How To Become A Great CEO


If you do not want to set off your managers, you need to learn how to be a better CEO.  Entrepreneurs who have fallen into this role through their own creation can find it hard to set the right course.  If you are one of these people, there are certain tips that you should know that will help you become a great CEO.

Learn To Ask What Is Important

At any one time, you should have three major priorities.  While this can cause a slight backlog of the little things, it will help in the long term.  You should not be a victim of your to-do list and you need to ask yourself what is important every day.  Each day is different and you need to treat it as such.

See the World

One great way to become a CEO is to get experience elsewhere. One way to do this is to work away from your business or industry. Outplacements can be a great benefit here, however remember – not all outplacement providers are created equal.

Focus On Stakeholder Value

The passion you have for what you do can easily draw you in, but this could cause you to lose eight of what you are meant to do as a CEO.  This is to drive stakeholder value.  You have to create value for your team, your customers and your shareholders.

Tell Stories

Storytelling is the best way to get your message to people.  You should avoid buzzwords, heavy corporate jargon and geek talk.  Keep everything light, humorous and human.  You need to charm everyone you meet and people relate better to stories than they do to buzzwords.

 Have A Deep Sense Of Purpose

 If your business disappeared tomorrow, would this really matter?  This is something you have to ask yourself.  You need to consider who it would affect and why.  It is best to make a difference in the world instead of being another company trying to make money.  When you can help people achieve their dreams, you will have a better sense of purpose.

Be The Gatekeeper

You should not confuse gatekeeping with delegation.  You must be the ultimate gatekeeper in your business because you are the person who defines and sets the standards.  There are going to be people pushing you to compromise on these standards.  You should not be tricked into giving up your standards and always remain true to yourself.

Have High Goals And Avoid Starting Small

A lot of people will tell you that you need to start small.  The problem with this is starting small means you stay small.  When you start big, you will have big goals.  Setting the goalpost low will help you be good, but stretching your staff beyond their limits will be better.  Your employees might complain that you want too much, but they will thank you for pushing them in the end.  There is nothing better as a CEO than to help your employees achieve what they thought was unachievable.

Reflect And Step Up

Confidence should not be confused with self-reflection.  A good CEO will be self-reflective and demand more from themselves.  While you should not doubt yourself in front of your team, you should look in the mirror at home and figure out what your team needs from you.  If you are not stepping up, your business will become stagnant.

Serve Others

A CEO should not only serve themselves.  You need to stop thinking about what you need from others and focus on what they need from you.  This will help you figure out the needs of your customers and shareholders.  You can then work to help them get what they need.

Have A Thick Skin

Being a CEO is a rollercoaster, particularly if you are the founder of the company.  There will be low moments, but you should not let the emotional pressure break you.  People will notice the vulnerability and weakness in these moments and that will reduce your effectiveness.

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