How To Choose Comfortable Bar Stools For Your Restaurant?

Do you get puzzled when it comes to choosing versatile and alluring restaurant bar stools? It might be tough for you to select seats for your restaurant because a responsible owner never compromises the customer’s convenience when it comes to comfort. The selection of a bar stool and counter stool is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here are a few steps that you can follow, which can lead to knit out the admirable seats for your restaurant.


A stool is useless if it doesn’t fit well under the counter or the restaurant’s table, and for the sake of the primary purpose of the chair, which provides relaxation and comfort, it must be kept in mind. The foremost thing you are supposed to do is measure the table’s width or the counter area to determine how many stools you are going to need.

Leave a gap maximum of 6 inches to sit easily and don’t feel congested. The stools having swivels or armrests, so there should be a distance of 8 to 10 inches between them.

Now let’s discuss a bit more about the restaurant bar stools that can help you set up sufficient seating.

  1. Kitchen Bar Stools

This collection of kitchen bar stools is padded and made of wood. Mostly these types of seats have a footrest bar at the bottom.

  1. Wide Stools

These stools are the perfect match for tall or large people. These stools have deep seats, which allows the customer to feel free and pleasant.

  1. Short Backs

Suppose a stool has an 8 inch high back. It can be too cheerful if it has a rounded end that will “hug” the lower back. But it doesn’t support the people with upper back problems.

  1. Padded Backs

The stools with padded backs are in demand because they provide a nice touch to be more likable. Such seats evoke a softer feel.

  1. Backless Bar Stools

The thing which makes backless stools more comfortable is the padded seats. These seats are wide but narrow, and it affects the spinal cord a bit as we sit without giving any proper support to the back.

  1. With Armrests

On this type of stool, your arms feel relaxed, and you can sit back and enjoy yourself with your family and friends. The components make the seats wider so measure the area to be sure that they will fit.

  1. Padded Seats

They are an excellent choice of comfort. These are softer to sit on than the rest of the stools as the padded seats are its unique feature. Tie on seat pads can also be removed for washing.

  1. Shallow Seats

These seats are bliss for the shorter people because they provide leg support in the best possible ways. These stools are shorter from front to back and don’t allow your legs to dangle.


Overall the stools mentioned above are pleasurable. The bar stools are available for every type of customer who visits the restaurant. It’s all up to you whether you want to purchase each of them or want to go with any single type of stool that you think can be comfortable and create a distinctive style.

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