How to Make Yourself Declutter – Promise Yourself a Reward in Jewelry

Living in a messy, cluttered, and dirty home has a very serious impact not just on our physical health but it also largely influences how we feel mentally. Cluttered homes, according to experts, can cause or contribute to already existing depression or anxiety. That is why, for many people, cleaning the bathroom or reorganizing kitchen storage is extremely beneficial since it helps them calm down and relax.

So, you might have thought that Monica from Friends was comedy gold with her almost obsessive tidiness and the need to clean, but the lady was actually on to something. It is very important that you take charge of organizing your home and make sure everything is neat and tidy since it can help reduce confusion and tension in your life and it can help you focus on your tasks. The latter is especially important in the Work from Home era. Let’s take a look at a couple of ways to keep your home clean and clutter-free.

Make a schedule

Before you begin, it’s important to decide what strategy suits you best. You might want to try decluttering and cleaning room by room. In that case, you should ask yourself what the most critical one is and which one is bothering me the most. It could be the living room because that is where you and your family spend the most time, but it could also be the bedroom where the clutter disturbs your resting time. It could be rather individual so give it a thought and then start.

If, however, you think all at once might be too much, make a schedule of storage furniture you want to follow: you might begin with the kitchen cupboards or your wardrobe; again, it is totally up to your preferences. If your home is not too cluttered, to begin with, you might just need to take care of these storage units, not the whole room.

Sell pile: the source of your jewelry reward

The most important part of bringing order to your home is deciding what stays and what goes. And, as if that is not hard enough, you must find the best way to dispose of the things you don’t need. That is why the best is to divide your stuff into groups or piles while cleaning:

  • Keep: these are the things you will definitely need, and you use regularly. You just need to find the perfect place for them.
  • Donate: if you have a piece of clothes you have not used in a very long time (professional organizers usually say 12 months), it should go. Do not think about its material or sentimental value. It is no use to you if it just sits and collects dust.

You might think of a friend or a family member that would look perfect in those jeans you never wear. But be careful, sometimes they might accept it just because they do not want to offend you and then it will be cluttering their home. That is why it might be better to give them to charities like Goodwill.

  • Sell: If it is something with high material value, you might want to sell it. The money you will get for it can be a great motivator and push that you need to get rid of something that is just taking space. Organize a yard sale if you have a lot of old furniture and accessories that are making your garage or attic unusable.

And from the results of your sales, your reward will come. All those things that have been lying around useless should earn you a significant amount of money. Our suggestion is to invest it in jewelry because it does not lose value with time, and, well, it is simply beautiful. If you are around Scottsdale, AZ, you can check out the amazing offer at The Estate Watch & Jewelry Co.

  • Recycle: this pile can be for two types of goods, those that can be literally sent into your recycle bin and those who you can repaint and repurpose and recycle that way, like turning an old chair into a storage box, for example. But be careful; if you do not have enough time and motivation for DIY activities like this one, it is better that you be honest to yourself; otherwise, you are just keeping the clutter.
  • Trash: some things we just have to get rid of; if they cannot even be recycled, just put them on a pile that is regular trash. Sounds simple, but you might find yourself holding onto unnecessary objects just because you feel bad about harming the environment. Make sure you do not fall into this trap.

Some things just need to be neater

It is safe to say, we think, that when we say declutter, we usually think of the removal of piles of unnecessary things. But a very important part of decluttering is actually organizing things you need and use. As we mentioned before, you are going to have a pile of things that stay, and you need to make sure you find a suitable space for them. They need to be easily accessible, too, so that mess is not caused when they are taken or put back to place. Make sure everyone in the household is aware of the new order, so they take part in keeping it that way.

Let the looks motivate you

For some people, just the fact that things are properly labeled and stored in compartments means that they already look great. But if you need more, you should probably make sure that you find a way to organize your space in a manner beautiful to you: maybe you can change the hanger in the hallway, or you should just choose some nicer wooden storage compartments for the children’s toys. This way, you will feel even more the fruits of your efforts to declutter and organize.

Stop yourself from creating clutter in the future

While dealing with clutter, it is very important to notice if you have a pattern in where you create it the most. Is it piling up canned goods because they were on sale? Is it buying too much clothes? Is it unwanted mail? Whatever it is, as soon as you notice it, try to find a way to stop yourself from doing it again. It is completely normal to have clutter in your home, and you should accept it. That is why you should always plan to deal with it once a month or once a year. But, if you find a way to stop your cluttering pattern, you will have much fewer things to deal with once it is the scheduled cleaning up time.

In a nutshell

If you are someone who enjoys cleaning and finds decluttering relaxing, you might not need an additional push, but still do treat yourself because you earned it. If, on the other hand, you do not get any satisfaction from making your space neat, a reward you promise yourself in the end, like a fine piece of jewelry, can be the perfect solution to finally make you get a move on and get the job done. You will undoubtedly be satisfied afterward, and not just with your shiny new jewels.

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