How Much to Pay for Personal Injury Attorneys in Denver

Hiring personal injury attorneys in Denver is the best decision you can make if you sustained injuries and losses. What if you also have trouble with your claims, or the at-fault insurance company broke down?

It can be really stressful and debilitating. The fact is that you cannot file a lawsuit without a lawyer. There are more complications you could ever imagine plus it is tiresome and demands expertise.

How much does getting a personal injury attorney cost?

If you are thinking of not getting an attorney in filing a personal injury case in Denver because of the fees, think twice. Personal injury lawyers can represent your best interest to get your deserved compensation.

What you need to know is that these lawyers work on a contingency basis. Meaning, they only get a portion or percentage of your settlement if you win the settlement. If not, they are not going to force you to pay them.

However, the contingency fee can differ with every lawyer. You should make it clear from the very start to avoid issues while working with them. Some may charge you hidden fees so you must ask questions about it upfront.

Attorney’s Fees

Not all lawyers are going to ask you the same charges. This is why you should know the things to ask during your initial consultation.

Knowing the fees that you have to incur later can save you from more stress. Also, paying for something that you’re not informed of can create issues while your case is ongoing.

Ask these fees if it is applicable or not:

  • Upfront costs
  • Contingency
  • Hourly or flat fee
  • Fee changes for going to trial or other conditions
  • Other expenses

What is a contingency fee and how much is it?

The majority of lawyers for personal injury cases offer a “contingency fee” basis that is deducted from the final settlement in the client’s case or from the damage award after a favorable verdict. If there is no successful settlement, no fee is given to them.

Most contingency fees range between 33 and 40 percent. However, you can always negotiate. For instance, if you receive a settlement of $40, 000, you will receive $26, 000 final settlement after giving your attorney their fee of $14, 000.

The “Sliding Scale” Fee

“Sliding scale fee” may be an unfamiliar term to you until your lawyer mention you about it. This is not another fee, but an option for the contingency fee.

Here, the attorney can ask for a different range of fees depending on the stage that the case has been resolved. In case the other party offered a settlement before a lawsuit is filed, the fee can be lowered than 33 percent.

In case a settlement is reached after a lawsuit, the fee is higher and maybe near to 40 percent. Here, if your settlement is $40, 000, your lawyer can ask for $16, 000.

Keep in mind that it can go higher depending on the stage of the trial. During this stage, you may weigh things if you could accept a pre-suit settlement offer. Sometimes, declining it can cause you even more.

What are other fees and charges?

Another thing that you should know is that lawyers spend their own money for the costs and expenses like medical records, expert witness fees, police reports, postage fees, filing fees, depositions, investigators and experts, trial exhibits, and transcripts. However, these are deducted from your court award or settlement after.

You need to talk about this with your lawyer. It can blow up later that you may be surprised that you’re going to give your lawyer 45 to 60 percent portion of your settlement.

Personal injury lawyers are the ones going to receive your settlement check, ensuring that they’ll receive their fees. When they receive it, they are going to contact you and show you a detailed list of all the deductions.

If ever you have contradictions about the charges, the lawyer can put a certain amount in a trust account. Until it is not settled, it remains there.

Be careful if you change your personal injury lawyer while you still have one. The original lawyer can sue you and your new lawyer and can hold a lien for all the costs and expenses incurred before you switch lawyers.

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