How to Improve your Writing Skills in College?

It takes a lot of effort to improve your writing skills, especially if you are a college student. It can be hard to write a composition according to the teacher’s requirements and to get a high grade.

Indeed, all students are different, some are more creative, like to fantasize and act. But someone likes exact sciences, like math or physics, and gets lost when they are alone in front of a sheet of paper and a given topic. Fortunately, there are a lot of tips from professional writers that will help you to improve your writing skills and to understand your mistakes. General tips for and preparations to start writing quality essays.

Improve your Grammar

To be able to write good essays and compositions, you need to improve your grammar. Learn grammar rules, check the correct spelling and use of words.  Check out your essays and apps like Grammarly. Then it will be easier for you to understand your punctuation errors. The fastest way to improve your grammar is to read a lot. By reading various books and articles you will develop your memory and will remember important grammatical structures.

Do Research

To make your aspiration to write a good composition come true, make your writing informative: do a little research on the topic. Every word must be true and verified.  Your essay or another type of composition should be an illustration of your personal opinion.

If you are writing a biography about a writer’s career and life, you can also watch an interview with that person. If you share even more interesting facts, your report will be highly appreciated by the teacher.

But there are also more detailed tips about structure in writing.

What Is the Solution to My Writing Problem?

Let’s consider the basis of writing. So, we know that there are some types of composition, like description, capstone, narration, exposition, and argumentation. Each of them has its structure, and hence its requirements for writing.

When working with an argumentative essay, you should pay attention not only to the content but also know how to project the sentence right. When it comes to thinking, keep in mind the main parts: the introduction, the main part, and the conclusions. The introduction should contain the main theses, the main part – examples from literature, and the conclusions – your point of view on a given topic.

To rich your essay with the literature examples, you should follow some tips:

  1. Carefully re-read the formulated thesis and arguments.
  2. Choose examples from literature and history or one’s own life.
  3. Give examples briefly: do not retell the content of the book, do not analyze in detail the images.
  4. Check if the example relates to your thesis and arguments.

There are some general rules of successful writing an essay based on the novel:

  • Say no to rewriting. Of course, it is important to read the so-called “criticism”, but if you engage in such plagiarism, it will not develop your ability to write essays. You can use it only to direct your thoughts in the right way and as a sample. Impressions, statements, conclusions – should be only your own.
  • When it comes to a literary work, be sure to read it. The brief classification and description of the novel will not help you. You must clearly understand the content of the novel, story, or narrative, draw the appropriate conclusions, and express your opinion.
  • Before writing an essay, you should make a plan. If you find it difficult to write an essay, it is better to do it not in the “mind”, but on paper. As for the plan, there should be three main parts – the introduction, the main part, and the conclusions.
  • If you do not understand something from the novel, lost the storyline, it may be better to reread it.
  • If you read a review on the Internet online, and you want to borrow someone’s opinion because it seems to be reflective, you should develop the thought and write it in your own words. Assess how it corresponds to the main idea of the composition.
  • Don’t forget about the quotes. This will emphasize your awareness of the topic. Compare characters using contrast.
  • Read the samples of other writers online. You can google free essay examples online, and analyze them. This will improve your spelling, will create the right images, and will put stable phrases in your head. Eventually, you will mentally accustom yourself to working properly with the narration.
  • Think about your writing task in advance. Do not sit down on blank papers and do not start from scratch. Think about the work in advance: think over the content and the structure during the day. This practice will help you concentrate and successfully start writing
  • The main advice is to increase your literacy.

Also, don’t forget to add stable phrases and start the sentences using them.

  • I think, …
  • It seems to me that …
  • In my opinion, …
  • To my point of view…
  • My point of view on this problem is this:
  • Why do I think so? Because …
  • The argument in favor of my opinion may be that…
  • Besides …
  • I can prove my claim with the following arguments:
  • Firstly, Secondly…
  • I can make the following arguments in favor of my opinion:…
  • My belief is based on the fact that, first,…
  • In conclusion…
  • For instance…
  • On the one hand…

If you need to write a summary of the article you should also follow some rules.

  1. How to summarize the article
  2. Identify the min idea or topic
  3. Identify the important arguments

Your summary should be concise. Start your summary with:

  • The article deals with…
  • It is devoted to…
  • According to the author…
  • To start with…

Make a straight division of your thought and the opinion of the author, because you should never express your observation and point of view when you write a summary.

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