How to create own website to earn money

Do you know where all world money goes right now? Here is a tip:

$996,596 is spent on internet every 60 second. It’s data from 2019 research, now should be even more.

Look, everybody around has access to internet and pay via Visa / Mastercard or Paypal, that is huge amount of potential profit for people who know how to create websites and monetize them. I am experienced developer and SEO specialist with 10+ active websites, so I decided to share some knowledge with you in exchange to your attention to my blog.

Below is step-by-step instruction how to build a website and earn on it.

Step 0: Choose a niche

Think what is your passion about. Then turn this passion into profession! Do you like cooking? Well, cooking tips & recipes blogs are very popular. Do you like to shoot photos? Alright, photo and editing tips blog + your photo gallery. Maybe you travel a lot? Travel blogs are very interesting to read.

I think you got the idea, right?

Step 1: Find a good domain name

Right, in 2020 it is not easy already to find a good unique domain name. According to the latest data from Verisign, there were 359.8 million registered domain names a year ago. That’s crazy amount.

However, it is still possible to find a good domain name for your niche. It is much easier to find good domain name under .net or .info or .org domain than at .com. But lately we got bunch of new top domains like .info, .club., .recipes and others. You may find domains for a cheap price here.

Step 2: Choose the right hosting

Website need a place to be. It’s named Hosting. They are hundreds of hosting platforms online, but choosing wrong one can severely impact your revenue. For example, you can easily overpay x5 for the same product, but from different hosting company. WordPress hosting price may vary from 1$ a month to $50 at some super expensive hostings.

However, you can’t just take cheapest one. Most probably it would be slow as hell, and google don’t like slow websites. You will be ranked lower. Also study shows that every increase for 1 second in page load cause approximately -10% income.

So which one to choose? That question is more complicated than I can write in this general article. If you would like to find best one for your small website, I suggest to read this post:

The Best Cheap WordPress Hosting For Low Traffic Sites (2020)

Step 3: Make a content

From one side, this is most important point. From other site, this is also the easiest point for you. Because you choose niche where you have a lot of experience and passion, right? Even if not, google other websites for your cooking, traveling or whatever and try to do the same, but better. Better design, more details, fresh data. Then keep posting, best would be 1 article a day, but we all are people, so find time at least for 1 a week, that is minimum. Otherwise google will think your site is dead.

You may want to setup Google Analytic and Google Search Console at this point. With that tools you would be able to:

  • 1) See when visitors start coming to your website. You will see where they came from, I mean both source and country.
  • 2) Give signals to google that your site is alive now. You don’t want it to be lost in ocean of new websites, right?
  • 3) Analyze your content. You would see visitors keywords and pages, which will give you idea which content to develop.

Step 4: Monetize your website

Last and most enjoyable part is getting money. Isn’t it the reason why we started? Honestly, process of website creation is so interesting, so sometimes I forget that I build it to earn some money.

This is the part, where most of people fails. They don’t understand where to get this profit from, writing without a purpose become boring and people just abandon their websites. But it will not happen with you, my dear reader, because I will explain how to make this passive income.

So, as I said, there are different ways to earn money from a blog. I suggest you to try all 1 by 1, they work great in combination. You may always drop some of them, if they don’t bring you anything.

  • 1) Affiliate marketing.You just find brands who produce something related to your niche, it could be cooking stuff, photocamers, travel kits, whatever. To do not spend your entire life contacting brands one by one ( no one doing it like that now), just choose 1 of the platform, where publisher ( blog owners) can automatically pick up links from brands and promote their products. Here you will find top 5 affiliate programs to try.
  • 2) Ads. Most of website earn on ads. You just need to make content and generate some traffic, join Google Adsense and all will happen automatically. You will see that $ dropping to your account every day.
  • 3) Guest postings. Believe me, once your blog become noticeable, you will be attacked from SEO managers with offers to post some posts with links for them. They pay from $30 to XXXX, depends on how much traffic you have


I hope these 4 steps will help you to build a website and earn money from it. It would take months, so do it only if you are sure you will not drop it. Good luck!

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