How To Save Money On Technology As A Business

Having technology help you run your business is almost a requirement in today’s day and age for some reason or another. Be it improving efficiency, scaling your workloads, or handling more complex workloads, it is becoming necessary for all kinds of businesses to invest in tech.

This is especially true for businesses that make use of cloud storage solutions or have an ever-growing network of computers and devices to improve employee performance.

So, as a business owner, here are some ways you can save money on technology without sacrificing the capabilities that your small to medium business may rely on.

When Upgrading, Buy Refurbished Technology

This may seem like a bad idea initially, but refurbished technology often performs a lot better than people expect. Just because it is refurbished, doesn’t mean it isn’t functional. Many businesses do this as a way to cut costs while maintaining their workload – or sometimes improving it.

It is often the case that your employees won’t need the top-of-the-range technology getting released every year or so, and that a refurbished bit of tech that may be last year’s news will give you just as much performance capabilities as that shiny new model.

There are very few sectors that actually require the latest technology to operate, for example, cybersecurity firms may need the newest tech. But if you are a company that only uses machines to improve your workplace efficiency, or to store data, then refurbished machines can save you a lot of money.

Usually, refurbished technology only has a component or two replaced in order to get the part or machine working again. And all professionally refurbished tech is put through its paces to benchmark and then test the quality of the work completed.

So, use your buying power and invest in a way that will give you what you need without wasting valuable capital.

When Upgrading, Sell Your Used Technology

And while you are at it, don’t let your old technology sit in a broom closet somewhere. You may view it as valueless, but there will be individuals or companies out there willing to buy it from you.

Just because this machine doesn’t serve your needs anymore, or maybe broken, that doesn’t mean that somebody else has no use for it. Don’t throw it out!

For machines that are working, you can list them on auction sites like eBay for a reduced rate and make back some of the capital you invested in them.

For machines that may not be working, there are plenty of tech gurus out there that will salvage what they can from the machine for other uses. The machine itself may be worth refurbishing to continue its cycle of life for different uses.

Always take a look at what you can sell tech-wise, as the chances are somebody out there can use it for spare parts at the very least.

Look Into Getting Your Own Server

This is more for the SMBs that rely on cloud storage solutions for all their data. It may be worth shifting your operations onto a server and running a server at the core of your business’s operations.

This is beneficial for many reasons but primarily it will give you more control over your network, over your hosting, and over sensitive information such as employee personal information or financial assets.

ETB Technologies supply a wide range of servers for all kinds of business applications if you are looking. They also sell refurbished tech, so they are a good place to start when looking to change up your tech loadout.

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