How to enable and configure Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge

Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge


Tracking Protection is a feature in browsers which limits the effect of services like Google, Facebook, etc., tracking your online activities. If you are profiled, you are almost tracked across services and platforms. If you are using the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, you can enable tracking prevention feature. In this post, we will show how you can enable it, and also configure it.

Enable Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge

Enable Microsoft Edge Tracking Protection

On a basic level, this feature makes sure that you do not get followed using Cookies, image tags, etc. To enable Tracking protection, in the new Microsoft Edge bowser, follow these steps.

  1. Open a new tab in Edge, and type edge://flags
  2. Next search for tracking using the search box
  3. Find the flag which says Microsoft Edge tracking protection.
  4. Set it to Enabled using the dropdown menu
  5. You will be prompted to restart the browser – do so.

Configure Tracking Prevention in new Edge browser

Once the feature is enabled, you can configure the level. Open Edge, and then click on the menu on the top left, and click on Settings > Privacy and services. You can also type edge://settings/privacy in the browser tab, to directly go the privacy settings.

Scroll to the Tracking prevention feature. Here you have three levels—Basic, Default, and Strict.

  • Basic can block malicious trackers but allows relevant ads
  • Balanced along with Basic can block some third-party trackers.
  • Strict blocks down everything

Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge

That said, there is one thing you should remember. These features have to be honored by advertisers and websites. They can breach it if they want.

While Balanced is the default choice, the feature also ads an exception feature. If you trust a website and are comfortable with advertisements shown on the site, you can add it to the exception list.

How to check if Tracking prevention feature in Edge is working

Edge tracking Check

Open any websites which display advertisements. Wait for it completely load it. Done that, click on the lock icon next to the website URL. It will reveal settings like certificates, cookies, etc. Along with this, Tracking prevention has a dedicated area where you can view:

  • Tracking prevention is turned on for the website
  • Number of blocked trackers
  • There is a direct link to open the settings to manage all sites.

You would be surprised to know on the number of trackers that a website deploys to track any consumer.

We hope the post was easy to follow, and you were able to enable Tracking prevention feature in Microsoft Edge.


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