Pen drives are frequently used for professional and personal data storage purposes across the world. A high amount of reliance is placed on pen drives as they contain vital information such as photos, videos and documents. So, what happens when you suddenly find yourself facing a situation where you are no longer able to find or access the data you saved within your pen drive?

For example, you may insert your pen drive into your laptop or PC and realize that it is not being recognized. Or, you find that while you can see the folder in your laptop or PC when you click on it, you are not able to view any of your files. These kinds of situations can happen to anyone at any point in time. When such disasters strike, what is the solution?

Read on to find out!

Reasons Behind Data Loss in Pen Drives

Because they are so widely used, pen drives are often susceptible to various forms of damage which could cause data loss. Most of the damage that can occur to pen drives come in two major forms – logical failure and physical failure. Here are some common reasons behind logical and physical failures:

Logical Failure (Software):

  • Corruption of existing data.
  • Lack of anti-virus protection in laptop/PC.
  • Improper ejection from laptop/PC.
  • Accidental deletion.

Physical Failure (Hardware):

  • Physical damage such as cracking, chipping, breakage.
  • Exposure to dust and sunlight.
  • Negligent usage.

How to Handle Data Loss?

Once you realize that your data is lost, there are a few steps you should take to make sure that the damage isn’t worsened. These are:

  • Do not attempt to take the pen drive apart and fix it on your own.
  • Stop working on your pen drive and eject it from your laptop / PC immediately.
  • Do not overwrite the existing data on your pen drive.
  • Do not format your pen drive.
  • Do not try to recover deleted files from your pen drive using an unauthorized software.
  • Never approach an unauthorized service centre to get pen drive repair
  • Contact an experienced data recovery professional as soon as you find out about the data loss.

Solutions to Recover Data From Your Pen Drive

If you are facing data loss on your pen drive, there is one method you can try on your own for your pen drive file recovery before approaching a professional.

Solution 1: CMD Prompt

Step 1: Connect your pen drive to the PC / laptop.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Start’ option at the bottom left corner of your PC / laptop.

Step 3: Type ‘Command Prompt‘in the search bar. This will open up the CMD.

Step 4: Type the letter on which your pen drive is accessible within your PC / laptop. Example: ‘> G:’ and press enter.

Step 5: Type ‘attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*’ and press enter.

Step 6: If you wait for a few seconds, you should find the data in your pen drive restored.

Solution 2: Approaching a Professional

In case the solution above does not work for you, then you will need to approach a data recovery expert like Stellar Data Recovery for your pen drive recovery. With a 95% success rate and a ‘no recovery, no charge’ policy, you can rest assured that Stellar will always fulfil your data recovery needs.

Recovery Services from Stellar Data Recovery

If you want to use Stellar Data Recovery’s pen drive recovery services, all you need to do is take your pen drive to the Stellar centre closest to you. The recovery process begins with a time and cost estimate. In this step, a data recovery expert analyzes the extent of data loss and the possibility of recovery. At Stellar, data recovery issues are undertaken by experts within special class 100 clean rooms, which increase the chances of recovery.

Summing Up

Data loss is a common occurrence and can happen to almost anybody. What matters is how you choose to deal with the data loss situation. Taking frequent backups of your data will help minimize the extent of data loss you suffer. However, in case you have not done this, don’t panic because Stellar Data Recovery will help you get your data back.

Stellar Data Recovery has been in the recovery industry for 25 years and has served millions of satisfied customers during this period. So the next time you need help with your USB pen drive recovery, remember that Stellar is just a call away!