How to Optimize Your Phone’s Battery Timings!

They say be Keluraran HK, and the right will come to you! Now today we are going to talk about your phone’s battery timings and how can you optimize it! The phone’s battery is one of the most important things about the phone itself. If your phone battery is not good, then you can face many problems with the regular use of you are a phone!

Suppose you are on a call and your phone’s battery goes out without any notice how will you feel if the call you were on was with your seniors! Now, after getting complaints from a lot of our readers, we have decided to talk about the optimization of the battery timing of your phone! After reading today’s article, you will see that following the tips will increase your phone’s battery timing to a very significant time!

The Charging Mantra!

First of all, we are going to talk about your routine of charging your phone. The charging routine of your phone is one of the most important things that you need to consider and correct before moving to any other tips of battery optimization. Now what happens in most of the cases is that people use their mobile phones extensively while they are in charge. This is a very dangerous mantra that you should immediately end for the sake of your health and your mobile’s too.

You must understand that the phone must be charged when it is powered off. This routine must be started from the moment you pick up your mobile phone from the shop. The mobile phone when powered off and charged gives you a lot more of battery life as compared to your conventional charging method. Not only this it will also increase your phone’s life too.

Stop Overcharging Your Phone!

The second most important thing while talking about charging your phone is to stop overcharging it. As we have mentioned in the above para that you need to correct your charging routine and charge your phone your power it off, you must also not overcharge it. The moment your battery percentage shows 100%, you must remove your phone from the socket and start using it.

The reason is that when you overcharge your phone, the battery gets affected very badly and it also tends to heat up easily once you carry on with this routine. As a result, the battery will fade out in the early stages of your phone, and that will be something to worry about.

Another important tip is not to let your phone swoop to zero; we recommend that you drain your battery before charging it again but not to zero as charging it from scratch can stress out the battery of the phone. You must charge your phone by turning it off when your phone warns you in the last 15% of the remaining charging. By following these tips, you will see that your battery timings will be increased!

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