How to Recover Files from SD Card: the Best and Easiest Method

Is It Possible to Perform an Independent SD Card File Recovery?

SD cards are widely used in various kinds of portable devices like digital cameras, dash cams, mobile phones, video game consoles, and more to save files for use.

Due to the popularity of SD cards, the cases of data loss on the card are relatively more. For example, users may mistakenly delete files on the SD card or format the card. Besides, if there is something wrong with the card, such as the SD card is corrupt or inaccessible, users may not access the files on it. All the above situations can generate the demand for recovering files from the SD card.

Usually, the personal data relates to personal privacy. When users lose their SD card data by mistake, it is not a good idea to send the card to a professional for help. That’s because their personal and confidential information may be leaked. Additionally, users may need to pay a lot of money for a professional one-to-one data recovery service.

How to perform an SD card file recovery independently? MiniTool can tell users the answer.

MiniTool states that as long as the deleted files are not overwritten by new data, users can use professional SD card data recovery software to get the files back. MiniTool Power Data Recovery, a free data recovery software, is just such a program that can rescue files from SD cards in different situations.

This software has four recovery modules. Among them, This PC and Removable Disk Drive can rescue data from the SD card. If there is only one partition on the SD card, users can use This PC to retrieve data; while, if there is more than one partition, the module of Removable Disk Drive is better because it enables users to scan the whole card once.

This software has a trial edition and users can use it to check whether it can find deleted files on SD card. Users can go to the MiniTool official site and then access the download center to get this freeware.

After getting this software, users need to install and register the software on the computer for further. Then, users can get a step-by-step guide on how to undelete SD card data with this software.

How to Recover Files from SD Card with MiniTool?

Before using this software to recover files from SD card, users need to remove the card from the portable device and insert it into a card reader. Then, they need to connect the card reader to the computer.

To retrieve deleted files from an SD card with MiniTool, users can follow these steps:

  1. Open MiniTool Power Data Recovery.
  2. Here, take the Removable Disk Drive module as an example. After switching to that module, users need to select the card under the Removable Disk section and press Scan to start the scanning process.

  1. It will take a while to finish the entire scanning process. Users need to be patient. When the process ends, users can see the scan results that are categorized based on the path by default. Users can open each path to find deleted files on SD card.

Besides, they can also use the Type and Find features of this software to locate files quickly and easily.

  1. After checking files that need to be recovered, users need to click the Save button and then select a suitable location to save them. In this step, users need to know that they should not save the files to the original path. Otherwise, the deleted files might be overwritten and become unrecoverable.

At last, users can access the specific storage location to view and use the recovered SD card files directly.

Additionally, if there is something wrong with the SD card, users still need to repair the card after recovering files. Different users have different situations. MiniTool also introduces various cases of SD card recovery in its official site. Users can search for their issues on it to get the solutions.

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MiniTool Software is a professional software development company. It provides different kinds of software like data recovery software, disk partition manager, and data backup software. Users can always find a useful program to solve their issues from MiniTool.

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