How Should you Respond, as a Project Manager during COVID-19


Project Managers are essentially leaders that need to step up and take on a bigger role during any crisis situation. While they normally spearhead and supervise projects as part of their regular work, during a situation like COVID-19, they have to take on many other responsibilities. They need to have a response plan to ensure that the situation is under control and the project, team members or the company are not badly impacted by anything. Acting urgently and with precision in such high-pressure situation becomes necessary for a project manager. It is also necessary that you respond to the situation with empathy and a strong action plan. Here are some things that are expected out of a project manager during the COVID-19 situation:

Safeguard your people

While finishing a project or financial gains are important, your first priority has to be your people. Taking care of your team and stakeholders in this scenario takes front stage. Any step that can impact their physical health should be completely eliminated, such as a physical gathering or on-site work. You have to immediately address your team and ensure that their wellbeing comes before any business task.

Assess the situation

Taking a thorough assessment of the entire situation quickly is vital in this situation. You have to analyse how heavily your industry is impacted and what sectors are most likely to take the maximum impact. For example, if you have a large travel client list then cost-cutting becomes essential. All your current projects would have to be dealt with in accordance with the demand or resource crunch.

Use your resources well 

As a project manager, you are already adept at dealing with the high-pressure situation and you have to bring those skills in use here. You have to focus on how you can keep a project going or close it in the present circumstance. Working remotely is also not new to someone on this job role as is telecommuting and dealing with multiple audiences across sectors.

Get a plan in your place 

The current situation is unprecedented and can play out in any way. Hence, you have to get the smartest people on board including risk management consultant to predict all the different scenarios that can shape up. You can subsequently work on all the risks that you can plan for to direct your project forward.

Motivate your team 

Along with conducting all your official tasks, you have to make sure that your team stays motivated. Assure them and put all their anxieties related to their job and career to rest. Keep them in the loop of major company decisions so they don’t feel alienated in the remote work set up. In the end, you have to make them believe that everyone is going through these times together, the company and the employees and they have to be for each other.

Being a project manager is a job role that holds tremendous potential and scope for growth. The profile is central to any company and has a pivotal part to essay in important functions and dealings. If you are looking to pursue this field then you can consider opting for a project management diploma course in Dublin. Here along with suitable course programs, you will find a dynamic environment for career building.

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