How to Plan a Successful Raffle?

The success of any project lies on its plan. With a great plan, you can always have a guarantee that you will succeed. It is not any different when you are running a raffle competition.

What should you know when planning?

Even before we look at the specific tips that will help you plan a successful raffle competition, you must be aware of a few things to get you started.

Legality of raffles in your location

You must be aware of the legal requirements of running raffle competition in your locality. Generally, raffles are acceptable in many countries and you shouldn’t have it as a barrier. However, just check on the local authority’s website to be sure.

Determine the right prize

You also need to know the prize that you are willing to give away as the top prize. It should be something that your target audience is looking forward to winning. For example, a sports car can be ideal to target the youthful and middle-aged generations.

Tips to run a successful raffle competition

Here are some valuable tips that can help you succeed in your raffle quest.

Design attractive raffle tickets

Raffle tickets are your first point of sale, thus important to be specific about the kind of tickets you are going to design. The design must be attractive and compelling to the target audience. You can get brilliant ideas online to get you started.

Promote your raffle

Don’t just sit with your wonderful raffle competition with the hope that people will just buy. When you create online raffle, you can share it on various platforms including social media and other web-based platforms. It will increase visibility of the raffles, thus, increasing your sales significantly.

Accept multiple payment methods

There is an increase in the number of payment options available. Everyone is always looking for convenient payment option that suits that their specific needs. You should offer all popular payment options to widen your client base.

You could use credit cards, cash, or online payment platforms like PayPal, Payoneer, etc.


Train your staff the art of selling. You can only get rewards if you keep on selling tickets. It goes hand in hand with visibility. Ensure that you are visible everywhere and grab every opportunity to sell tickets.

Publicize winners

After the top prizes have been won, you should publicize your raffle competition by sharing details of winners. It is a great idea if you are planning to start a new raffle competition. It helps to instill confidence among participants that they too can become winners.

How to get started?

With all these tips, you are set to start and run a successful online raffle competition. Getting started is easy once you have set out this plan.

Ensure you have the right staff supporting you. The alternative to this is finding a great platform that can create and run a raffle seamlessly. Always ensure that you are within the legal boundaries to avoid any legal clash with the authorities.

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