How to Get Fast Payouts at Online Casinos

 In a little over two decades since the very first online casinos appeared they have grown to be incredibly popular the world over. Along with popularity has come huge competition amongst online casinos to offer a clear advantage over each other.

This has come in a number of forms. Offering the most generous joining bonuses has been one of the most widely employed incentives, along with new games and different variations of old ones. But many casinos have looked beyond this to focus on a feature that is also very important to players – the ability to receive their winnings as quickly as possible.

With so many operators out there now, it’s also become increasingly challenging to examine the features and benefits of each and every of them. Fortunately, players on the search for the very best fast withdrawal casinos can find them at It’s here that there’s also plenty of other information about individual sites including the bonuses currently on offer, their minimum initial deposit and even an overall star rating out of five.

As well as checking out sites like this, there are a number of questions that anyone looking for a fast-paying casino are also likely to have – and here are answers to four of the most frequently asked ones.

So why is fast payout, so important?

There are a couple of factors that make getting hold of winnings quickly so vital to many players. The first, obviously, is that this is money that has been won fair and square. So the sooner it reaches their account, the sooner they can start to enjoy the fruits of their play. The second is that a fast-paying casino can show that it treats players fairly and acts responsibly when it comes to paying out.

It’s also a matter of the online casinos trying to be as much like the bricks and mortar versions as possible. At these, players who have won face no delays at all in getting their winnings as soon as the game has finished. Obviously, there are differences to be taken into account between online and offline play so it’s never going to be absolutely instant, but the best online operators sometimes come close.

How fast is fast payout?

There is quite a range of payment periods that can still qualify as fast in the online casino world. For some, it’s a question of paying up on the same day, for others it can be 3 or 4 days. But anything over a week it certainly not considered to be fast.

Are some methods faster than others?

Even though many casinos would like to pay out as quickly as they possibly could, there are certain factors that get in the way. One example is the very complex banking process that still seems fairly rooted in the old ways, even though we’re in a digital world. This means that traditional banking methods such as using wire transfers and debit cards inevitably mean delays in payments.

Far better, therefore, to use the more modern payment method of an e-wallet to speed the process along. There has been a real explosion in the number of these available in recent years, with PayPay, Skrill and Neteller being three of the leading examples. You’ll find all these and more available at many of the leading casino sites. The one downside of using these is that some charge a fee for the service and this should be taken into account when deciding which one to use.

It’s also probably worth mentioning Bitcoin online casinos here. One of the supposed benefits of cryptocurrencies is that secure payments can be made almost instantly. Although none of the big name online casinos accept this method of payment at the moment, Bitcoin casinos do exist and claim to offer almost instant payouts.

What can get in the way of fast payouts?

A number of factors can affect how quickly payments of winnings can be made, some within the control of the online casinos and some outside of their responsibility. In the case of the latter, where especially large payouts are requested it may be part of their licensing requirements that additional proof of identity will be needed. While this might seem to be an annoying delay, it’s a valuable extra layer of protection for players as well as being an important anti-money-laundering procedure.

The two main factors that are under the casinos’ control are whether they handle payments 24/7 and if they have pending period. The first of these is pretty self-explanatory while the second is an agreed length of time between the winning of the money and when the payment will start to be processed. Generally, this is between 24 and 48 hours so it’s best to check if a particular casino imposes this before signing up.

So there are plenty of ways to check just how soon you’re likely to be able to bank your winnings from a casino. And, although it shouldn’t be your only reason for picking one over another, it’s certainly one of the most important criteria to take into account.

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