed over the decades. The shift from traditional print media to web media has increased dramatically over the years. Whether it’s the desire to attract attention beyond regional advertising or to reach users simply and quickly. The more eye-catching the better. But also plain and simple designs have come in again in the last few years. Especially interactive websites can be found more and more on the web in the last few years.

As a full web agency, they not only deal with the design and implementation of the site. They also produce content such as images, videos and seo texts. Also, it is not only the standard professions that you usually find in such an agency. There are web designers, graphic designers, programmers as well as writers and photographers. With search engine optimization becoming more and more important, seo experts and writers are also an integral part of a full web agency. Here graphic designers also act as photographers and web designers as seo experts. Because only if the agency works like clockwork, incomparable and unique results are achieved, which were wishful thinking a few years ago.

From color to typography to conception. A website is like a canvas. You start with a blank background and work your way forward piece by piece. Always new and different compositions bring designers to new ideas and developments. Because no matter if designer, seo expert or programmer in the web design industry there are no limits. Always new languages, designs and measures do not let one get bored with the profession. In a full service agency everyone learns from everyone and also ideas are conceived together in most cases.

But also the roots should not be forgotten. The very first website is still online and accessible today. With no design elements the flow of information works without any problems. In comparison with other design elements, where partly websites consist of neon colors or even completely dark colors, the web design has made a turn over the years. As well-designed as a website can be, user-friendliness must be at the top of the list. No user will stay on the website if they can’t get to their destination in just a few clicks. After all, that’s where most users come in. They don’t want to scroll forever through content they weren’t looking for. This is where search engine optimization comes into play. With targeted keywords, the appropriate signals are set. In addition, strong seo texts help to be high up in, for example, Google rankings.

A good example for a full service agency is Chris Hortsch Webagentur. In the heart of Berlin, distinctive and unique websites are designed for companies, associations, foundations and private individuals throughout Germany. No matter if it is a one-pager or a fancy and highly complex website. No task is too big and no client too small. Here, agency life is not only presented to the customer but also lived. With employees who are not only digital natives but also chameleons in their work. Here, graphic designers also act as photographers or web designers as seo experts. Because for Chris Hortsch it is important that the content, the design, the programming and the search engine optimization come from a single source.

Conclusion: A full service web agency not only saves you unnecessary back and forth, but also provides active support both during the process and afterwards. You can save yourself unnecessary trouble with the agency next door. Because then beautiful at Web Design is that also small errors or blemishes can be repaired fast. Because fast and reliable communication is one of the standards of a full service agency.

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